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Special Grooms Gifts: Tavern Signs & Cigar Humidors

Groom Place Setting Photo Courtesy of

Finding the perfect groom’s gift was a little bit difficult for me. I wanted to incorporate his personality and treat him to a fun gift he could use beyond the wedding day. I put together a special watch that I knew he had been eyeing. I wrapped up a few other tokens to use on our big day that would be cheeky and useful. Be sure to include a note or sweet letter for your groom as a farewell to singledom and welcome to marriage. Here are some more ideas:

Grooms Gift Tavern Sign

These Groom’s Tavern Signs are perfect for a gift that he can enjoy after the wedding. Ease his pre-wedding jitters by assuring him that his man cave will still be there after he’s given his life to you. Then celebrate by giving him a Personalized Beer Mug to enjoy in his own little tavern. You can go a step further and include one of his favorite cigars for him to look forward to having after the ceremony. If he’s not much of a beer drinking, give him a special Personalized Cigar Humidor box for him to keep his special stressful day relievers in.

Personalized Cigar Box

Once you’ve picked out your main gift, combine it with some socks and breath mints. Try using cute tags such as “Breathmints: for a fresh kiss”, or “Socks: to ward off cold feet”. There are plenty of small things he may need through out the day, especially depending on your venue and personalities. Try an assortment of cute gift ideas and useful gifts he can reuse over and over.


Fall Wedding Colors + Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Are you in love with Autumn weddings as much as we are? We’re loving these new color combinations that brides are trying. Orange & Teal, Green & Blue and Purple & Brown are among our favorites. Decorating with color is a great way to add personality and style to your event. In this economy DIY weddings are all the rage and it is so nice to see brides working together to save money and share ideas. Tissue Paper Pom Poms are making a huge comeback, as are Paper Lanterns. It is important to weigh the cost and energy spent on DIY projects with the cost of purchasing goods from a company. From my personal experience I realized that it was easier to spend the money on pre-packaged tissue paper pom poms rather than take the time to construct $40 dollars worth of tissue paper into cutting and folding. There are a lot of ways to cut budget and save money without the extra strain and nightmare paper cuts.

Check out these ideas for color combinations when decorating with Tissue Paper Pom Poms and Paper Lanterns. Mix and match lanterns and pom poms for a great rustic look that is great for outdoor weddings.

Purple Paper LanternsPhoto Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

And see what happens when you mix them together? Voila! Creative decorations that are personal and original to your style and colors! You can mix white with colored tissue paper balls or mix and match bright colors instead. Still not convinced? Check out our Pinterest page for more decor ideas!

Paper Lanterns and Pom PomsPhoto Courtesy of

2012 Wedding Trends: String Curtain Reception Decor!

Wedding trends keep reinventing themselves and we’re always on the lookout for the next decoration idea. I have new ideas for a brand new 2012 wedding product we now carry at Koyal Wholesale. In the past, string curtains have been used for door decorations but not anymore! These fun edgy curtains are making their way into ceremony decor and reception backdrops. They can be cut to any length and dyed to match your wedding colors. One easy way to customize your colors is to add back lighting in lit from the top. These curtains are white but with the right lighting they appear pink and blue! Check out all of these string curtain decorating ideas:

String Curtains for Modern Reception DecorPhoto Courtesy of april.soroko on Flickr

String Curtain DecorString Curtain Photo Courtesy of

Not a fan of dark black reception decor? This look works for a white wedding reception as well. Decorate your string curtains with white back uplighting and hanging chandeliers.  This is a great way to create a modern winter wonderland theme. Especially since you can decorate your curtains by dying them or combining them with colored backdrops. These would be really pretty with our Floating Bubble Curtain Panels for a whimsical effect. Creating a night club-like setting? Separate table areas by hanging string curtains in a circle or square shape overhead then your guests will feel like they have more privacy. These are a hot trend for 2012 weddings and we’re excited to hear what you think about them!

How To: Creating Etched Glass Gifts!

Fall always makes me want to clean the house top to bottom. I came across some old vases and jars that definitely need to be up-cycled into something crafty. You can do this with any of your old vases to create something new. Looking for holiday gifts for the office employees or wedding favors for your grandparents? Create a personalized gift they’ll think you had custom made! This look is easy to do on a budget and great for wedding gifts.

Etched Herb VasePhoto Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Etched Marriage FramePhoto Courtesy of


All of these etched glass projects can be achieved with only 5 items:

Glass Vases, frames, wine bottles or Centerpiece Vases

Frosting Spray, available at your local craft store or hardware store

Painters Tape, Masking tape

Decals, Graphics, Phrases, Name Place Card Decals

Glass Cleaner

Make sure that your surface has been cleaned and dried thoroughly before taping off your area to frost. Then apply your decal or painters tape to the area that you wish to stay clean. Press securely on the borders so that spray can’t seep under the tape. Holding the spray 6 inches away from your project, spray one coat at a time to create the desired opaque look. Once the paint is dry (according to time estimates on the can) peel the tape slowly.

This look is great for creating personalized place card frames. Using decal paper from your local craft store print up your guests names on a piece of sticky paper. Then, using an X-acto knife cut out their names to create a stencil. Place the stencil directly on the glass (removed from frame) and spray according to the previous instructions. These Baroque Frames would be the perfect simple modern frame for a classic cursive font. If you’re feeling especially creative, try using a Fleur De Lis graphic under their name for a uniform look  between all the place cards.

Baroque Frames

Creating the perfect gift with a spray etch decal is another unique idea. A sweet phrase printed on sticky paper or a pre-made decal from the craft store can be cut and placed on to the glass. Then spray the etched glass frost to create a romantic overlay for a personalized gift for special wedding guests. The same look can be used on Vases for centerpiece table numbers or Centerpiece Mirrors for under flower arrangements. Whatever theme or decor you’re planning on using for your wedding, you can create a personalized look that will make your decor look more glamorous.

Friday Wedding Video: Choreographed Wedding Dance

It’s Friday and that means I found a video to share with you! This one displays a great choreographed wedding dance between the bridal party and the newlyweds. It definitely goes to show that putting in the effort and going all out pays off. Too many times have we seen wedding dances where some of the bridal party is not feeling it. All that means is that your dance ends up looking frumpy and dull. If you’re going to have a fun funky dance make sure the people involved are willing to make fools of themselves- that’s what weddings are about!

Simple rules of thumb:

1. Pick a well-known song. Recognizable for young and old.

2. Stick with playfully appropriate songs! No curse words or divorce songs!

3. Be romantic & funny. Gestures & Props help keep it light hearted.

4. Choreograph. To get everyone looking sharp and prepared.

5. Don’t forget to smile and have a good time, even if you fall !


Song suggestions:

Kool and the Gang– Celebration

Sister Sledge– We Are Family

Pink– Get the Party Started

Contours — Do You Love Me

Black Eyed Peas-  I Gotta Feeling

Do you have any more? Tell us at our Facebook page!

School Carnival Party + Festive Circus Decorations!

Carnival PartyPhoto Courtesy of

How fun are birthday parties now that school is back in session? Tons of kids running around breaking all your dishes and spilling Kool-aid on the carpet. Do kids still drink Kool-aid anyways? Well, how about this for a birthday party theme: Carnival! This party totally works for boy or girl and you can sass it up by making it a costume party. Girls can wear fun bright colored tutus and boys can wear bright color jackets. Decorate your event with a fun candy bar and cupcakes. For a treat let your kids enjoy freshly popped popcorn with these popcorn boxes.

Novelty Popcorn Cartons

Paper Drinking Straws

Retro Drinking Straws are the perfect compliment to sweet root beer floats. Offer Root Beer and Orange Soda for a fun alternative to the typical root beer float. Then mix and match with colorful vintage-style circus drinking straws! And give kids the option of taking their candy home in fun Polka Dot Cello Bags. Decorate your party with Polka Dot Big Balloons and Paper Flag Garlands for a fun carnival look! Create a fun polka dot Carnival theme complete with festive Cupcake Wrappers and colorful decorations. When you add costumes and a popcorn machine, this birthday is sure to be a hit! Don’t forget activities such as bean bag toss, face painting and ring toss!

Carnival Party TablePhoto Courtesy of

Carnival PartyPhoto Courtesy of

When I was younger we used to have school carnivals and parties for reading or fundraisers. Now, I’m not sure that local schools have the budget for parties like that anymore,  but it’s a great way to encourage reading! There are a lot of ways involve kids in school and get their attention away from the television set. Organizing a fun carnival party would be a creative theme for the end of the year or as a fun reward for a classroom fundraiser. Maybe your local PTA would be interested in putting together a fundraiser to give back to the community and in return local businesses can donate food and fun prizes! Maybe cleaning up the local park could be a great activity and a perfect excuse for an outdoor neighborhood carnival! Decorate trees and park fences with colorful Decorative Paper Flags.

Hispanic Heritage Month Is A Great Reason To Celebrate

Did you know: according to, “Hispanics constituted 16.3 percent of the nation’s total population, making people of Hispanic origin the nation’s largest ethnic or race minority.” Last week, September 15th marked the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. This year it lasts from September 15th to October 15th. The holiday honors our Nation’s Hispanic heritage, according to It is celebrated in September because “it is the anniversary of independence of five Latin American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.” It is important to take time to recognize the contributions that the Hispanic community have given the United States. If you’re planning a celebration in your community here are some ideas for decorations.

Colorful Party Decorations

In the Hispanic culture, bright colors are prominent in their decor and clothing. Decorating with bright colors is a great way to show their spirit and culture. Bright paper lanterns and colorful metal lanterns are great for party decorations. Try using Orange Paper Lanterns with Yellow Paper Lanterns. Alternate hanging Paper Tissue Garlands with colorful Paper Lanterns for an over the top look. Then decorate your paper tables with fun colorful metal lanterns and different spices and beers for a fun playful look. I love bright color decorations and these cute centerpiece lanterns are the perfect way to add a touch of color! Don’t forget to celebrate Hispanic heritage and culture, now through October 15th 2011!

Metal Lanterns

DIY Wedding: Saving Money On Wedding Favors!

There is an increase in the number of brides looking for DIY wedding ideas and ways to cut the budget. Luckily, we’re full of ideas. One of the most expensive costs of wedding supplies falls in the favors category. Add place settings and you have twice as many things to buy for guest tables. Try combining the two for a great way to save on your budget!

Seed Packet

Plantable Seed Packets can be personalized with guests names. Place on a  sheet of “grass” for a fun table setting.

Mini Vase Place Card Holder

These Mini Vase Place Holders can hold table flowers, guests names and be taken home as party favors! Triple threat!

Wedding Bell FavorLet your guests ring wedding bells with these 3-in-1 Bell Favors. Tie these place card holders with a coordinating ribbon and insert name tags for a 3 in 1 wedding favor!

Will a little creativity and careful penmanship, any wedding favor can double as a place card holder. Use any of our personalized favor labels or ribbon to complete the look. Sticking to your budget is easy when you find creative ways to combined place holders and favors. Looking for more ideas? Visit our Favor moodboard on Pinterest for creative ways to style and customize favors for your decor!

Wedding How To: Flowers For Any Budget

Looking for ways to trim your budget? Start with your wedding flowers. Mention the word “wedding” and florals can double in price. Avoid sticker shock by sticking to some easy guidelines. Whether you’re a DIY bride or having a florist plan your centerpieces, stick to these ideas and you can save major bucks on your floral arrangements. Keep in mind, table numbers can be spray painted or stenciled on to every type of vase. Floral arrangements don’t have to be as large if you distract the eye with funky table numbers or candles!

DIY Bouquet CenterpiecesPhoto Courtesy of

1. Mix and match costs. If you’re stuck on having expensive flowers, try off-setting the cost with affordable vases and table number signs. Try using milk bottles, Galvanized Buckets, watering cans or Mismatched Vases for a unique affordable look.

Peonies CenterpiecesPhoto Courtesy of

2. A big fan of peonies or hydrangeas? Use pricier flowers as “focal” flowers instead of full blooms. By using a few as accent pieces you can make one bouquet of peonies work for multiple tables. If you don’t want o have a lot of filler, try having a few blooms of your favorite flower in a larger vase. Accent with floating candles or Floralytes and water pearls. The display will be simple and dramatic without having a full bloom.

Baby's Breath With Tall VasePhoto Courtesy of

3. Don’t be afraid of filler. Queen’s Anne, Baby’s Breath and greenery are all ways to fill your bouquets without breaking the bank. All three are great for looks and won’t hurt your bottom line. Consider adding Acrylic Beaded Accents to your arrangements to make them unique without extra filler.

Potted Tulip CenterpiecesPhoto Courtesy of Style Me Pretty

4. Think sustainability. As we’ve previously blogged about, planted centerpieces are a great way to avoid extra costs. You can plant them in Colorful Baskets, Small Vases or Wood Boxes depending on your decor and colors. Grass is making a popular eco-friendly centerpiece comeback, along with herbs. A benefit of herbs? They smell lovely in your bouquet and floral arrangements. Ask your florist if she can incorporate Lavender into your bouquet for a fresh smell down the aisle. Then you can easily plant Lavender centerpieces for an affordable take home gift. Tag the bottom of the centerpiece with a number and then have guests check under their plate for who gets to take the flowers home!

Photo Courtesy of

5. Nix the flowers. I know it seems absolutely sacrilegious to not have flower centerpieces but they can be a heavy expense. Consider instead, having artificial silk flowers. Today it’s easy to find bouquets that look like real flowers but you can incorporate into your home decor afterwards. You won’t have to dry them and keep them pristine because artificial flowers are sturdier and last longer than a day.

How To: DIY Halloween Decorations

Carving pumpkins and hanging spiderweb is only part of the fun of Halloween. Throwing scary parties and haunted houses are much more fun! Especially when you have all the right decorations for putting together an impressive shindig. There are dozens of ways to use decorations for Halloween decor that can be recycled later for different occasions. Take these Decorative Paper Flags for example:

Decorative Paper Flags

Using a black sharpie market and stencils you can write messages on top of the flags. Because they have color on both sides you will still be able to reuse the unmarked side for other future events! Decorate with marker, fabric or paint to spell out “Trick or Treat” or “Spooky”. The orange flags can be used for Halloween decorations to create a look like this:

Halloween Dessert DisplayPhoto Courtesy of

Another great reusable look? Use White Paper Lanterns to create a spider display for a frightful Halloween decoration that will show off your creepy crawly side. You can applique spiders on with tacky putty so that they can still be pulled off afterwards. Or use Orange Paper Lanterns for a mock pumpkin look. Use black sharpie to draw on your faces instead of carving pumpkins and making a mess!  Use paper taped to the lanterns in order to reuse them later.

White Paper Lanterns with SpidersPhoto Courtesy of

Paper Lanterns for HalloweenPhoto Courtesy of

Take a look at our “Howlin’ for Halloween” pinboard on Pinterest for more ideas on how to decoration for Halloween! Stay tuned for more ideas over the next couple weeks! Halloween is coming up fast and we have everything you need to create the perfect spooky bash!