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Bringing Home Baby: Everything You Need for Your New Baby!

This week we’ve really had baby on the brain. If you follow us on Facebook you’ve seen our photo posts and discussed with us what your baby shower ideas are. Well, all of the celebrities having babies this summer have really gotten us thinking, why not help our friends and fans create a list of things they need for their new baby? Bringing home your baby from the hospital doesn’t have to be a stressful time if you prepare and plan ahead. With these tips for your new baby checklist, you’ll be relaxed and able to enjoy your new bundle of happiness. We wonder if Kourtney Kardashian used any of these baby items for her new baby Penelope!

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Welcome Home Baby

Each person will have their own style and preference when it comes to packing their baby bag. You might need a personalized tote or a large suitcase, depending on your complexity to pack and plan. Start with a baby packing list to brainstorm your ideas for what you will need. Be sure to pack any special baby shower gifts your family gave you to use the first day such as welcome home baby clothes. Most gifts you receive for your baby shower will be for once you’re settled in. But some baby shower gifts might be used on the day of so you’ll need to wash them ahead of time.

Birth Kit

The items that you put in your birth kit might vary if you prefer green items or green baby products. You won’t need to bring a full birthing kit unless you’re having a homebirth. These items will be mostly to keep you comfortable and sanitary. The nurses’ station might have a hospital bag checklist for you to use as a guide. You can use the same tote bag for all your belongings, or use a separate bag for baby items. A few washcloths, a pillowcase and sanitary wipes are always good to bring.

Mommy Bag

Pack an extra set of your favorite must have items in a travel kit. Tip: a personalized bag might come in handy for the nurses to know your belongings. This travel kit, along with your tote bag can be placed in your car for a last minute grab! In addition to bathroom supplies, pack a pair of ballet slippers and extra socks for walking around. Pack a few extra pairs of necessity items that you don’t mind leaving behind. Then all you’ll need are a change of clothes for you to go home in, think sweats and comfy. You’re not a celebrity; no one expects full makeup and heels!

Bringing a baby into the world is one of life’s greatest miracles. The delivery is usually the scariest part for moms. The more you’re prepared for things, the easier the process will be. Most hospitals recommend you have a baby hospital bag prepared at 35 weeks. Be sure to put items on your baby shower registry that you’ll use for the day of as well. Your friends and family will give you baby shower gifts they remember having and you’ll probably stock up on advice and tips. Don’t be worried about keeping every little item, the only one you really need to remember to bring home is your new bundle of joy!

Have you caught baby fever yet? Check out our Facebook page for super cute baby photography ideas!


Baby Shower Ideas: Sprinkled With Love

When you’re planning a second baby, in many ways it can be just as hectic as your first. You have to make room for another child and still give your first born love and attention. Moms who are having second children—adopting or natural, can still enjoy the fun of a baby shower. Friends and family members choose to a baby shower theme such as “sprinkled with love” that is more about the love and support rather than the advice and tips. Baby showers are a fun way to pass along information and advice from mother to mother, but since second time moms already know the ins and outs of having a baby a “sprinkled with love” baby shower is fitting.

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Something Sweet

Instead of having a large baby shower cake, opt for small bite size treats. Ice cream sundaes, cupcakes and anything you can add sprinkles too. Sprinkles cupcakes can even be ordered for your dessert table. A stunning cupcake stand with yellow and white cupcake wrappers can create a “sprinkled with love” cupcake display. A blue and yellow color theme is the perfect way to add a ‘shower’ theme without looking too traditional. Use yellow candies and blue sprinkles for a color coordinated dessert table.

Polka Dot Love

Looking for a stunning party backdrop? Decorate with polka dot garland in fun colors. The pattern will match your sprinkled with love theme and add a pop of flair to your décor. Pair with paper lanterns and tissue paper pom poms for a shabby chic style. Just because you’re having a second child doesn’t mean you have to choose a boring shower theme. It means you can be more modern and unique with your style and activities. Skip the boring pink and blue for bold purples, retro greens and bright yellows. After all, when you’re having your second or third child you need a little variety with the baby shower gifts and baby shower ideas.

Tied With a Bow

Speaking of baby shower gifts, it’s important to think outside the box for a second child. Most moms already have hand-me-downs and gently used items from their first child. Adopting moms might need baby shower gifts for a slightly older child instead of a newborn. Put together a registry for items that you need for your child this time around. Whether you’re adopting or giving birth, your friends will appreciate knowing exactly what to get you and what you really need. Receiving an item you don’t need is just as stressful for your friends as it is for you. Baby shower gifts can be a lot easier if you have a simple gift list for friends to follow. Try using a universal online gift registry that lets you pull gift ideas from an online website. You can select a few baby shower outfits, baby supplies and even stock up on baby diapers through an online registry.

In our opinion, hosting a baby shower for a mom expecting her second child is a lot easier and more fun. You have more time to plan activities for mom to pamper and indulge her rather than focus on teaching her everything there is to know about children. This time around you can splurge and spend a day at the spa or treat the kids to a fun play date!


Baby Shower Ideas: How to Throw a Gender Reveal Party

Planning a baby is an important time for new parents. There are a lot of fun baby shower traditions that can be memorable for the parents to be. Traditionally the couple would center the baby shower theme on the sex of the baby. However, in recent years couples are waiting to surprise friends and family with the gender by celebrating a gender reveal party. This theme is popular among celebrities; Giuliana and Bill even used this baby shower theme! They’re expecting their first child in a few months.

Instead of sending pink or blue baby shower invitations, green and yellow are neutral tones to decorate your party with. Guests won’t have any hints to tip off the gender. Baby shower invitations, announcements and baby shower decorations can all be ordered in green and yellow color palettes to disguise the real color theme.

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Pop the Balloon

If you’re looking for a show stopping way to announce your baby’s gender, ask your local party supply store to fill a large box with pink or blue balloons. Then during the party, open the box to reveal what gender your baby will be! Balloons-in-a-box is becoming a hot trend for baby showers. Big round balloons really make a dramatic addition to your party.

Sweet Tooth

Another popular baby shower gender reveal are the trendy gender reveal cupcakes. Your baker can create vanilla cupcakes that are filled with pink or blue cupcake frosting. When guests bite into the cupcakes they’ll discover the real gender of the baby. A bakery shop can create the same with a large cake using fondant and icing to cover the filling. When you cut the cake everyone will be able to see the gender at the same time. Decorate with green or yellow dessert table supplies and yellow cupcake wrappers to throw people off the real gender.

Pick Your Team

Ask your friends and family to wear either pink or blue in honor of their guess. If they forget you can give them a few pink or blue feather boas or fun leis. This is fun for a co-ed baby shower because guests will be competitive about their guesses. Those rooting for a sports boy will be pitted against the ones hoping for a cute little princess. Everyone will be involved and excited for your big reveal.

Prepare baby shower favors for everyone to enjoy a take home gift. You can surprise them by giving away gender themed party favors in blue or pink. Pack them up on the favor table to be opened after the big reveal if you want to have the spotlight on your surprise. Be aware that if you’re not letting guests know the gender of your baby you might have trouble registering for baby shower gifts. You’ll have to pick neutral themed gifts that work for either a girl or a boy. You’d hate to go to the trouble of having a surprise party if people already knew! What do you think about hosting a gender reveal party? Would you plan a neutral party to surprise your guests with your baby’s gender? Tell us what you think our Facebook page!


Mad Men Inspired Baby Shower Ideas

Channeling Mad Men is a huge trend for brides right now. Not planning a wedding; why not incorporating the dashing theme into your baby shower as well? There are plenty of creative ways to turn your shower into a 60’s themed baby shower. Don’t be afraid to take your baby shower to the next level with an adult party. After all, you don’t have the baby yet! Why not celebrate with a grown up themed event that everyone can really enjoy? Think of it as a last hurrah before the big day comes. Start your cocktail party off with any of these cute Mad Men ideas:

  1. Themed Invitations: Set a cocktail party time with a guy gal guest list. On your themed 60’s style invitations be sure to encourage guests to dress to the nines in their best Mad Men attire. Having a co-ed party is a great way to involve your dapper father-to-be into the fun. Insert a few vintage inspired clothing ads to inspire their wardrobe. Retro cocktail style invitations featuring martini glasses with a twist are the perfect Mad Men themed invitation.
  2. Mad Men Decorations: Skip the blue and pink decorations for something more grown up. Use vintage posters, typewriters and retro furniture to set the mood. Hang a few tissue paper pom poms and few sure to stock up on personalized cocktail napkins. If you’re going for authentic, hide the electronics such as digital clocks and flat screens. Streamers, balloons and posters can transform your room into a retro party.
  3. Mad Men Cooking: The perfect Mad Men table is covered in plenty of finger food. Think fondue, mushroom caps and deviled eggs. The sixties were all about wining and dining so create a menu full of rich, savory foods. Stock up on plastic tableware so cleaning is a breeze. Most importantly, serve a retro martini bar with plenty of olives. But, don’t forget the “mock-tail” for the mom-to-be!
  4. Retro Dessert Bar: In addition to the adult drinks, serve up a delicious dessert buffet. Macaroons, cupcakes and any old fashioned candy can really satisfy a sweet tooth. Root beer floats are a non-alcoholic alternative drink, especially with a retro paper drinking straw. Decorate your cupcakes with any cupcake wrappers and display them on a beautiful cake stand for an over the top dessert bar.

Creating a retro Mad Men theme baby shower can be a great way to invite your friends and family over for a themed party. Celebrate the new addition to your family with a party they’ll love to be part of. Skip the baby shower games if you don’t think the guys and gals will be interested. Instead, focus on having an enjoyable celebration inspired by your favorite 60’s themed television show. Be inspired to create your own pregnant Trudy character with a retro outfit and mock-tail in hand!

Showered With Love: Top 10 Baby Shower Favors Ideas

Is there anything more precious than a new baby? Baby socks, fuzzy blankets and tiny clothes. There are many wonderful new joys that come with a new bundle of joy. Preparing for a new baby takes plenty of planning and organizing. After months of putting together the nursery and stocking up diapers, a new bundle of joy is the perfect reason to host a baby shower. Celebrate the new addition to the family and relax before the big delivery day by throwing a fun baby shower with party decorations, baby shower themed invitations and plenty of fun baby shower favors.

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When it comes to party favors, whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl will play an important role in deciding your baby shower theme. The baby shower favors should correlate and incorporate the theme of your party. Here are our top 10 personalized baby shower favors that are trendy and popular this year.

  1. Cupcake Party Favors: For a sweet themed baby shower, decorate with plenty of cupcake decorations. Cupcake boxes and cute themed cupcake favors are great for edible party favors.
  2. Jungle Safari Favors: Need another adorable edible favor idea? These jungle safari jelly bean favors are great for a sweet snack. As you prepare for your own new jelly bean you’ll be able to give your guests a sweet party favor.
  3. Pretty in Pink Favors: Planning a shower for a girl is a breeze when you decorate with bright pink decorations. Pretty pink favors ideas such as these adorable pink cake personalized notebooks. For games and trivia prizes, these notebooks are a great take home favor.
  4. Baby in Bloom Favors: for an outdoor garden baby shower, give your guests these cute themed seed packet favors for them to plant in their gardens. You’ll be able to watch the flowers bloom and grow while your own budding grows.
  5. Personalized Candle Favors: For a special baby shower gift, give each guests their own personalized candle tin favor to thank them for coming.
  6. Baby Shower Photo Frames: Give each guest their own personal keepsake of your new baby with their own cute as a button baby shower photo frame.
  7. Salt and Pepper Baby Shower Favors: Looking for a cute useful favor those guests can use over and over? These caterpillar salt and pepper shakers are a great eco-friendly party favor.
  8. Something Sweet Lollipop Favors: Set up a cute bowl of jelly beans with a few of these delicious sweet lollipop favors and you have an instant dessert bar for your baby shower.
  9. Baby Animal Favors: These cute baby animal mint favor tins are just one way to decorate with a baby animal baby shower theme. The cute little animals can be incorporated into your invitations, favors and party décor.
  10. Baby Cookie Cutters: Celebrate the pitter patter of little feet with these cute footprint cookie cutters. These are a great way to gift a reusable party favor that can be used over and over.

Baby showers are so exciting! The cute little baby shower favors are only the beginning of the adorableness. Wrap up any of these favors in favor bags with a personalized tag for the easiest way to create a special baby shower favor. Welcoming a baby into the world is a beautiful moment for any new parents. Enjoy the moment!

Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas!

Planning a fun baby shower can be a joyous occasion. Shower the expecting parents with creative gifts and personal experiences that will help them embark on the fun journey into parenthood. Baby showers are a great opportunity for friends and loved ones to impart any useful information and wisdom to the new parents in a fun and formal setting. Traditionally baby shower gifts would be homemade presents or gifts that have significant meaning to the giver. Nowadays there are many different types of baby shower gifts that can be gifted to the parents. Popular baby shower gifts include diapers, baby clothes and blanket sets. If you’re looking for ideas for baby shower gifts we have plenty of suggestions for popular gifts for baby showers and birthday parties.

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These playful baby shower gifts are all great ideas for the new parents. Make bath time enjoyable with a fun terrycloth bath robe. This Hippo Terry Cloth Bathrobe is a great gift idea for a baby shower. Whether you’re surprising the new couple with a party or giving them something for their second child, baby shower gifts are the perfect way to celebrate the new bundle of joy!

Top 10 Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Tea Baby Shower FavorsTea Infuser Baby Shower Gift from Koyal Wholesale

Celebrating the birth of a new baby means throwing a special party! Having a baby is a life-changing event so why wouldn’t you celebrate it in style? We discussed our recommendations for the Top 10 Unique 2012 Baby Shower Ideas with you a couple weeks ago. Gender Reveal Cupcakes were at the top of our list and there’s no reason you can’t send your guests home with a yummy cupcake party favor. Plenty of party themes work themselves into being perfect party favors. Rubber ducky party themes wouldn’t be complete without these rubber ducky candle holders. Are you at a loss for where to find baby shower favors? Pairing party favors with your baby shower theme can be as easy as 1, 2, 3! In fact, here are our top 10 list for baby shower party favors!

  1. “Cute as a Button” Round Photo Frame: These adorable photo frames are perfect for a cutesy shower theme. Plus as your baby grows your guest will be able to fill these photo frames with new updated photos!
  2. Scented Cherry Pie Candle: This sweetie pie candle is a cheeky way to show off that you have a cute bun in the oven!
  3. “Love Beyond Measure” Measuring Spoons: These baby shower spoons are perfect for a brunch shower.
  4. “Welcome Home, Baby” Tea Infuser: At your tea party bridal shower give a practical gift that your guests will love and use time after time.
  5. Personalized Muffin Mix: Celebrate a bun in the oven with these cute muffin mixes that your guests can take home and enjoy. If you’re not keen on putting together the mix yourself, try “A Baby is Sweet as a Muffin” pre-made muffin mix!
  6. DIY Candy Buffet Treats: Are you more a DIY party person? Put together a baby shower dessert buffet with pink or blue theme treats. Then give guests take home favor bags for their party favors.
  7. Personalized Apple Cider Favor – Baby Silhouette: Perhaps you like the idea of edible favors but candy can be messy. Try these personalized cider favors for a cute Fall baby shower theme.
  8. Baby Footprint Cookie Cutters: Celebrate the pitter patter of little feet with these adorable baby party favors. Buy an extra set and decorate a few for desserts!
  9. Popcorn Favor Box: These unique baby shower favors are so cute for a mom who is “about to pop”!
  10. Special Baby Themed Egg Timer Favors: Show off your “egg stra” special baby shower with these take home gifts. Everyone can use a little timer in their kitchen!

Top 10 Unique 2012 Baby Shower Ideas

Celebrating a new baby is a big milestone for a new mom and dad. Planning the announcement and introducing the baby can be daunting and stressful for new parents. Traditionally close friends or family members would put together a special baby shower to celebrate the new bundle of joy. New traditions are starting to occur where parents announce their own future family member and invite guests to share in their happiness with them. Baby showers have become a unisex party for both men and women to enjoy.

Cute As A Button Baby Shower Favors

Here are the new trendiest top 10 popular baby shower decorating ideas for your future bundle of joy!

  1. Gender Reveal Cupcakes: These cupcakes are a great way to surprise your guests with the sex of the baby. The sex of the baby is revealed with pink or blue frosting filling inside the cupcake. Use a neutral cupcake wrapper like green and yellow to confuse guessers.
  2. Baby Theme Food: Invite guests to drink from large baby jars or milk cartons for a fun “be a kid again” feel! Pop bright colored retro paper drinking straws for a grown up way to avoid spills! Mini treats and mini cupcakes are the perfect excuse to serve finger food instead of an entrée.
  3. Diaper Cakes: This trend has been on the rise for some time now. The honored couple is supplied with diapers rolled up in the form of a cake. You can wrap cake with coordinated ribbon to make the cake match the rest of the baby shower décor. Decorate a cupcake stand with similar theme cupcakes for a matching presentation!
  4. Book Theme Baby: This theme is great for the avid reader parents. Guests are invited to bring a copy of their favorite childhood book they read themselves or read to their kids. Ask them to write an inscription on the inside cover for your child.
  5. Sprinkle Party: This term is used for moms who are having their second or third child. Since the assumption is they already have everything they need from the first baby shower, a simple sprinkle is the perfect party for giving diapers and other goods that a second time mom might need for a new gender different than the first baby.
  6. Jack and Jill Reveal: This is a super simple idea that won’t take a lot of time or energy. When inviting all your guests make a note to inform them to wear a blue or pink shirt to symbolize their guess for whether the baby is a girl or boy. Guests can receive baby party favors in blue or pink to reward them for their correct guess!
  7. After The Arrival: Some parents prefer to have the party after their big arrival comes so they can host a “see and sip” party where guests are invited to an open house style baby shower to see the baby and sip on drinks.
  8. Bring A Letter: This party theme really works well if you have a lot of guests attending. Assign each guest a number or letter to bring. They decorate a large wooden number or letter any way they’d like and they’re hung in the baby’s room for future learning tools!
  9. Onesie Decorating: This time honored tradition of decorating onesies for the new baby is a great way to incorporate different styles into your baby’s wardrobe. Buy bulk baby onesies for each guest to decorate and craft supplies from your local craft store. Onesie parties are all the rage!
  10. Guessing Game: This is another familiar tradition that is still in existence. Guests are asked to bet on what the baby will weigh. An alternative to baby weight (such a sensitive subject) is to have guests guess the baby’s eye color- though this only works if the parents have different eye colors. Create a little baby face drawing pad and each guest can take a crayon and color the hair and eyes the color that they think they will be.