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Chic Wedding Decorations: Reception Trail Mix Bar

Photo Courtesy of by Studio EMP

I’m in love. I’m absolutely hundred and twenty percent in love with this idea. I’ve already gotten approval from my man to go ahead and add it to our decorations. It wasn’t very hard to get his vote as he loves dried fruit trail mix. I’ll admit, I wandered onto the Found Vintage Rentals website because I love antique reclaimed furniture but I quickly tripped, stumbled and fell in love. I want to pack up my things, run to the store and start picking out trail mix items now!

Okay, anyways, here’s what I’m thinking… This idea works great with the right kind of atmosphere. Outdoors, garden wedding but not too hot (M&M’s melt!). Using mixed selection of jars and vases you can create your own clustered look. I am toying with the idea of using apothecary jars simply for the fact sweets can attract ants and flies. Centerpiece vases with stands attached to them work great for achieving the vintage look. Or try going with small metal silver favor buckets to make it more rustic and unique.

Complete the look with aluminum candy buffet scoops for your guests to pick out which items they like best. This trail mix buffet is very much reminiscent of a frozen yogurt bar only without the cold melting mess to clean up. But hey, you could throw in some tubs of vanilla fro-yo and you’d have a the perfect outdoor dessert bar.

All you need to complete your trail mix bags are cute sweet candy paper bags. If you’re planning on offering your guests larger pieces then give them bigger cartons to put their goodies in. These novelty popcorn cartons do the trick and add to the chic-reclaimed vibe. Lastly, plop some buffet signs so your guests know which type of chocolate, nuts and fruit are which.

All of this is just absolutely amazing put together on reclaimed furniture. A few of my favorite selections are the Eastlake Blue Dressor and Justice Teal Metal Shelves. Both of these options would be awesome combined with jars and vases to create a candy, cupcake or dessert buffet of any kind. If you have any questions, I’m sure you could just ask  Jeni at Found as she is a sweetheart!

2011 Wedding Cupcakes Trends

Cupcakes made a big splash in 2010 and contrary to many critics, this “trend” has persisted in full force in 2011. Wedding cupcake displays are more prolific than ever, and they’ve become more elaborate and upscale than years past. Couples are opting to ditch the traditional wedding cake in favor of grand cupcake towers to cut down on costs (goodbye cutting fees!) and to create beautiful, large centerpieces for couture candy buffets and dessert tables. But the question remains: How can a couple continue to cut down on costs while creating a grand cupcake display? By using wholesale cupcake supplies, including wholesale cupcake wrappers and wholesale cupcake towers, couples now have more access than ever to affordable cupcake supplies.

How do you create the most cost-effective wedding cupcake display? Start with a durable cupcake stand, that can be re-used for years to come and recycled for multiple events. To create a stunning and reusable cupcake tree, start with beautiful, large and sturdy cupcake stands wholesale. While many couples opt for sturdy cardboard cupcake towers, that can be painted, and adorned with crystals and ribbon, other choose to go with wholesale metal cupcake stands, such as the Carrie Marie Cupcake stand, that can fit between 100 to 200 cupcakes. Extra large stands, such as the bulk Annabel 5-tier cupcake stand can fit as many as 300 cupcakes, including a mini-cake topper on the first tier. For an in between option, and one that fits the requirement of cheap cupcake stand, opt for the 5-tier acrylic cupcake stand, which is less than $30. The Willow Cupcake Tree is a great for those seeking a rental quality, handcrafted cupcake stand in the shape of a tree. Online wedding stores, such as Koyal Wholesale ( feature cupcake supplies wholesale, including a huge variety of cupcake stands, cupcake trees, and cupcake towers. Wedding cupcake stands are a truly beautiful addition the table, and can be reused at future events.

If you opt for a more affordable cupcake stand or tower, you can use simple, affordable design elements to make your cupcake display look truly platinum, without breaking your budget. Once the architectural element of your cupcake display is set, create a true “wow” effect with wedding cupcake wrappers. Offered in 1000s of colors and designs, including personalized cupcake wrappers, wedding cupcake wraps can truly elevate your entire cupcake display without breaking the bank. High-quality cardstock based cupcake wrappers can be found in a variety of styles, including laser cut cupcake wrappers wholesale. For a classic, Victorian wedding or bridal shower, opt for filigree cupcake wrappers wholesale, offered in over one dozen different colors. Since many wedding receptions are large, accommodating hundreds of guests, look for cupcakes wrappers wholesale, where the wrappers typically range between 20 to 70 cents per piece. If your event features a baroque style, use damask cupcake wrappers or simple black and white Emma designer cupcake wrappers. Koyal Wholesale offers discount cupcake wrappers including the Summer Bargain Couture Collection, featuring 100 cheap cupcake wraps in a variety of bright summer colors and designs. By choosing a wrapper collection, you may find cupcake wrappers bulk at low, sale prices. For a slightly more expensive option, choose monogram cupcake wrappers, which can feature the letters of the bride and groom. If your theme is Tiffany Blue, choose the Emma Tiffany Blue Cupcake Wrappers, and combine with turquoise cupcake wrappers to provide a sense of depth and varied color. Ultimately, adding wedding cupcake wrappers wholesale to your dessert table is an inexpensive way to achieve a couture cupcake look. Wedding cupcake wraps are also known as cupcake holders wholesale.

To further cut down on costs, couples are increasingly choosing to replace the traditional wedding favor with sweet offerings from a candy buffet instead. If you choose to go this option, do it in style! If your cupcake tower is part of a couture candy table or dessert bar, you are well advised to provide a way for your guests to take their mini-desserts home as a cupcake wedding favor.  Provide personalized cupcake boxes for a custom touch. Koyal Wholesale offers cake boxes wholesale, so that your guests may be able to take home multiple cupcakes, in addition to candy and other sweet offerings. With all the work you’ve put into designing your mini works of cupcake art, you do not want your guests to hide their cupcakes in opaque wholesale cupcake boxes! Instead, offer clear cupcake boxes wholesale, which come with clear inner cupcake holders to ensure that the cupcake remains stable on its journey. Adorn the clear bulk cupcake boxes with double-face satin ribbon, hanging crystals and personalized labels for a couture touch. Find bulk cupcake boxes and cupcake boxes wholesale, to provide 100s of boxes for your guests at an affordable price point. If you want to better coordinate your cupcake wholesale supplies, and cupcake transportation supplies with the color scheme of your special event, there are a number of options which feature colored cupcake boxes in bulk with clear windows, so that your guests can still enjoy the look of your beautiful cupcakes. For damask themed events, opt for black cupcake boxes. Alternatively, tiffany blue cupcake boxes are available to match your Tiffany themed bridal shower or special event. If you choose not to use cupcake boxes bulk (as they do require an ample amount of space), another affordable option for cupcake transportation includes cupcake bags wholesale. These clear plastic sealable bags also feature a clear cupcake holder insert to stabilize your precious mini cake.

Have you created a stunning wedding cupcake tower or a themed cupcake tree? Send your photos to We would love to include your sweet art in our beautiful special events gallery!