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Natural Centerpiece Ideas

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Nature has so much color and textural abundance to offer that it is not surprising that many brides are increasingly choosing natural palettes, shapes and textures as the inspiration for their wedding ideas. This is most immediately visible in the use of natural elements in centerpieces. A natural bark vase filled with fresh flowers, table numbers carved on tree stumps, imaginative use of jute and burlap are some of the ideas that have been well used in recent stylish weddings.

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Natural centerpieces work very well in organic or eco-friendly weddings also. It goes well with the overall theme of honoring Earth. Vivid use of natural colors works well in this case and there is really no substitute for the bright hues of fruits and flowers. Bright green topiaries are sure-fire way to bring a bold touch to the table setting.  If you are looking for something smaller in scale, you can consider topiary-shaped candles for a similar effect.

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Natural centerpieces can add a lot of drama to a wedding. The very juxtaposition of a natural element such as a uniquely shaped branch or a bunch of bamboo reeds against the more planned setting of a table-scape can make an interesting statement. There is also the possibility of adding whimsical touches by introducing interesting shapes such as eggs or striking textures such as natural weave fabrics.

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The wonderful thing about going au natural with centerpieces is that this can work for any time of the year and any season. There are ways to incorporate a Manzanita branch or gorgeous bamboo wood candles in a winter-themed wedding or a travel-themed wedding. When putting together your scrap book of wedding ideas, keep pictures of natural centerpiece ideas that capture your imagination and you will definitely find ways of using quite a few of them.