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How To Use Submersible Sumix 9™

How To Use Submersible Sumix 9™

How to use Submersible Sumix 9™ by Koyal Wholesale

Have a beautiful centerpiece but lacking the “wow” factor? Create a centerpiece that your guests will be drooling over with our Submersible Sumix 9™ lights. Our lights are a simple solution to bring the “wow” factor to your centerpiece displays. See below to learn how!

Step 1: Fill a reversible trumpet vase about 1/3 full of water pearls.

Step 2: Place one Submersible Sumix 9™ into the center of the water pearls and continue filling the vase with water pearls.

Step 3: Using the optional Acolyte RGB Color-Changing Remote select the desired color to turn on the light. The Submersible Sumix 9™ will cast a beautiful glow in the hue of your choice.  Cap the vase with a beautiful floral arrangement and your centerpiece is now complete!

Nautical Theme Inspired Wedding Ideas

Nautical Theme Inspired Wedding Ideas

A hot style this summer season is nautical! Achieving the nautical theme is all about key colors, texture and accessories. When these elements are combined it will help create a nautical theme perfect for any sailor and his first mate!

Two key colors for achieving this theme are bright red and navy blue. Additional colors that can be combined with this theme are white, ivory or neutral brown color. White gives the theme a more contemporary modern feel while ivory and browns combined with the red and navy create a vintage rustic feel.

Use burlap and jute rope in your decor to add a nautical texture. Wood is also a great material that can give your theme a sea worthy feel. To create the perfect nautical dessert table display wrap cupcakes with Royal Blue, Navy Blue and Red Spanish Tile Cupcake Wrappers. Accent the table with a Mason Jar full of Red Striped Vintage Paper Straws. Mason Jars can be used as drinking cups or can also be used as a vase to place flower arrangements into. These glass jars give the feel of a message in a bottle which closely relates to our theme. Complete the desert table with cute Burlap Favor Bags with Anchor Design filled with gold pirate coins, chocolate coins that is!

To create a nautical table setting use our Flora Glass Charger Plates™ in any shade of blue. These Flora Glass Charger Plates™ look as if they were forged from the waves of the ocean and help to bring interest and variation to any table setting.  To bring a more rustic vintage feel to your table setting use our Round Rattan Charger Plates and top with a clean white plate, accent these rustic table setting with Striped DIY Wooden Cutlery. Sparingly add additional sea elements with our Silver Starfish Place Card Holders. Bring an element of fun to the event with a Personalized Anchor Wedding Photo Booth Backdrop. Lastly add a brilliant pop of color with Blue Ombre Paper Lanterns mixed with Red and Ocean Blue Lanterns!

Inspiration Board Items: (from left to right)

1. Personalized Anchor Wedding Photo Booth Backdrop

2. Flora Glass Charger Plates™

3. Royal Blue & Red Spanish Tile Cupcake Wrappers

4. Burlap Favor Bags with Anchor Design

5. Red Striped Vintage Paper Straws

6. Silver Starfish Place Card Holders

7. Blue Ombre Paper Lanterns, Red and Ocean Blue Lanterns

8. Round Rattan Charger Plates


How To Use Toronado™ 20

How To Use Toronado™ 20

How to use Toronado™ 20 by Koyal Wholesale

The Toronado™20 is a versatile product that can be used for many applications. The Toronado™20 is made of a 9 foot memory wire with 20 white LEDs and has 2 replaceable batteries that can last up to 8 hours. The Toronado™20 is submersible so it can be used in and out of water!

Create a stunning celestial centerpiece:

Step 1: Fill a cylindrical glass vase with water and submerge about 2 feet worth of the wire into the vase.

Step 2: Place a floral arrangement on the top of the vase and continue to drape the Toronado™20 onto the flora.

Step 3: Shape the wire to your desired design.  Turn on the Toronado™20 and hide the Toronado™20 base into the floral arrangement.  Take a step back and admire the simple beauty of Toronado™20 lights with your centerpiece arrangement.

Tip: Use Toronado™20 to make your wedding bouquet sparkle! Drape the lights from your bouquet or wrap them around a bouquet holder for a glamorous effect.

How To Use Submersible Floralytes™

Submersible Floralyte Tutorial

How to use Submersible Floralytes™ by Koyal Wholesale

Create a stunning contemporary centerpiece in three easy steps:

Step 1: Fill a square glass vase about 2/3 full of water pearls.

Step 2: Place one lit Submersible Floralyte™ into the center of the pile of water pearls and continue filling the vase with water pearls.

Step 3: Place large test tubes into the water pearls. For smaller vases use one tube, for larger rectangular vases place multiple tubes into the pearls.  Fill the tubes with your favorite flowers and your simple contemporary centerpiece is now complete!

Tip: To achieve a flickering candle light effect use Submersible Floralyte™ III available in over 9 colors to match with your centerpieces.

How To Use Floralytes™

How to use Floralytes

How To Use Floralytes™ by Koyal Wholesale

Elevate the depth and drama of your next centerpiece with our collection of Floralytes™. Our Floralytes™ come in 10 colors: amber, orange, red, uv, pink , white, teal, green, blue and color changing RGB. Our disposable Floralytes™ can be used as accent lights for out of water applications. The long lasting LED lights can last up to 24 hours.  Choose from two styles, Floralyte and Floralyte™ II. Floralyte™ II has the added feature of an on and off switch versus the Floralyte™ which will remain lit once activated.

To achieve the look in our tutorial, hang white or colored Floralytes™ from a paper lantern. Floralytes™ can also be attached to individual flowers in an arrangement by attaching them with green floral tape. Inside the glass vase filled with water pearls or liquid place a Submersible Floralyte™ to give the vase an ambient glow.

Printable Mustache Father’s Day Card

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We MUSTACHE you a question. Did you get Dad a Father’s Day Card Yet? If the answer is no, you are in luck! Shave the day just for Dad with a free Downloadable Mustache Father’s Day Card that’s just as adorable as you are!

And because he’s the best, don’t you think it’s time to feed his hunger with our Mustache Natural Wooden Cutlery D.I.Y. Kits paired with his favorite sweet treats? Whoever said making memories with Dad were a thing of the past?
1) Simply click here to download your Mustache Father’s Day Card.
2) Print on 8.5″ x 11″ card stock paper.
3) Cut, Fold & Give to your special father!

Tip: If you can’t print at home, take the PDF to your local print shop and follow the instructions on the printed file!

D.I.Y. Printable Chevron Mother’s Day Card

D.I.Y. Printable Chevron Mother's Day Card

Make up for those terrible teenage years by giving your Mom one of our special Chevron Mother’s Day Cards! Choose from two stunning color options that are sure to bring a smile to her face!

Simply click here to download the card file, print on 8.5″ x 11″ card stock, cut, fold & give it to your wonderful mother! If you can’t print it at home, take the .pdf file to your local print shop.  Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

A Few Of Our Favorite Ideas For Spring

It’s the first of May and we are officially in the midst of spring!  Warm days, breezy evenings, and a fresh burst of color after a dreary winter are just a few of the reasons why we love spring.  Here are a few ideas to help you incorporate the season’s bloom into your next celebration – whether wedding, bridal or baby shower, or birthday party!

1.  Retro Paper Drinking Straws – Eco-friendly, biodegradable straws are perfect to dress up dessert tables or candy buffets.  They also add a whimsical element to children’s birthday parties in a show stopping colorful way.  Mix and match polka dot and stripes of the same shade for a unique look.

2.  Tissue Paper Pom Poms – Add an instant pop of color and texture with stylish paper pom poms.  Available in mini-sizes as well, tissue paper pom poms can work as either hanging decorations or as tabletop decorations.  Perfect for baby or bridal showers, they’re budget friendly and big on decor impact!

3.  Satin Rose Embroidered Table Runners –  Table runners add an element of chic and elegance to any event.  Add in rose embroidered runners and it’s easy to take your event to the next level. Spring colors such as ivory, pink, and green are a sophisticated addition to any spring garden party.

A few spring-inspired decor ideas for your next event – we’ll be back tomorrow with more spring picks! Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest board for more ideas.

DIY Jute Glass Bottle Vase

Do It Yourself: Jute Glass Bottle Vase

Transform a glass soda bottle into a stunning rustic Jute Vase.  Create a positive impact on the earth by using recycled glass bottles and the biodegradable jute to create stylish decor for your next wedding or event.  Not only will these DIY Jute Glass Bottle Vases leave a small footprint on the earth, they will also leave an even smaller dent in your wallet.

DIY Jute Glass Bottle Vase



1. Gather at least 30 feet (30ft) of jute string.
2. Using a hot glue gun, glue one end of the jute string to the bottom edge of the bottle.
3. Place a line of glue around the bottom edge of the bottle and snugly place jute over the glue.
4. Begin tightly wrapping the bottle with jute and apply a small line of glue about every two inches (2″) to secure jute in place.
5. Wrap jute to the top rim of the bottle and glue the end in place.
6. Place a freshly cut flower or small arrangement into the opening of the vase and now you have a unique, eco-friendly jute vase!

Helpful Tips

  • The coils of jute may want to ride up the bottle. Place a line of glue around the entire bottle in those areas to ensure that the jute will securely stay in place.
  • While adding each coil of jute pull tightly and push down to be sure that the bottle is completely covered.
  • If your string runs short there is no need to worry. Easily glue another strand of jute string where the last piece has ended and continue wrapping, the strands will blend in together.
  • Collect used glass bottles from friends and family. Wrap three bottles with different sizes and shapes and combine to create a beautiful centerpiece.
  • Pair your upcycled jute bottle with our wooden table numbers, a burlap wrapped glass votive and burlap table runner to create a stunning rustic tablescape.

Beach Wedding Ideas

Happy Friday everyone!  After a long week, we’re ready to hit the beach this weekend…which got us naturally thinking about all the beach weddings coming up this summer.  If sandy, sunny nuptials sound like a tropical dream, we’ve put together a few must-haves that let you celebrate in style!

Let’s tackle centerpieces first. Beach weddings can range from chic and casual to refined elegance.  Whatever your style, use your natural surroundings as your decor manual. Simple touches like natural sugar starfish (also work great for invitations and place card holders), tabletop tiki torches, or even natural driftwood branches used as table decorations play up on the beachy vibe.  Charger plates add a pop of color and texture to your table scape in pretty beach colors such as aqua blue charger plates, ocean blue charger plates. Or embrace beach chic style with rattan chargers in brick brown, honey brown, or sand brown.

With a carefree and relaxed vibe, beach weddings often leave guests with a feeling of not wanting to return home to the “real world” right away.  Therefore, give your guests mementos that will remind them of their seaside vacation.  Candies in starfish burlap favor bags or personalized favor bags, personalized tote bags, and key chain favors such as starfish chains, mini flip flops are always favorites.

Finally, event decorations can really tie your whole celebration together.  Play off the natural beauty of the sea and sand, and palm trees and tropical flowers.  You can choose big decor pieces for maximum impact such as seashell driftwood garlands,  driftwood garlands, tiered chandeliers in blue capiz shell, parasols, and personalized photo backdrops.

In end, a little creativity and inspiration will go a long way to creating the beach wedding of your dreams! Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas!