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Top 10 Ways To Decorate For Hanukkah 2011

Did you know that Hanukkah is also known as the Festival of Lights?

What is Hanukkah you ask? The Jewish holiday is celebrated for eight days and nights starting on December 25th. According to, Hanukkah, which is sometimes spelled Chanukah, Chanukkah, or Chanuk, represents the “Jewish revolt against the Seleucid monarchy was successful when the Temple was liberated and rededicated”. The holiday is in celebration of the accomplishment.

Hanukkah is decorated by blue, white and silver décor. Guests enjoy spinning the dreidel and eating fried foods. Decorating with blue and white dreidel décor is a great way to incorporate a theme. There are easily more than ten ways to decorate for a Hanukkah celebration but here are the top 10.

Hanukkah Mantle Piece Decor

  1. Hang white and blue garland from the ceiling and mantelpiece. For a craft activity let your kids create a ring garland by taping rings of different colored blue and white paper together. Then hang from the mantle below the dreidel.
  2. A white candle wrapped with Diamond Rhinestone Ribbon is a great silver and white accent.
  3. Place a Jewish Star cookie on each table settling, iced with white and blue piping.
  4. Fill a centerpiece dish or clear glass vase with different sized dreidels.
  5. For dessert, set out a stunning display of yummy cupcakes in Star of David Cupcake Wrappers and gift Star of David Bookmark Favors.
  6. Tired of just using white tableware? Use Blue Charger Plates under your white dishes for an extra blue touch.
  7. Table runners and table cloths are the perfect way to dress up your tablescape.
  8. For a winter theme Hanukkah, manzanita branches painted white with white votive candles are perfect for adding extra ambiance. The picture below from, shows a great example of how to use manzanita branches for table decor.
  9. For a homemade Hanukkah Menorah, paint wine bottles matte white or silver and insert blue tall candles. If you’re feeling especially creative let your young ones draw on each with blue and silver paint pens. Writing a special message on each bottle can be a great way to involve kids.
  10. Put out white bowls with gold and blue chocolate coins symbolizing the modern version of a gelt, which is a Jewish traditional term for money.

Manzanita Branch Centerpieces

Hanukkah is a meaningful celebration that begins December 25th. Plan ahead to have the perfect decorations and table settings for your holiday get together this holiday season. For more ideas, see our “Happy Hanukkah” board on Pinterest!