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Rustic Chic Garden Wedding Inspiration!

Photos & Arrangement By Tonya Coleman at


Looking for inspiration on your next event? Why not try a Rustic Chic Garden Theme! At Koyal Wholesale we have everything you need to make your eco-friendly event look and feel authentic. We have a wide variety of real wood items that add that extra special touch of texture to your party decor. These rustic items can be accented with high end fabrics and materials for a touch of elegance. It doesn’t take much to make your nature inspired event flourish with beautiful green accents. Below is a list of everything used to make this scene just right, all available on our website!

Bring nature indoors by creating terrarium centerpieces! Easily create a terrarium using our Apothecary Jar Set. Start by adding a base layer of rocks or a rustic centerpiece filler of your choice. Add a layer of moss and accent with natural leaves and flowers. Many DIY experts love to add painted figurines to their terrariums for a whimsical touch.

A special thanks to Tonya Coleman of for her beautiful styling and photography!

Featured Items:

Green Moss Garland

Birch Wood Slabs

Flora Glass Charger

Satin Rose Embroidered Table Runner

Rose Pomander

Apothecary Jars

Eiffel Tower Vases

Diamond Confetti

Curly Willow Ball

Grapewood Branch

Wood Numbers

How To Use Diamante Pins

How to use OASIS® Diamante Pins by Koyal Wholesale

Use the OASIS® Diamante Floral Pins as a sparkling accent to any floral arrangement. Use the floral pins on bouquets, centerpieces, corsages and more!

To create the arrangement seen above place a Floral Foam Shaped Heart into a floral dish. Insert your favorite flowers into the floral foam and place OASIS® Diamante Floral Pins into the foam to secure flowers and add a sparkling accent! Use this arrangement as a beautiful platform to present your loved one with with a special love note or an engagement ring!


OASIS® Diamante Floral Pins
Floral Foam Shaped Heart

Flower Recipe:
2 Sprays White Mini Cymbidiums
3 Stems Hot Pink Spray Roses

How To Use Aluminum Wire

How To Use Aluminum Wire by Koyal Wholesale

Create a contemporary centerpiece with OASIS® Mega Aluminum Wire. The aluminum wire can be bent into any shape to suit the design. Wrap the wire around a grouping of five smaller vases to create one large centerpiece. Accent the centerpiece with OASIS® Mega Beaded Wire!

OASIS® Mega Aluminum Wire
OASIS® Mega Beaded Wire

Flower Recipe:
3 White Hydrangeas
3 Orange Alstr oemeria
3 Miniature Orange Gerbera Daisies

How To Use Floral Foam Spheres

How To Use Floral Foam Spheres by Koyal Wholesale

Use OASIS® Deluxe Foam Spheres as the structure to create a beautiful tall centerpiece. Each sphere is made with OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife to extend the lifespan of your floral sculptures.

Start your design with the Lomey® 15″ Designer Dish at the base and securely attach an OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife Round Riser using a floral adhesive. Place the OASIS® 6″ Floral Foam Sphere Stake into the center of the riser creating a tower. If a second sphere is desired pierce the stake through one OASIS® 6″ Deluxe Floral Foam Netted Sphere. The netting will add extra support to this floating sphere. Secure the sphere with a hot glue gun or floral adhesive. Decorate your arrangement with beautiful ivory and light pink flowers to complete the look!

OASIS® 6″ Floral Foam Sphere Stake
OASIS® 6″ Deluxe Floral Foam Netted Sphere
Lomey® 15″ Designer Dish
OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife Round Riser
OASIS® 13ft Mega Beaded Wire – Ivory

Flower Recipe:
2 Bunches Pittosporum
1 Bunch Israeli Ruscus
1 Bunch Dusty Miller
1/3 Bunch Seeded Eucalyptus
24 Stems Garden Roses
2 Bunches Spray Roses
12 Stems Roses
10 Stems Peonies
6 Stems Mini Callas
12 sq. in. Sheet Moss

DIY Burlap Wedding Centerpiece in 15 Seconds!


Decorative Burlap Rose Wrap Sleeve
Glass Cylinder Vase
32 oz. Wide Mouth Mason Jar
Loose Ivory Pearls
Manzanita Branches

Step 1:
Fill a Glass Cylinder Vase or 32 oz. Wide Mouth Mason Jar 1/3 to 1/2 full of loose ivory pearls.

Step 2:
Insert one manzanita branch and a few beautiful long floral stems.

Step 3:
Simply wrap Decorative Burlap Rose Wrap Sleeve around the vase and attach velcro ends.

Tip: If the vase or jar contains a diameter smaller than 4″ add an additional velcro strip next to the original strip, or simply cut burlap wrap to desired size and attach with a hot glue gun.

Watch the tutorial here!

How To Use Belle® Bouquet Holders

How to use Belle® Bouquet Holders by Koyal Wholesale

Create a beautiful bouquet with the popular Wedding Belle® Bouquet Holders. The bouquet holders are filled with OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife to increase the lifespan of flowers in your arrangement.

The beautiful arrangement above features an OASIS® Grande Bouquet Holder with straight handle. Our bouquet holders are also available with slanted handles. Decorate your bouquet with a nest like bouquet collar made from OASIS® Flat Cane and OASIS® Flat Wire. Finish the bouquet by wrapping the stems on the handle together with OASIS® Bind Wire.

OASIS® Grande Bouquet Holder
OASIS® Flat Wire
OASIS® Flat Cane
OASIS® Bind Wire

Flower Recipe:
2 Stems Dusty Muller
6 Stems Fern Curls
2 Stems Eryngiurm
8 Scapiose Pods
2 Stems Brunia Rosemary
2 Stems Spray Roses
6 Roses
3 Stems Hypericum
Knife Blade Acacia

How To Use Submersible Floralytes™

Submersible Floralyte Tutorial

How to use Submersible Floralytes™ by Koyal Wholesale

Create a stunning contemporary centerpiece in three easy steps:

Step 1: Fill a square glass vase about 2/3 full of water pearls.

Step 2: Place one lit Submersible Floralyte™ into the center of the pile of water pearls and continue filling the vase with water pearls.

Step 3: Place large test tubes into the water pearls. For smaller vases use one tube, for larger rectangular vases place multiple tubes into the pearls.  Fill the tubes with your favorite flowers and your simple contemporary centerpiece is now complete!

Tip: To achieve a flickering candle light effect use Submersible Floralyte™ III available in over 9 colors to match with your centerpieces.

How To Use Floralytes™

How to use Floralytes

How To Use Floralytes™ by Koyal Wholesale

Elevate the depth and drama of your next centerpiece with our collection of Floralytes™. Our Floralytes™ come in 10 colors: amber, orange, red, uv, pink , white, teal, green, blue and color changing RGB. Our disposable Floralytes™ can be used as accent lights for out of water applications. The long lasting LED lights can last up to 24 hours.  Choose from two styles, Floralyte and Floralyte™ II. Floralyte™ II has the added feature of an on and off switch versus the Floralyte™ which will remain lit once activated.

To achieve the look in our tutorial, hang white or colored Floralytes™ from a paper lantern. Floralytes™ can also be attached to individual flowers in an arrangement by attaching them with green floral tape. Inside the glass vase filled with water pearls or liquid place a Submersible Floralyte™ to give the vase an ambient glow.

Tips To Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers

Budget is a huge consideration when planning your big day and your wedding florals are a significant portion of that budget.  Your wedding flowers will be one of the most photographed details of your wedding so it’s understandable why you want to spend the time and money. However, with a little creativity you can achieve an exquisite floral look without breaking the bank.

1.  Go Green

Consider using more greenery than flowers in your centerpieces.  Using flowers as accent pieces in your centerpieces rather than as the main focus allows you to incorporate your favorite florals in a budget-friendly way.  Succulents are another way to add a trendy green vibe – use them in centerpieces, wedding bouquets, or boutonnieres!

2.  Use Substitutes

Many times, you can swap one type of flower for another less expensive flower.  For example, swap calla lilies for tulips, which are similar in shape.  If you love the style of orchids, switch cymbidium orchids out for less expensive dendrobium orchids.  Lavender and daffodil are also excellent substitutes.

3.  Kissing Ball Pomanders

Wood curl kissing ball pomanders add instant color and texture to your wedding style without breaking the bank.  Pomanders are especially versatile – use them to adorn pews, as bouquets, or as centerpieces.  You can also combine them with fresh flowers or crystal elements for a dramatic reception decor look.

4.  Silk Flowers

Sometimes you may come across a gorgeous floral arrangement and find yourself asking if the flowers are real or fake.  Silk flowers are extremely convenient because they don’t wilt or require water, are lightweight and thus easier to handle and transport, and are durable in any setting. They’re also just as gorgeous as the real thing!

Remember, it’s possible to have the wedding of your dreams on a budget with a little creativity and planning! Scour our Pinterest board for more ideas!