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Flash Mob Proposal at UCLA

Flash mob might have overstayed it’s welcome and I am completely over the “Single Ladies” Beyonce Flash Mob routine. However, we found a flash mob that is thought out and romantic. Plus, his speech is pretty sweet. This proposal was put on by FlashMobAmerica and takes place on the UCLA campus that the couple originally met. Inspiring yet another original proposal, we’ll make an exception this time.


2012 Wedding Trends: Paper Parasols

Wedding ParasolsSee more great photos like this on our Pinterest page!

How cute are these hot new paper parasols? They’ve become super trendy as a way to add a feminine touch to a bridal shower or wedding reception. Recently, I attended an event where they were placed upside down on the ceiling so all you could see were the colorful patterns. It definitely gives a pop of color without having to redecorate your whole venue. Especially when you combine these colorful parasols with any brightly colored paper lanterns. I love using these in photos as fun playful props and they can easily be ordered in matching colors for your wedding themes.

Paper ParasolsPhoto Courtesy of Leo Patrone, from Green Wedding Shoes

These are great for photo props, venue decor and ceremony decor. You can easily use these paper parasols to decorate your aisle runners. They will double as protection from sun or glare for guests. A really cute way to display these is to place them in a wicker woven basket by your aisle runners with a tag for guests to borrow some shade. Mix and match colors for a fun playful vibe. A fun new option is to design a pattern and paint your own! How creative would your photos be with a cute parasol that says “Save The Date” or “I Do”? Check out these White Paper Paint-Your-Own Parasols for a great way to personalize your wedding decor!

DIY Wedding Ideas: Nature Inspired Wood Vases

Nature Inspired WeddingPhoto Courtesy of

So you are in love with nature and all of the beautiful trees and colors that mother nature has to offer? You two camp out every summer and spend your days barefoot in the sand? Why not incorporate your love with the outdoors into your wedding in a fun and simple way! There are plenty of ways to bring a nature inspired vibe to your decorations and theme. Try starting with green as your wedding colors, with accents such as brown, blue or yellow.

Nature Inspired CenterpiecesDecorative Nature Table Space Courtesy of HGTV

Recreate this look using Pillar Candles and Hurricane Vases. Then decorate your table with Decorative Moss Balls and Decorative Berry Balls. Looking for a way to incorporate fresh flowers? Try using our brand new Natural Wood Bark Vases to create a centerpiece display that is inspired by nature but perfect for any style or theme. We love nature inspired weddings because they’re sweet and simple. Nothing is easier to decorate with than trees and greenery. We definitely want to see all of your photos and outdoor wedding inspirations, send them to us at!

Wood Vase For Fall Weddings

Photo Courtesy of

Fall Weddings: Hot Apple Cider Party Favors

Fall weddings tend to get a bad rap due to rainy chilly weather. When September and October roll around people forget the beauty that comes with the leaves changing colors and the delicious taste of pumpkin spice scones. Never mind the chunky sweaters and tall boots we get to wear in the fall, rain has the capability to ruin everything on a wedding day. But I’m here to remind you of one more great Fall treat: Hot Apple Cider. Our hot new Apple Cider Favor Bags are perfect for a take home treat for a Fall Event or Winter wedding. If you’re planning a winter wedding hand out yummy Hot Cocoa Favor Bags for guests to warm their snowy Winter blues away. What’s even better? These little favor bags come with caramels for the perfect sweet treat.

Hot Apple Cider Party Favors

Personalized Hot Cocoa Party Favors

How yummy and delicious would these party favors be? Your guests would have a little something sweet to remember you by. Plus the cute muslin bag would be great for keepsakes photos and trinkets from your big day. These Personalized Hot Cocoa Bags can be placed on each table setting for a cute wedding favor. I’m not a fan of marshmallows so I’ll stick with the Apple Spice favors! Which do you like more? Tell us on Facebook!

DIY Wedding Ideas: Decorative Japanese Washi Tape

In my opinion, there is nothing more annoying than trying to tie a ribbon around a jar or gift without a trusty extra finger. Tying a bow becomes a twenty minute process where one side of the loop is almost always longer than the other. Doesn’t sound that critical for a gift for the snotty friend of your husband who you bought just as a courtesy, but for important favors and wedding props- a bow can make or break the photo. I love the idea of matching ribbon and tape to create a modern twist on the beautifully wrapped wedding favor. Instead of using a yard of ribbon to wrap a teeny tiny box, take 12 inches of Decorative Japanese Washi Tape and your favor boxes will have a crisp clean look. Check out these easy looks that are doable with Decorative Japanese Tape.

Japanese Washi Tape
Citizen Sweet Cupcake Boxes with Japanese TapeCitizen Sweet Cupcake Boxes Using Decorative Tape

Japanese Tape DIY Favor BagsDIY Favor Bags Courtesy of

Vintage Lace Decorative Washi Tape

Friday Video: Overcoming A Newlywed Disagreement!

We want to know how you solve your disagreements? Once you’re married how do you plan to solve problems when you disagree? Recently Miracle Whip held a competition for the best video submission about Miracle Whip Vs. Mayo. The winner receives $25,000 to put towards their wedding. While we’re not really sure what Miracle Whip has to do with weddings but the submissions were pretty cool. But if definitely got us pondering, how do you plan to solve issues and squabbles when you’re married? And for the married couples, what are the hardest adjustments you’ve had to make now that you’re married? Tell us on our Facebook wall so you can share your advice and experience with other brides!

In the meantime, check out the winning submission!

And not to disagree with the fine professional over at MW, but I like this video more:


Special Grooms Gifts: Tavern Signs & Cigar Humidors

Groom Place Setting Photo Courtesy of

Finding the perfect groom’s gift was a little bit difficult for me. I wanted to incorporate his personality and treat him to a fun gift he could use beyond the wedding day. I put together a special watch that I knew he had been eyeing. I wrapped up a few other tokens to use on our big day that would be cheeky and useful. Be sure to include a note or sweet letter for your groom as a farewell to singledom and welcome to marriage. Here are some more ideas:

Grooms Gift Tavern Sign

These Groom’s Tavern Signs are perfect for a gift that he can enjoy after the wedding. Ease his pre-wedding jitters by assuring him that his man cave will still be there after he’s given his life to you. Then celebrate by giving him a Personalized Beer Mug to enjoy in his own little tavern. You can go a step further and include one of his favorite cigars for him to look forward to having after the ceremony. If he’s not much of a beer drinking, give him a special Personalized Cigar Humidor box for him to keep his special stressful day relievers in.

Personalized Cigar Box

Once you’ve picked out your main gift, combine it with some socks and breath mints. Try using cute tags such as “Breathmints: for a fresh kiss”, or “Socks: to ward off cold feet”. There are plenty of small things he may need through out the day, especially depending on your venue and personalities. Try an assortment of cute gift ideas and useful gifts he can reuse over and over.


Fall Wedding Colors + Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Are you in love with Autumn weddings as much as we are? We’re loving these new color combinations that brides are trying. Orange & Teal, Green & Blue and Purple & Brown are among our favorites. Decorating with color is a great way to add personality and style to your event. In this economy DIY weddings are all the rage and it is so nice to see brides working together to save money and share ideas. Tissue Paper Pom Poms are making a huge comeback, as are Paper Lanterns. It is important to weigh the cost and energy spent on DIY projects with the cost of purchasing goods from a company. From my personal experience I realized that it was easier to spend the money on pre-packaged tissue paper pom poms rather than take the time to construct $40 dollars worth of tissue paper into cutting and folding. There are a lot of ways to cut budget and save money without the extra strain and nightmare paper cuts.

Check out these ideas for color combinations when decorating with Tissue Paper Pom Poms and Paper Lanterns. Mix and match lanterns and pom poms for a great rustic look that is great for outdoor weddings.

Purple Paper LanternsPhoto Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

And see what happens when you mix them together? Voila! Creative decorations that are personal and original to your style and colors! You can mix white with colored tissue paper balls or mix and match bright colors instead. Still not convinced? Check out our Pinterest page for more decor ideas!

Paper Lanterns and Pom PomsPhoto Courtesy of

2012 Wedding Trends: String Curtain Reception Decor!

Wedding trends keep reinventing themselves and we’re always on the lookout for the next decoration idea. I have new ideas for a brand new 2012 wedding product we now carry at Koyal Wholesale. In the past, string curtains have been used for door decorations but not anymore! These fun edgy curtains are making their way into ceremony decor and reception backdrops. They can be cut to any length and dyed to match your wedding colors. One easy way to customize your colors is to add back lighting in lit from the top. These curtains are white but with the right lighting they appear pink and blue! Check out all of these string curtain decorating ideas:

String Curtains for Modern Reception DecorPhoto Courtesy of april.soroko on Flickr

String Curtain DecorString Curtain Photo Courtesy of

Not a fan of dark black reception decor? This look works for a white wedding reception as well. Decorate your string curtains with white back uplighting and hanging chandeliers.  This is a great way to create a modern winter wonderland theme. Especially since you can decorate your curtains by dying them or combining them with colored backdrops. These would be really pretty with our Floating Bubble Curtain Panels for a whimsical effect. Creating a night club-like setting? Separate table areas by hanging string curtains in a circle or square shape overhead then your guests will feel like they have more privacy. These are a hot trend for 2012 weddings and we’re excited to hear what you think about them!

How To: Creating Etched Glass Gifts!

Fall always makes me want to clean the house top to bottom. I came across some old vases and jars that definitely need to be up-cycled into something crafty. You can do this with any of your old vases to create something new. Looking for holiday gifts for the office employees or wedding favors for your grandparents? Create a personalized gift they’ll think you had custom made! This look is easy to do on a budget and great for wedding gifts.

Etched Herb VasePhoto Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Etched Marriage FramePhoto Courtesy of


All of these etched glass projects can be achieved with only 5 items:

Glass Vases, frames, wine bottles or Centerpiece Vases

Frosting Spray, available at your local craft store or hardware store

Painters Tape, Masking tape

Decals, Graphics, Phrases, Name Place Card Decals

Glass Cleaner

Make sure that your surface has been cleaned and dried thoroughly before taping off your area to frost. Then apply your decal or painters tape to the area that you wish to stay clean. Press securely on the borders so that spray can’t seep under the tape. Holding the spray 6 inches away from your project, spray one coat at a time to create the desired opaque look. Once the paint is dry (according to time estimates on the can) peel the tape slowly.

This look is great for creating personalized place card frames. Using decal paper from your local craft store print up your guests names on a piece of sticky paper. Then, using an X-acto knife cut out their names to create a stencil. Place the stencil directly on the glass (removed from frame) and spray according to the previous instructions. These Baroque Frames would be the perfect simple modern frame for a classic cursive font. If you’re feeling especially creative, try using a Fleur De Lis graphic under their name for a uniform look  between all the place cards.

Baroque Frames

Creating the perfect gift with a spray etch decal is another unique idea. A sweet phrase printed on sticky paper or a pre-made decal from the craft store can be cut and placed on to the glass. Then spray the etched glass frost to create a romantic overlay for a personalized gift for special wedding guests. The same look can be used on Vases for centerpiece table numbers or Centerpiece Mirrors for under flower arrangements. Whatever theme or decor you’re planning on using for your wedding, you can create a personalized look that will make your decor look more glamorous.