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Wedding DIY: How To Create Your Own Wedding Bouquet Wrap

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Rhinestone Bouquet Accents from

You spend a lot of money on them and you carry them around all day, so why not make them sparkle? I love the idea of customizing your bouquet with a rhinestone or ribbon wrap. There’s no reason to stick with boring twine or wire when you can create a feminine look in just three easy steps.

Accent Ideas:

Diamond Rhinestone Wrap, Family Heirlooms, Satin Ribbon, Polka Dot Ribbon, Hand Embroidered Handkerchiefs,  Pearl Wrap, Antique Lace, Burlap and any other coordinating fabric

1. Prep your wedding flowers. Remove any thorns or unwanted leaves. Cut your stems at an angle roughly 2 inches from the bottom. Keep in mind you can make your bouquet stems any length you desire but keep the stems long while you work and clip them short afterwards.

Once you’ve trimmed your flowers, arrange them to your liking. Work from the inside out to create a round dome shape using taller stems in the middle. There are many different bouquet styles so research which you prefer ahead of time or you’ll be working off the cuff.

2. Secure the stems. Using floral tape, wrap the stems tightly stopping about two inches before the end of your desired length. If you’re using loose flowers you might consider using green floral wire to secure sections towards the top of the stems, this will help create more support for the neck of the flowers.

3. Wrapping your wedding bouquet. At this point you have the option to cut your stems to your desired length. If you’re wrapping the bottom of the bouquet then you’ll have to cut off your ends. If you’re unsure your desired length you can start wrapping before cutting.

For diamond wrap measure your bouquet without any overlap to create a secure wrap. If you’re using rhinestone adhesive sheets you can cut your strips accordingly and they will adhere to the floral tape securely. If you prefer the diamond rhinestone wrap I recommend using a heavy duty adhesive to adhere the wrap to the floral tape. Cut strips to wrap one time only, as wrapping at an angle will create a raised overlap.

If you prefer ribbon cut your ribbon strips three times the length of your desired stems. Starting at the top tuck the ribbon inside your stems and wrap downwards. When you’ve completed your look you can either tuck the ribbon inside the bottom wrap and secure with a pin or run the ribbon lengthwise up the stems. Secure using pearl & rhinestone bouquet pins or with a small dab of glue.

Beautiful Heirloom Bouquet from

To use an family heirloom accent piece simple wrap the chain or necklace around the top of the bouquet. Secure using a bouquet pin. If you’re using a broach, use fabric or a handkerchief as an underlay. Fold the handkerchief or fabric into a strip width wise and secure using fabric glue. If the item has meaning and you want to avoid ruining it, use ribbon or  a lace strip.

Personally, I love the idea of wrapping bouquet stems with ribbon and attaching a family heirloom. This is a great way to tie together something old and something new. If you’re using a family heirloom consider having your photographer take some accent shots of it so that you can frame them and gift them to your grandmother or mother as a thank you for her contribution to your beautiful wedding bouquet.

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