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Wedding Fashion: Birdcage Veils, Bold Gowns and Hot Shoes

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No one loves a fabulous wedding trend more than we do so it’s about time we started commenting on the beautiful bridal gown trends for 2012. To us, there’s nothing more beautiful than a bride dressed in a white bridal gown with a tiara and heels. The trends and styles that are appearing on the runway and down the aisle are even more amazing than last year. We have a few favorite trends that really take our breath away.

  1. Birdcage Veils: These vintage style wedding veils are back by popular demand. Brides are pairing them with lace gowns and vintage style silhouettes. Birdcage veils are by far our favorite bridal accessory.
  2. Tea-Length Dresses: These short wedding dresses are back in style! They’re adorable for beach weddings and perfect for a daytime cocktail hour wedding. If you have a great pair of high heels that you want to show off, the tea length gown is perfect.
  3. Colored Gowns: Thanks to a few daring wedding dress designers, colored gowns are stealing attention from the traditional white gown. Red, purple and black are among the top contenders for a daring colored wedding dress. Our favorite is the light plum or pink dress that Vera Wang has designed. Why stick to the traditional white dress when you can stand out with a colored gown?
  4. Glitter and Diamond Accents: More and more wedding dresses are being adorned with glitter and diamond accents. These beautiful rhinestone details create a stunning gown that catches and reflects the sunlight on your wedding day. They tend to cost more but they’re absolutely beautiful. We love seeing a rhinestone belt or rhinestone brooches as waist accents.
  5. Gorgeous Wedding Shoes: With a few rhinestones strategically placed, gorgeous wedding shoes are being dolled up with special messages. Sky high wedding heels with rhinestones or bold colors can really up your bridal fashion glam. Popular shoe colors are blue and red. We really like the idea of a “something blue” being the wedding shoes peeking out from under the bridal gown!

Bridal fashions are constantly changing and updating but these trends seem to really be catching on. And it makes us really happy to see vintage wedding dresses are making a comeback. Don’t think the men loose out either; retro weddings are popular with bow ties, stopwatches and suspenders. Be sure to follow our blog as we review wedding dress trends, silhouettes and styles.

Wedding Trends: Bold & Beautiful Bridal Accessories

Have you given thought to what bridal accessories you want to wear on your wedding day? Most brides find a sentimental heirloom they plan to incorporate into their bridal wedding day attire. When you’re planning your wedding day outfit, don’t forget the essentials: underwear, hair accessories, earrings, necklace, bracelets and shoes. Winter brides might choose to add extra layers such as tights or a wedding muff. For wedding day jewelry, your left hand is bare in preparation for the wedding band. The right hand can have a family heirloom or “something blue” ring. Sapphires are popular for wedding jewelry because they’re a simply way to add a blue accent.

Bridal Accessories from Koyal Wholesale

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When it comes to wedding hair your stylist will walk you all the possibilities. Tiaras, headbands and veils are only some of the beautiful accessories that are popular today. Cultural weddings typically incorporate more accessories so be sure to ask your family and your groom’s family what traditional attire you might be asked to wear. There are no rules saying that you can’t change your hair and makeup for the reception, so mix and match looks for each event. Try wearing a traditional veil for your ceremony and letting your hair down with a brooch for the reception! All eyes will be on you so be sure to smile and enjoy the attention.