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How to Host a Carnival Themed Birthday Party

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Birthday party themes can get mundane and boring unless you find a way to mix it up and be creative. The ultimate way to throw a hit birthday party is with a carnival themed birthday party. Big balloons, bright colors and plenty of carnival games make for a great birthday party! Transform your party into a boardwalk venue with a saltwater taffy dessert bar. An old fashioned candy cart filled with ribbon candy and cotton candy is the perfect way to serve sweet desserts or birthday cake. For cupcakes use brightly colored striped cupcake wrappers and pennant cupcake toppers. Once you have desserts covered you can start planning your themed beverages. Old fashion soda stands are a great way to serve cool refreshing drinks at your party. Use soda pop bottles with retro paper drinking straws in red and blue stripes.

{Photo Source: Dress My Cupcake, Celebrations At Home, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Paper Drinking Straws from Koyal Wholesale, Celebrations At Home, Elizabeth Anne Designs}

Start with brightly colored invitations adorned with paper pennants or balloons. Then create the same look for your party décor by using paper pennants and plenty of balloons. Red, yellow and blue are prominent carnival colors so don’t be afraid to combine all three for a true carnie color theme. Don’t forget to add plenty of carnival tickets to your décor. Glass vases can be wrapped with carnival tickets to create a carnival vase. Speaking of carnival tickets; be sure to plan plenty of carnival games. Ring toss, squirt races and duck pond are all must-have games. Age appropriate games such as a fortune telling booth or kissing booth are exciting for older kids. Stock up on simple prizes such as candy necklaces, kazoos and squirt guns make great prizes for carnival games.

A carnival theme birthday party is great for a summer occasion. Not celebrating a birthday? The Fourth of July is a great excuse to throw a special carnival theme party. You can incorporate these ideas into a holiday party or a wedding reception. With a few pinwheel decorations, plenty of pennants and bright big balloons you can incorporate a carnival theme into your occasion without breaking the budget. We can’t help you with the elephants and lions, but hopefully these ideas helped with the décor!