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How To Assemble 2 Piece Favor Boxes

How To Assemble 2 Piece Favor Boxes by Koyal Wholesale

How To Assemble 2 Piece Favor Boxes by Koyal Wholesale

Bottom Box:
1) Push sided to create box shape
2) Click bottom in place
3) Fold 3 flaps with angled tab into box
4) Fold final flap into box, covering tabs

1) Pinch angled sides in to create 4 “V” folds
2) Fold shorter flap into lid
3) Fold flap into lid and place tab into slit

Our 2 Piece Favor Boxes come in more than 20 colors and are made of high quality matte coated cardstock! Mix and match our 2 Piece Favor Boxes to create the perfect custom color combo! Click here to shop our collection of 2 Piece Favor Boxes!

Watch our video for D.I.Y. tips and directions to assemble our 2 Piece Favor Boxes titled “How To: Assemble 2 Piece Favor Boxes.”

Fall 2013 Wedding Colors

Fall is a favorite for event and wedding planners as the changing season creates a rich and warm backdrop to create the perfect event. Popular fall colors for 2013 are turquoise, orange, olive green and red.

These colors can be used mono-chromatically or combined to create a rich fall color palette.
All of these colors can be combined with neutrals and natural tones. A popular fall material is burlap, combine burlap with any one of these colors for a rustic wedding. These colors take rustic decor to the next level by providing a rich pop of color. Which fall color is your favorite?

Hot Fall Colors

Inspiration Board Items:
•    Turquoise Acrylic Charger Plates
•    Turquoise 10 Yard Burlap Decorative Ribbon Roll
•    Orange 2 PC Favor Boxes
•    Orange Flora & Ripple
•    Olive Green Satin Rose Table Runner
•    Olive Green Classic Charger Plates
•    Red Cotton Ball String Lantern Lights
•    Candy Apple Red Stripe – Vintage Paper Drinking Straws

How To Use Paper Pinwheels

Paper pinwheels are an inexpensive way to bring a pop of color to your event space! Check out our video to learn some creative ways to incorporate eco friendly paper pinwheels into your wedding and event decor!  Click here to watch!

How To Use Paper Pinwheels


Top 7 Wedding Favorites

We are excited to announce our Top 7 Customer Favorites Collection! We are certain you will also enjoy some of these items which can be used for your upcoming wedding or special event!

Our top items consist of 2 Piece Favor Boxes, Drinking Mason Jars, Burlap Wrapped Glass Votive Candle Holders, Candy Buffet Jar Set, Vintage Glass Milk Bottles, Washi Tape and Flora Glass Charger Plates!

Top 7 Wedding Favorites!

Obsessed with Washi Tape!

A Washi Tape obsession is sweeping across the world, fortunately Koyal Wholesale has a giant selection of Washi Tape to quench your D.I.Y. needs. Beautifully bind memoirs and photos to personalized scrapbook pages and cards, or create custom gift tags with our New Washi Tape Collections!


Washi Tape is one of the hottest items for D.I.Y. crafters and D.I.Y. brides. There are many ways you can D.I.Y. with washi tape. From sprucing up your gift favor packaging to decorating cake pop sticks, the possibilities are endless. Our washi tape has many uses such as adding an extra pop of color to our 2 Piece Favor Boxes, Drinking Mason Jars and Vintage Glass Milk Bottles. To learn how, check out our new video on “DIY Ideas with Washi Tape.”

Click here to shop our vast variety of Washi Tape Now!


Summer Wedding Colors

Accent your wedding or summer event with warm vibrant colors such as red, coral, yellow, orange, mustard yellow and fuchsia! Majority of the products featured on our inspiration board can be found in all of the colors in our suggested summer color palette!

Summer Wedding Colors Inspiration Board

Inspiration Board Items:
•    2 Piece Favor Boxes
•    Vintage Paper Straws (Polka Dot, Stripe and Chevron)
•    Scalloped Parasol
•    Folding Paper Fans
•    Sandalwood Fans
•    Chevron 6.5″ Natural Wooden Fork DIY Kit
•    Round Paper Lanterns (Most Colors Available in 8″ to 24″)

2 Piece Favor Boxes

New 2 Piece Favor Boxes by Koyal Wholesale

Introducing our new 2 Piece Favor Boxes! These boxes are the perfect way to thank your guests for attending your wedding or event. Fill the boxes with trinkets or your favorite candy and lovingly wrap the boxes with an organza ribbon or satin ribbon.


Mix and match the favor boxes to create the perfect custom color combo! Each color is sold in a set of 10 boxes! Check the image above for a look at our wide selection of favor box colors. Click here to shop 2 PC Favor Boxes Now!

Watch our latest video on “How To: Assemble 2 Piece Favor Boxes”

How To Use E-Maxi™ Light Base

How to use E-Maxi™ Light Base by Koyal Wholesale

How to use E-Maxi™ Light Base by Koyal Wholesale

Create a simple centerpiece that will illuminate your tablescapes!

Step 1: Choose a glass vase and place a simple branch of flowers into the vase.

Step 2: Fill the vase with water.

Step 3: Place the vase onto the lit E-Maxi™ light to make the vase glow (Use optional Remote Control with the coordinating base to quickly light multiple bases before the start of your event.)

How To Use Diamante Pins

How to use OASIS® Diamante Pins by Koyal Wholesale

Use the OASIS® Diamante Floral Pins as a sparkling accent to any floral arrangement. Use the floral pins on bouquets, centerpieces, corsages and more!

To create the arrangement seen above place a Floral Foam Shaped Heart into a floral dish. Insert your favorite flowers into the floral foam and place OASIS® Diamante Floral Pins into the foam to secure flowers and add a sparkling accent! Use this arrangement as a beautiful platform to present your loved one with with a special love note or an engagement ring!


OASIS® Diamante Floral Pins
Floral Foam Shaped Heart

Flower Recipe:
2 Sprays White Mini Cymbidiums
3 Stems Hot Pink Spray Roses

How To Use Aluminum Wire

How To Use Aluminum Wire by Koyal Wholesale

Create a contemporary centerpiece with OASIS® Mega Aluminum Wire. The aluminum wire can be bent into any shape to suit the design. Wrap the wire around a grouping of five smaller vases to create one large centerpiece. Accent the centerpiece with OASIS® Mega Beaded Wire!

OASIS® Mega Aluminum Wire
OASIS® Mega Beaded Wire

Flower Recipe:
3 White Hydrangeas
3 Orange Alstr oemeria
3 Miniature Orange Gerbera Daisies