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DIY: Painted Vases for Wedding Centerpieces

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This alternative to over priced vintage decor is exactly what today’s brides need. These vases are easily accessible and come in all different shapes and sizes. You can find used jars at local garage sales or flea markets. If you’re looking for modern looking vases try these cylinder wedding vases.

1. Prepping: Using painters tape, tape vases to create a separation between where you do and don’t want paint to stick. Tape the whole section that you want to remain clear–this will be important for section 3.

2. Painting: You can either hand brush using a painters brush or dip the vases into a larger pot of paint. Either works, the latter lets you avoid using a paint brush at all.

3. Drying: Making sure that the clear area is fully protected, turn upside down and leave overnight (or as long as the paint label says is needed).

4. Unveiling: Once the paint has dried, carefully peel off tape. Display!

5. Recommended Uses: Centerpiece clusters; place multiple vases together in a centerpiece display (uniform colors or mismatched, depending on your style). Salad dressing dispensers; use paint to identify each kind of salad dressing using a Sharpie gel pen and separate colors. Candy bar; Using colored vases creates a uniform look to pull together mismatched kinds of candy so your display doesn’t look hectic or random.

If you’re looking for an uneven dripped edge, skip the tape and place the vases upside to let the drips be the texture. Using the same color for all the vases is a great way to make a chic modern look.

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