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Ombré: New Wedding Style?

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Filed under: Cake,Color Palette,Dessert,Trends,Wedding Trends — Tags: , , , — Emma @ August 20, 2012 6:41 am

If there is one color style that has taken the wedding and event world by storm this season it is that of ombré.  From the French word meaning shaded or shading, ombré coloring refers to strips of color graduating from dark to light. It can be seen everywhere from hair color and fashion, to nails and accessories.

Our favorite, though, is the ombré wedding cake! Mastered by cake artists such as Sockerrus and Glorious Treats, this gradually shaded style of cake will thrill your guests. This is especially so if the outside frosting hides the shaded surprise on the inside. This got us thinking, how would one create an ombre cupcake? For a cupcake spin on this new color trend, stack your cupcakes on a stand so that each tier features a different color, and the color fades from dark at the top to light at the bottom.

How are you incorporating ombré style into your wedding, baby shower, birthday or other special event? Share your photos with us right on our Facebook wall! We’ll add them into our Ode to Ombré photo album!

{ Pink Ombre Cake by Glorious Treats }

{ Pink Ombre Cake by Call Me Cupcake }

{ Blueberry ombre cake by Sockerrus }