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The Hottest Event Product You’ve Never Heard Of: Baker’s Twine

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If you’re a fan of Martha Stewart and crazy about gift wrapping, chances are you’re familiar with Baker’s Twine. The colorful little string wrapped around food, gifts and décor is a growing trend among decorators and event planners. You can wrap practically anything in this cotton, earth friendly twine. And it comes in a variety of colors for a special occasion. Whether you’re wrapping holiday presents, baking edible favors or putting the finishing touches on your wedding invitations; Baker’s Twine is the easy accent that transforms your party from simple to elegant.

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Looking for ways to decorate with Baker’s Twine? Any of these colorful creative accents can be used for a wedding, birthday or party. For invitations, use Baker’s Twine tin a matching color to wrap a few strands around your invitation. This is a great way to tie together matching pieces to avoid papers getting lost. If you’re planning multifaceted stationery, use Baker’s Twine to string each piece together. You’ll save money on postage and still have a colorful trendy invitation.

For gifts, you can use the same technique: wrap plain packaged items with multiple strands with Baker’s Twine. Using a hole-puncher, create gift tags and string onto the twine. Then when you wrap the twine make sure the name tag sits on top of the gift. You’ll never have to worry about gifts being confused because the tag is attached! This is great for wedding favors because you can include a small thank you note to let your guests know how much you appreciated them attending your big day. Simply measure one strand the desired length of your favor. Then cut your strands all at once to save time. Add a tag to each strand and voila, you’ve created personalized favors by hand!

Baker’s Twine makes crafting embellishment easier than you thought. With 11 colors to choose from, you can create a fun project for an occasion. Mix and match colors for a woven bracelet, use a needle to embroider wedding invitations, or simply tie a few hostess gifts with twine. Whatever project you have in mind, Baker’s Twine is a great way to add a playful accent without breaking your pocketbook!