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Summer Picnic Essentials!

Picnic Party Outdoor Wedding (BLOG)

Share some quality time with family and loved ones this summer by having a traditional picnic at the park or a backyard BBQ! Check out our great outdoor party decor to create a beautiful & fun party setting, we have some great products to offer that can match any home furnishings!

Feature Products

Nut Cups

Striped Popcorn Boxes

Milk Bottles

Peacock Paper Lanterns

Gold Paper Lanterns

Burlap Votives

Wood Cutlery

Red Striped Table Runner 

Vintage Paper Straws

Chalkboard Arrow

D.I.Y. Decor – Wedding Sets



We are thrilled to introduce our NEW D.I.Y. Decor Line of wedding supplies starting with our Wedding Set basics! Mix & match our wide variety of wedding sets to fit any wedding’s theme! These must have items are appropriate for all types of weddings, whether you’re aiming towards something more rustic, or something more traditional. Keep an eye out for even more D.I.Y. Decor items in the the near future!


Feature Items

Ring Bearer Pillows

Flower Girl Baskets

Signature Guest Books

4th of July Inspired Decor

4th of July inspired decor (BLOG)


Declare your independence with a red white and blue themed party this year! Invite friends and family over to enjoy the long 4th of July weekend and spruce up your festivities with these great products! We have a huge range of color verticals in tons of products so shop around and find the perfect decor to match your party on the 4th!


Featured Items

Red Striped Table Runner

Blue Chevron Table Runner

Striped Vintage Paper Straws

Chevron Vintage Paper Straws

Vintage Charger Plates

Ripple Charger Plates

Blue Paper Lanterns

Red Paper Pinwheels

Red Favor Boxes

Blue Favor Boxes

Top 10: Graduation Party Essentials

Graduation is a momentous achievement that should be celebrated right! Your grad worked hard to earn that diploma or degree so they should party hard too! Here is a list of our 10 must-have items for any grad celebration. Match this black decor with decor of the school’s color to pay homage to the grads alma mater! Also shop our DIY section for supplies to make custom gifts for the lucky graduate!

Featured Items :

Standing Chalkboard Table Place Cards

Assorted Diamond Vase Filler

Black Round Paper Lantern

Criss Cross Paper Lantern

Giant Latex Balloon

Pop Fizz Clink! Balloons

Favor Boxes

Black Chevron Table Runner

Striped Paper Drinking Straws

Graduation Cupcake Wrapper

Mother’s Day DIY + Printable Greeting Card!

Mother’s Day is coming up soon, so show her how much you love and appreciate her by buying and making her some gifts from the heart! You can make her something really lavish if you’re a seasoned DIYer, or simply decorate some of her favorite knick knacks. DIY just means that your Mother’s Day gifts have your own special touch. Shop our DIY section for inspiration and all the supplies you’ll need for the big day! Also don’t forget to write her something special in our FREE printable Mother’s Day Cards!

Click below to download your free Mother’s Day Cards

Printable Mother’s Day Cards


Featured Products

Vintage Glass Milk Bottles

Rhinestone Ribbon Wrap

Gift Tags

Washi Tape

Valentine’s Day DIY : Gift Boxes!


Everyone wants to feel loved on this very special holiday, so heres a quick and easy DIY tutorial to make your Valentine’s Day gifts unique and adorable! Whether you need to come up with gifts for 5 close friends or 50 co-workers, we have a fun way to satisfy your small gift giving needs while not breaking the bank. Scroll below for a simple walkthrough of our favor box DIY.

The Supplies you’ll need : 1) Favor Boxes (assorted)  2) Heart Kraft Hangtags 3)  Valentines Washi Tape 4) Bakers Twine or Ribbon 5) Assorted Candy

Step 1) Assemble your favor boxes.

Step 2) Mix favor boxes to make interesting color combinations.

Step 3) Add washi tape to your boxes.

Step 4) Fill up your box with your favorite candy.

Step 5) Cut 3 feet of bakers twine or ribbon and lay it over the top of your box so that it is centered.

Step 6) Wrap twine over your box once. When it intersects at the center of the bottom of your box, cross over and wrap in the other direction.

Step 7) Now that you are back at the top center of your box, tie a tight knot to keep your candy in place.

Step 8 ) Now tie a bow over the knot you just tied.

Step 9) Run a single heart kraft tag through the end of either side of your loose string. Now secure tie the kraft tag in place with a knot.

Step 10) Finally cut off excess string and you’re done! Heres a few boxes we made, we hope they inspire you!

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The Ultimate Wedding Emergency Kit: Secrets of the Pros

The wedding emergency kit is the life-saving, tears-averting kit that many vendors bring with them on-site during a wedding to help battle any type of emergency, from torn veils and stained dresses, to bee stings and hysterical ring bearers.

Have you ever wondered about how to prepare your wedding emergency kit? Worried that you are missing out on crucial items that could make or break your big day? Are you a wedding planner seeking to ensure that you’ve covered every essential item on the list? Koyal Wholesale has surveyed the top wedding vendors to prepare the following list of must-have items for any wedding emergency kit. Consisting of over 150 items, this ultimate wedding emergency kit has been carefully crafted, drawing on decades of wedding experience. Now, you too can prepare your kit like the pros do. Pack these items, sit back, and enjoy the big day.

{ Just some of the 150 items in the Ultimate Wedding Emergency Kit }


The Ultimate Wedding Emergency Kit by Koyal Wholesale
Pack these items and be prepared for any wedding emergency

  1. $20 cash
  2. AA Batteries/AAA Batteries/9V Batteries
  3. Ace bandage
  4. Allergy pills
  5. Aspirin (Not everyone can take Tylenol/Advil)
  6. Baby powder (Good for lipstick stains)
  7. Baby wipes
  8. Backup Silk Bouquet
  9. Band-aids
  10. Batteries in all sizes
  11. Benedryl (allergies and allergic reactions make this quite handy)
  12. Bible
  13. Black bow tie
  14. Black chalk
  15. Black Gorilla tape
  16. Blank envelopes (big and small)
  17. Bobby pins & pony tail holders
  18. Bottle of White-Out (used for emergency coverage of scuffed white shoes)
  19. Boutonniere pins
  20. Breath mints
  21. Bug repellant
  22. Buttoneer (look it up – fastest way to replace a button on a shirt)
  23. Cell phone charger (iPhone charger)
  24. Clear earring backs
  25. Clear nail polish
  26. Clear tape
  27. Clothespins
  28. Copies of universally likable readings (for officiant or minister)
  29. Copies of vows
  30. Cord covers
  31. Cork screw
  32. Corsage pins
  33. Cotton Balls/swabs
  34. Crayons, coloring books for kids who get bored
  35. Curling Iron Deodorant (men’s and women’s)
  36. Diaper pins (sturdy enough for fixing broken bustles)
  37. Digital camera
  38. Disposable Camera
  39. Double stick tape
  40. Elastic wrist bands
  41. Emergency buttons
  42. Emery boards
  43. Energy bars
  44. Excedrine
  45. Extra brush and combs
  46. Extra extension cords
  47. Extra flower baskets
  48. Extra timelines & wedding schedule
  49. Extra votive candles (for power outages)
  50. Eye drops
  51. Face wipes
  52. Fake Rings (they do get used!)
  53. Feminine Hygiene products
  54. First Aid Kit
  55. Fishing wire (monofilament)
  56. Flat back gaffers tape
  57. Flat shoes (if it’s a long day)
  58. Floral tape
  59. Floral wire
  60. Floss
  61. Foam double stick tape
  62. Garbage bags
  63. Garter(s)
  64. Glue dots
  65. Goo Gone
  66. Guest book pen set
  67. Hair pins
  68. Hairdryer
  69. Hairspray
  70. Hand Mirror
  71. Handfasting cords
  72. Hankerchiefs
  73. Hot Glue Gun with a few glue sticks
  74. Japanese Washi decorative tape (for making pretty fixes)
  75. Jewelry pliers and a few spare supplies
  76. Lighters (preferably those with the extended ends for lighting candles)
  77. Lint brush
  78. Lip gloss
  79. List of emergency telephone numbers (of vendors, family, etc.)
  80. Lotion
  81. Lots of singles for tips
  82. Makeup remover
  83. Makeup sponges for deodorant white marks
  84. Markers (Sharpies)
  85. Mens black socks
  86. Midol (for cramps)
  87. Mini flashlight
  88. Mints
  89. Mouthwash
  90. Oxy stain remover (works really great)
  91. Panty hose for bride and flower girls
  92. Paper pads or notebooks
  93. Paper towels
  94. Pepto Bismol
  95. Perfume
  96. Picture frames (one or two, to make pretty signs for the buffet or dessert station)
  97. Piece of sandpaper for roughing up shoe soles so bride or groom won’t slip
  98. Portable PA system
  99. Poster size paper (to make last minute signs)
  100. Powder & lipstick
  101. Pretty printed “RESERVED” signs
  102. Razors and shaving cream
  103. Regular duct tape
  104. Ribbon Ring box
  105. Ring pillow
  106. Safety Pins (tons of them)
  107. Satin-padded white hangers (for when the photographer wants to take pictures of the wedding gown)
  108. Scissors
  109. Scotch tape (so the attendant can attach any cards that get separated from their gifts)
  110. Serving set
  111. Sewing kit (Needles + Various colors of thread)
  112. Shoe polish
  113. Silk rose petals
  114. Skittles or other candy (for a crying ring bearer or flower girl!)
  115. Small door stops
  116. Small lightweight extension cord (tri tap)
  117. Snacks
  118. Spare pen (black ink)
  119. Spare wedding music CDs & prelude CD
  120. Spot remover
  121. Static guard spray
  122. Step stool
  123. Straws (for the bride so she doesn’t ruin her lipstick)
  124. Sunglasses
  125. Super Glue
  126. Swiss Army knife
  127. T-pins
  128. Tablecloth clips (keep a half dozen or so in your bag)
  129. Tissues
  130. Toasting flutes
  131. Tons of bottled water
  132. Toothbrush (small disposable ones)
  133. Toothpaste (for bee stings)
  134. Traffic cones (for vendors or family who need to park close to the venue)
  135. Tums
  136. Tweezers
  137. Tylenol / Advil
  138. Umbrella
  139. Unity candle set with basic colors of sand
  140. Velcro – self stick and ties
  141. Vocal ease (for laryngitis)
  142. Waterproof mascara
  143. Waterproof tape
  144. White and black nail polish
  145. White chalk (good for lifting a lipstick stain)
  146. White duct tape
  147. White ribbon
  148. White spandex chair covers (at least 2)
  149. Windex (clean up sticky fingerprints, wipe down mirrors, pictures frames and other glass; also good for loosening stuck rings)
  150. Wire cutters
  151. Wrinkle Remover

Special Grooms Gifts: Tavern Signs & Cigar Humidors

Groom Place Setting Photo Courtesy of

Finding the perfect groom’s gift was a little bit difficult for me. I wanted to incorporate his personality and treat him to a fun gift he could use beyond the wedding day. I put together a special watch that I knew he had been eyeing. I wrapped up a few other tokens to use on our big day that would be cheeky and useful. Be sure to include a note or sweet letter for your groom as a farewell to singledom and welcome to marriage. Here are some more ideas:

Grooms Gift Tavern Sign

These Groom’s Tavern Signs are perfect for a gift that he can enjoy after the wedding. Ease his pre-wedding jitters by assuring him that his man cave will still be there after he’s given his life to you. Then celebrate by giving him a Personalized Beer Mug to enjoy in his own little tavern. You can go a step further and include one of his favorite cigars for him to look forward to having after the ceremony. If he’s not much of a beer drinking, give him a special Personalized Cigar Humidor box for him to keep his special stressful day relievers in.

Personalized Cigar Box

Once you’ve picked out your main gift, combine it with some socks and breath mints. Try using cute tags such as “Breathmints: for a fresh kiss”, or “Socks: to ward off cold feet”. There are plenty of small things he may need through out the day, especially depending on your venue and personalities. Try an assortment of cute gift ideas and useful gifts he can reuse over and over.


Top 10 Hair Mistakes a Bride Makes

No, I get it, you want to look your best. You’re the bride and the center of attention but there are a lot of things that can go wrong with your hair. Don’t shoot the messenger I’m merely just telling you what  my hairdresser and Google have taught me. I’ve been working on accomplishing my wedding hair for six months already and my wedding is still two months out… trust me, there’s a lot involved when you’re a blonde bride.

1. Amateur Hour Is Over. Stick with a professional hairdresser! The last thing you want is to be stuck with someone unprofessional and unaware of how wedding makeup needs to be applied.

2. Someone Didn’t Check their Wedding Checklist. Don’t be the bride who forgot their veil or headpiece. Always keep a back up, even if you can’t afford duplicates of all your accessories keep extras on hand. There are lots of affordable options for wedding tiaras, veils and headpieces, no need to break the budget.

3. Stay Away From the Scissors. Especially if you’re using a new stylist, avoid cutting your hair days before the wedding. If you are planning to alter your hair before the wedding day, plan at least a week ahead so that your stylist has time to fix it before the big day.

4. Caught Red-Headed. Same advice goes for coloring. Bleaching your hair can cause serious damage and not waiting the proper amount of time in between session can cause breakage. So if you’re going to color your hair plan at to have adequate time between the big day in case you have to recolor it.

5. Brainstorm In Abundance. Your wedding hair is unlike any other updo you may have had done in the past. Your hair has to stay beautiful for the whole day and the photos will last the rest of your life. Your stylist is not responsible for picking your hairstyle– you are. So be sure to bring ideas and inspiration to assure that your stylist has the right vision of your style. If you don’t you might end up with wedding hair that you can’t stand and no time to change it.

6. In Case of Emergency. Even if you can’t afford the all day stylist, be sure to factor in touch ups and blunders. If the wind picks up and you find yourself without enough clips there may not be time to have someone run to the store. Ask your stylist ahead of time to put together a touch up emergency kit. Most professional wedding stylists offer or include an emergency kit for your big day. Some ideas: wedding garters, ballet flats, extra wedding jewelry all put together in a nice personalized wedding bag.

7. Test Your Options. You probably didn’t buy the first wedding dress you tried on so why would you stick with the first hairstyle? There are a lot of options for wedding hair styling and it’s a good bet you’ll like more than one. Try different options so you know which one works best. If you wake up on your wedding day and you have a unfortunate event (there’s always that one zit) you might consider changing your mind again!

8. Remember the Dress. The last thing you want is your hair to distract attention from your dress. If you’re wearing a strapless wedding gown try wearing your hair down in loose curls. If you’re going for a retro 50’s look then wearing your hair up with a pomp might work best. Just remember, use your hair to complement your dress not hide or cover it.

9. Add a Little Extra. Regretting the Pixie cut? Just because you got irritated with your longer do and cut it off days before the engagement, doesn’t mean that you can’t have it long for the wedding. Talk to your stylist about your different length options. A lot of brides add extensions to add length or volume to their wedding hairstyle.

10. Make Room for the Groom. The most important part of your day is standing in front of your groom exchanging vows. He’ll be looking at you at all and the sweetest thing you can do is keep in mind when planning your look. If he likes your hair up with a veil, consider it. You can wear your hair up for the ceremony and release the back part for a casual reception look. If it’s important to him it’s crucial that you consider it.

My groom told me that he prefers my hair up with a veil. While it’s not always the final decision, it’s still nice to know your groom has an opinion and cares. If you disagree but it is still important to him, compromise. What better way to start a marriage?

Bride Advice: Surviving Pre-Wedding Stress

There are a lot of steps to planning a successful wedding. Fortunately, there are a lot of tricks to coping with bridal blunders so that you can come out looking beautiful and calm on your wedding day. Pre-wedding stress is inevitable but managing your time and energy levels you can counteract any panic attacks or other negative side effects.

First of all, I’m not referring to the “is he the one for me” cold feet dilemma, I’m referring to the pre-wedding stress and jitters caused by budgeting, family members and the big one–your wedding dress. Here’s my solution for the months leading up to your wedding. Prevention is 90% of the cure, that being said, planning ahead and proper management of time and energy is essential to staying positive and centered.

Keeping track of your thoughts and appointments in a schedule or calendar is the best way to account for your activities and avoid unwanted stress. Keep lists and reminders as it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to remember every single detail. And don’t forget your friends and family are there to help- a wedding is a coming together of families and there’s no better way to start than piling them together in a room to help tie favor bags.

Say you’ve got the planning down, you’ve settled into OCD mode and suddenly you find yourself having a panic attack, here are my tips for getting past it.

Have you ever noticed how some brides just look glowing and zen in their photo shoots? Well, the key is laughter. Laughter is known to reduce the levels of cortisol, dopamine and growth hormone. Reducing these stress levels helps to lower excess weight gain and other physical signs of stress. Laughter also helps tighten ab muscles and stretches back and shoulder muscles, which leave you feeling relaxed and comfortable. We can’t all hire a private comedian to follow us around so here’s a simple trick: Smile. It’s contagious and healthy.

When a smile doesn’t do the trick try the next best thing: Breathing. Focused deep breathing helps to calm the body by feeding the brain oxygen. Next time you’re stressed out count your breaths in your head; each time you inhale and exhale counts as a breath. Doing this five times in a row will lower your heart rate and calm you. Your body wants air and releasing bad juju from your brain will help you relax and focus on more important things.

Lastly, not every bride can afford to hide out at the spa the morning of her wedding so try a more affordable route- your girl friends. Spending more time laughing and creating memories will lessen your chances of being stressed out. The beauty of surrounding yourself with friends is that they won’t let you focus on negative thoughts or pessimistic attitudes. By surrounding yourself with people who love and care for you you’re more likely to trust their advice and rely on them for support. In doing so you’ll spend less time worrying about whether your dress will look good and more time having your nails painted bright mismatched colors.

I learned a very valuable lesson a couple years ago when one of my siblings fell sick: “don’t sweat the small stuff; if it won’t matter a year from now, it doesn’t matter now”. Chances are your bridal flowers are perfect and you don’t need to stress about if the color is the wrong shade of navy. Let it go. No one will be able to tell the difference except you and majority of the time you won’t remember any of it a year from now anyways.

If all else fails picture your future husband jumping across hot sands in a two year old swim suit on a romantic honeymoon getaway and I dare you not to laugh!

Cartoon courtesy of