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St. Patrick’s Day DIY : Custom Mason Sippers

A festive idea to ring in St. Patricks Day this year!

We have a DIY project that will have your friends green with envy. Now you enjoy your favorite holiday drinks in a custom painted mason sipper! Just follow our step by step instructions and after about an hour you’ll have some sweet heart shamrock jars!

Koyal Wholesale Supplies : Mason Jar Sippers,  Green Striped Cake Pop Straws,  3/8″ Green Satin Ribbon,  Wood Gift Tags, Printable Heart Shamrock Template

Additional Items : Green spray paint (applicable to glass), painters masking tape, pencil, pen knife

Step 1 ) Mask off lid & un-embossed (flat) sides of  the mason jar sipper. If you are not experienced with spray paint, it may be a good idea to mask the entire jar.

Step 2 ) Print our free Heart Shamrock Stencil and cut out the desired size shamrock.

Step 3 ) Cover the back of the printed shamrock with a layer of graphite, we will use this as transfer to get a perfectly shaped shamrock on your jar.

Step 4 ) Tape shamrock transfer (penciled side back) to the masked area of your jar. Next, outline the shape of the shamrock by tracing the printed image. This will leave a ghosted pencil mark on your tape mask and make it easier to cut out a clean shape.

Step 5 ) Remove shamrock transfer from the jar and begin cutting out the shape with a pen knife. Remember only to remove the cut shape and not all of the tape together.

Step 6 ) Take your mason jar to a well ventilated area and spray green paint only on the masked area where you cut out the shamrock stencil. After the paint has dried, carefully remove masking tape from painted area and lid.

Step 7 ) Now wrap 3/8″ green satin ribbon (about 12 inches long) around the neck of the mason jar. Tie a knot and with remaining ribbon, tie a wooden hang tag. Write your name and your partners name on the tags so you can keep track of which drink is yours.

Step 8 ) Finally add your favorite St.Patricks Day drink and enjoy the festivities! Don’t forget the cake pop straw!

It’s that simple to make your own custom items! You can make it even more original by creating different patterns or adding multiple colors, the possibilities are endless!

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Washi Tape GALORE!


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Shop our exclusive variety of Washi Tape to make all of your DIY projects fun & unique!

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Valentine’s Day DIY : Gift Boxes!


Everyone wants to feel loved on this very special holiday, so heres a quick and easy DIY tutorial to make your Valentine’s Day gifts unique and adorable! Whether you need to come up with gifts for 5 close friends or 50 co-workers, we have a fun way to satisfy your small gift giving needs while not breaking the bank. Scroll below for a simple walkthrough of our favor box DIY.

The Supplies you’ll need : 1) Favor Boxes (assorted)  2) Heart Kraft Hangtags 3)  Valentines Washi Tape 4) Bakers Twine or Ribbon 5) Assorted Candy

Step 1) Assemble your favor boxes.

Step 2) Mix favor boxes to make interesting color combinations.

Step 3) Add washi tape to your boxes.

Step 4) Fill up your box with your favorite candy.

Step 5) Cut 3 feet of bakers twine or ribbon and lay it over the top of your box so that it is centered.

Step 6) Wrap twine over your box once. When it intersects at the center of the bottom of your box, cross over and wrap in the other direction.

Step 7) Now that you are back at the top center of your box, tie a tight knot to keep your candy in place.

Step 8 ) Now tie a bow over the knot you just tied.

Step 9) Run a single heart kraft tag through the end of either side of your loose string. Now secure tie the kraft tag in place with a knot.

Step 10) Finally cut off excess string and you’re done! Heres a few boxes we made, we hope they inspire you!

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Valentine’s Day Candy Buffet Inspiration!

candy buffet

Photos & Arrangement By Tonya Coleman at


Valentine’s Day is only 3 weeks away! We’re happy to bring you some inspiration for any Vday event that you may be planning. Planning an event for Valentine’s Day may get a little tricky seeing as how its a couples holiday, but you can get creative and host a party for your office or maybe even a singles event for your friends. Regardless of what event you choose, one thing is clear, everyone loves candy. So why not create a fabulous Candy Buffet, just add all of your favorite treats and decor to create a vibrant red table setting that will make all of your guests hearts flutter!

A special thanks to Tonya Coleman at for the photos and arrangement.


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Candy Search

How To Use E-Maxi™ Light Base

How to use E-Maxi™ Light Base by Koyal Wholesale

How to use E-Maxi™ Light Base by Koyal Wholesale

Create a simple centerpiece that will illuminate your tablescapes!

Step 1: Choose a glass vase and place a simple branch of flowers into the vase.

Step 2: Fill the vase with water.

Step 3: Place the vase onto the lit E-Maxi™ light to make the vase glow (Use optional Remote Control with the coordinating base to quickly light multiple bases before the start of your event.)

How To Use E-Riser™

How To Use E-Riser™

How to use E-Riser™ by Koyal Wholesale

The E-Riser™ is a very unique product in the fact that it adds height to your centerpieces as well as a brilliant display of colored light. When the E-Riser™ is activated the pole illuminates with the ambient light color of your choice. With the flexibility of multiple color options you may change the color and feel of your event on a moments notice! E-Riser™ is powered by three AA replaceable batteries and lasts at least 8 hours.

Helpful Tips:

  • Wrap your E-Riser™ in burlap or moss for a rustic, garden, or outdoor theme wedding or event. The light will permeate through the material creating an ambient glow effect!
  • Add Floralytes™ to your floral decor to add to the illuminating elegance of your lit E-Riser™ centerpiece.

How To Use E-Mini™ Light Base

How to use E-Mini™ Light Base by Koyal Wholesale

How to use E-Mini™ Light Base by Koyal Wholesale

The E-Mini™ Light Base is an easy to use product that can change your decor from “drab to fab”! Place the E-Mini™ Light Base at the bottom of a glass vase to make the contents inside glow! The E-Mini™ Light Base can also be placed at the bottom of a glass plate to make the items on the plate have a luxurious presence. Use the optional Standard Remote Control to light the E-Mini in an instant. Use the AC Adapter to have your E-Mini™ Light Base lit for as long as you would like.

Imagine serving fresh sushi on a glowing plate or a prized dessert on the pedestal of light! Pair the light base with one of our cylindrical vases and water pearls to achieve the floating orchid light tower centerpiece shown on the left of the how to image above.

How To Use Spot™ Spotlights

How to use Spot™ Spotlights by Koyal Wholesale

How to use Spot™ Spotlights by Koyal Wholesale

Use Spot™ to highlight elements of your centerpieces. The portable and wireless Spot™ Spotlight can be used to highlight your guestbook or add a wash of colored light to your wedding cake to set the perfect mood!

Our Spot™ 4 SMT is compatible with our AC Adapter and Standard Remote Control. Change the mood lighting on a whim with the Spot™ 16 RGB when combined with the optional Color Changing Remote Control.  For an endless display of light pair the Spot™ 16 RGB with our optional AC Adapter.

How To Use Submersible Sumix 9™

How To Use Submersible Sumix 9™

How to use Submersible Sumix 9™ by Koyal Wholesale

Have a beautiful centerpiece but lacking the “wow” factor? Create a centerpiece that your guests will be drooling over with our Submersible Sumix 9™ lights. Our lights are a simple solution to bring the “wow” factor to your centerpiece displays. See below to learn how!

Step 1: Fill a reversible trumpet vase about 1/3 full of water pearls.

Step 2: Place one Submersible Sumix 9™ into the center of the water pearls and continue filling the vase with water pearls.

Step 3: Using the optional Acolyte RGB Color-Changing Remote select the desired color to turn on the light. The Submersible Sumix 9™ will cast a beautiful glow in the hue of your choice.  Cap the vase with a beautiful floral arrangement and your centerpiece is now complete!