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2012 Wedding Trends & Predictions!

2012 Wedding Predictions!Photo Courtesy of

It’s almost September– which means that there are only four months left in 2011. Fall is around the corner and we’re looking forward to breezy weather, bonfires and leaves falling. It’s no secret that I have a deep love for Fall as it brings sweaters, Thanksgiving and my birthday. But before we know it the holidays will be here and then, 2012 will begin! January brings new resolutions, new goals and new wedding trends! That being said (err… typed) it is never too soon to give our predictions for 2012.

2012 Wedding TrendsPhoto Courtesy of

2012 Wedding Trends will be driven by do-it-yourself projects, incorporating personal touches and stepping outside the box. Brides are incorporating their own sense of style and personality into their ceremony and reception. Another trend is utilizing different shapes and sizes available in the same color palette. Brides are letting their wedding parties choose their dresses (coordinating in the same color) and continuing these trend with decor and centerpieces. Using the same color scheme with a variety of available vases and supplies, cuts down on costs and creates a chic mismatched look.

2012 Wedding Bridal Accessories will include a trend toward simple bridal hair accessories, such as flowers, hair bands and feathers. The natural beauty look is in and brides are showcasing their own beautiful features rather than hide behind the traditional viel. Dresses are unique and couture chic, really giving way to personality and style.

Blue Wedding Ideas and InspirationPhoto Courtesy of

2012 Wedding Colors are led by purple, orchid and blues. In 2011, The Knot recognized the most popular wedding color as blue. We continue this traditional color theme, adding that navy and aqua are among the top shades. Purple came in second, by the way. Bold rich colors, think Crayola Bold markers, are making a comeback as they work for cultural and traditional wedding ceremonies. Indian weddings tend to have rich beautiful tones and other cultures have picked up on this trend. Your big day only happens once, go all out on colors that you might not typically pair together.

2012 Wedding Themes has shifted into a natural do it yourself attitude. It may be due to the current economy or the trend of personalized weddings but the overall wedding themes are definitely tagging on a “DIY” factor. Rustic and outdoor weddings have gained popularity over the past couple years and playful themes such as circus and “Love is Sweet” are still trendy. Anything related to “Green Weddings” and “Eco-friendly” themes are gaining popularity due to our struggling economy and global environment.

DIY How To Wedding Favors

Photo Courtesy of

2012 Wedding Favors will be all about personalization and affordability. Our hot new trends have been DIY wedding favor supplies, which goes to show that brides are really cutting costs and sticking to their budgets. It’s easy to create your own favors with our favor bags, ribbon and filler of your choice. This way your guests will enjoy a personalized treat that is significant to you while still affordable. Another popular trend, reusable wedding favors such as a cotton tote bag. Brides are throwing out the one time use favors and opting for an item that their guests can reuse and enjoy for years to come.

2012 Wedding Supplies will be driven by color, bling and affordability. Paper lanterns will continue to be one of the most popular wedding supplies of 2012, as they provide a burst of color without breaking the bank. Since outdoor weddings are increasingly popular, wireless floralytes will be a big hit for brides looking to add light and color to their decor.  Brides will continue to add dessert tables and candy buffets to their receptions, as well as cupcake cakes dressed in designer cupcake wrappers. Branching out from the tradition wedding dessert tables, brides are starting to incorporate more unique dessert displays with a variety of dessert stands and supplies.

Beyonce Pregnant! Beyonce’s Baby Shower Ideas

One of Koyal Wholesale’s all time favorite singers, Beyonce, has just announced that she is pregnant! The superstar singer, 29, and her husband, rapper media mogul husband Jay-Z, 41, are expecting their first child! Beyonce announced her pregnancy just hours ago at the 2011 VMAs. After completing her performance, in her famously flashy style, Beyonce unbuttoned her sparkly purple jacket to reveal a baby bump!

Now that Beyonce is pregnant, we can’t help but to begin thinking ahead. How will Beyonce and Jay-Z reveal the gender of their baby? And what will Beyonce’s baby shower look like? If Beyonce is having a baby girl, we can imagine the singer will go all out to create a pink paradise! Never one to shy away from color, Beyonce should include these Pink Polka Dot retro drinking straws in a baby shower dessert station. And if Beyonce and Jay-Z are having a baby boy, Beyonce’s baby shower should include 100s of baby blue tissue paper pom poms, which will add a fairy-tale like feel to the special event.

These pink polka dot drinking straws are perfect if Jay-Z and Beyonce are having a baby girl!

Baby Blue Tissue Paper Pom Poms hung from the cathedral like ceiling of their home will create a fairytale like baby shower for Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Wedding Video: Creating An Ipad Wedding

Technology is a large part of our lives and it allows us to connect with our friends and family in ways we couldn’t before. A popular new trend is the use of technology in weddings for guests who can not attend. Recently, a bride used an Ipad to allow her maid of honor to be present at the wedding.

What do we think? Would you do this? I’ve heard of parents unable to make the trip due to last minute interruptions or sickness in the family. Under what circumstances would you incorporate technology into your wedding day? Tell us on our Facebook page.

What Is A Charger Plate?

Charger Plates

Photo Courtesy of

You”re eating dinner on a super cute disposable paper plate thinking: what is a Charger Plate anyways? Well, brace yourself. There are so many different words and names for the variety of table setting options that this might get confusing at first. The charger plate is also known as the chop plate, under plate or ‘service plate’, because it serves as a decorative under plate for your main dishes. While, you might not be watching the news and enjoying Tuesday night dinner in a formal living room, like the Kardashians or Royal family, the charger plate can be used with any place setting to create a decorative table display. Charger plates can be china, metal, wood and plastic. For long term use and every day tables, a high quality acrylic charger plate is ideal. Can you imagine breaking one glass charger plate and having to buy an entire set just to replace it?

Koyal Wholesale Charger Plates

The charger plate used to be for a formal wedding setting but with more affordable pricing and a variety of color options, they’re quickly being incorporated into every day party use. My personal favorite look is to create a fun table setting using a mix and match of two different colors. Top with white dinner plates and a fun printed table linen napkin and your party table has depth and personality. A formal party would warrant a charger plate, dinner plate and salad plate but that’s three times the amount of dishes my wonderfully patient dish washer helper fiance likes doing, so skip the salad plate if it’s not necessary. Why test his patience when guests can use one plate for the salad and main course?

Another bonus: when you’re having a served meal the charger plate works as a place setting. When you’re sending your guests to sit at their tables their places can be marked with colorful plate rather than an empty spot. Create a do-it-yourself look for your next dinner party by placing a charger plate with a napkin at each place setting. A handwritten name card with each napkin works to create a  beautiful display that doesn’t have to be moved or picked up before the main dish can be presented. In my opinion, there is not more obnoxious then having to switch around plates for your server to give you the plate you’re supposed to be eating off of. The charger plate simply stays on the bottom and the dinner plate rests on top! I told you dinnerware can get complicated.

For a couple examples, here are the most popular looks. First, the gold charger plate creates a formal place setting.

Gold Charger Plates

Photo Courtesy of Marie Claire Ideés from

Second, a bright colored plate works wonders to showcase a decorative dinner plate. Antique or patterned plates paired with a complementary charger plate and napkin can make a table setting more formal with very little involved. If your grandmother passed down the family china and you need a way to incorporate it into your holiday party, pair it with a Royal Blue Charger Plate.

Blue Charger Plates

Photo Courtesy of

Both of these looks are trendy and creative ways to decorate a fun party setting. Don’t be afraid to mix and match for more variety and use different textures and patterns to add personality. Plus, decorating the table setting adds to the food and flower presentation.

Have fun and be sure to send me your photos: Claire(at)!

Koyal Wholesale Wants Your Photos!

Koyal Wholesale wants your photos! Together with our partners, we reach thousands of viewers a day through Facebook, Twitter and our websites. As a satisfied customer, we want you to be a part of that!

We want you to send us your high quality photos of Koyal Wholesale products in use. We want to see how you’ve used Koyal products. We will accept photos of any type of Koyal product in use — from decor, to invitations, centerpieces, to ceremony — the sky’s the limit! We will publish these photos on our website, photo galleries, newsletters, social media sites — get the “picture”?

In gratitude, you will receive a Koyal Wholesale gift certificate! It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Send high quality photos of your Koyal Products in use to
  2. If we are able to use your photos, we will send you a photo release form to sign via email. (This protects you and makes our legal eagles happy)!
  3. Once we receive your signed form, we’ll send you a $10 Koyal Wholesale gift certificate via email.

Thank you in advance! We can’t wait to see your photos!

Stunning Candy Buffet featuring Diamond Rhinestone Ribbon
created by Shandra Ward & Helen Dailey of
Couture Confections Stylish Candy & Fine Dessert
Photo credit: Ken Kellogg, My Ultimate Photographer

Hot 2012 Trend: Pretty Paper Drinking Straws!


Paper Straw Decor

Photo Courtesy of

Paper Straws Wedding Decorations

Photo Courtesy of

Paper Straws with Mason Jars

Can you take a guess at what awesome products I’m super excited to offer? Paper Straws!

These are awesome striped paper drinking straws that can be used for drink straws, place settings, food decoration straws or just to add a little color to your next party. I love the look of these in mason jars for a barbecue or outdoor wedding. These polka dot party straws look great in any glass jar or vase, especially on your bar or drink table. Tie a name pennant to each one and they double as escort cards! Coordinate the striped colored straws with your birthday invitations or other party supplies and you’ve created a color themed event! These are retro and fun and I’m so excited to see what our brides and planners come up with for ways to use them!

Wedding Ideas: Fall-Theme Weddings vs. Fall Weddings

Image from

Summer weddings are drawing to a close and Fall weddings are taking off with a bang! Personally, Fall is my favorite time of year… curling up by the fire with an over-sized sweater and some hot caramel apple cider, nothing could be better! It’s also the basis for my own wedding so I’m probably a little biased. Nevertheless, there are quite a few trends forming that mark the official kick off to Autumn weddings: fruit and vegetables as ornamental displays; garden DIY style floral arrangements; deep rich tones such as blues, purples and greens; and of course, nature inspired decorations.

The simple trick to making a Fall wedding beautiful and not reminiscent of Halloween is to on focus tans and brown colors leaving orange and pumpkin colors as subtle accents. Also, it is important to know the difference between a Fall-themed wedding and a wedding that occurs in Fall. It sounds simple, but do not assume that your guests will know the difference.

Fall-themed Wedding: Decor and ambiance is inspired by Fall colors and party favors might be along the lines of leaf or tree inspired. These “Falling for You” Pine Cone party favors are the perfect Fall inspired gift to give your guests. Or another option are these Autumn Magic Collection Leaf Candy Dishes, they can be given in the box or placed on each plate with a chocolate inside. Both of these gifts are meant to be enjoyed afterwards and have the distinct feeling of Autumn influence.

Fall Weddings: This term is very simple. A wedding that takes place in the Fall/Autumn months. It is not required to be tans, browns or golds; it just merely falls in line on the calendar. Many people assume that a Fall wedding will be centered around pumpkins and acorns, but popularity has shown that most seasonal weddings actually take on a nature inspired theme of their own. Summer is beachy, Spring is all about flowers, Winter about glamorous white and Fall- fall seems to be the nature inspired woodsy outdoors type of wedding. I’m not saying Fall weddings can’t have browns and golds, but they’re certainly not mandatory. Check out a couple great ways to create a Fall wedding not dictated by a specific color theme.

Photos from Entwined Studio {via}

Fall Wedding Cake DecorPhoto from Amy Majors Photography {via}

Photography by Nancy Neil {via}

Fall Wedding DecorPhotography by Mario Testino for Vogue {Kate Moss’s wedding via}

Friday Video Post: Perfect Penguin Proposal

This Friday’s proposal story is totally awesome. All it takes is one awesome idea and the motivation to make it happen. A proposal is a big thing for most girls as it marks the beginning of your married life together. This girl was totally surprised and my favorite part is how he is just beaming with pride about the word “fiance”!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Something Blue: Ideas & Inspiration For Your Wedding!

Something Blue Inspiration Board from Pinterest

I’m all about solving solutions today. Today’s problem: You don’t  have ideas for something blue? So I’ve put together a simple moodboard on our Pinterest page of Something Blue ideas. (photo above is from our Pinterest page!) But in case you don’t have the hours and hours to devote to the obsession that is Pinterest, here’s a little peek at my favorites.

Something Blue Feather Bouquet

Incorporating feathers into your bouquet is a great way to add a pop of color. You can choose the impact you’re looking for; you can do a full bouquet of feathers with jewels ( seen here from or you can just use the feathers as accents in between hydrangeas or other blue flowers.

Something Blue Heels




A big trend I have seen lately is incorporating something blue high heels as a subtle way to show a pop of color. There are so many options for blue heels that a bride can personalize the look to anything she wants.  For more blue shoes as your something blue, take a look at our Pinterest page.

Something Blue Garter Toss

If you have been following along you’ll know that the thought of a garter toss makes me blush and I can’t think of anything more embarrassing for your family to witness. (See photo for a great example of why) While I admit the image could be a funny memento for years to come, especially like this photo from Maria Vicencio Photography, but I have no intention of having my grandparents watch my groom climb up my skirt. Anyways, to the point. The garter is a great subtle something blue. If you’re okay informing people that you have a garter on, that is. The pro is that you won’t have to show it to everyone and it isn’t as personal as trying to explain that your “umm…well.. uhh, my underwear” is your something blue. A light blue garter is perfect for a simple way to incorporate blue without being too obnoxious and over the top.

Something Blue Wedding Hair Piece

I really like the idea of incorporating a little blue into your hair. If you’re hesitant for the photos you can easily put the decorations towards the back. The DIY bride in me says that a really cute hair piece could easily be fashioned out of blue tulle and blue crystals to create a flower or ruffle piece. This photo is from Glamour and incorporates multiple wedding colors.

Okay so, say you already have your veil and your jewelry. No big deal. Try adding rhinestones to any of your items. Maybe you have a veil that needs a little extra sparkle, just add these Flatback Round Rhinestones and you have a little something blue!

All of our awesome brides on our Facebook Page helped me brainstorm ideas. If you have something to share, be sure to join the discussion on our page and let us know. The main goal of adding anything blue is making it really fit your personality and your wedding style. If you’re not a big fan of wedding veils incorporate blue into something you’re holding or as bouquet wrap. Have fun with it and be creative!

Best Trend Ever: Tissue Paper Pom Poms!

Just in case you missed our post about how to make your own tissue paper pom poms, I have good news. The instructions are really simple and I have a step by step illustrated process. They come with each 2 pack kit.

DIY Tissue Pom Poms

These DIY Tissue Paper Fairy Ball kits are totally great for the stressed out bride who doesn’t have time to individually cut all the tissue paper sheets needed to create these awesome tissue paper fairy balls. These can be done with any of our color options and we just expanded our selection to include animal print tissue paper! I snapped a great photo of a couple open poms over the weekend:

Tissue Paper Poms

What do you think? Let me know: claire[@] !