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Bridal Shower 101

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is almost upon us and we’re looking forward to the relaxation ahead! Now that we are in the midst of spring, many of you may have bridal showers lined up to attend over the next couple of weeks. Or perhaps you will be playing hostess for a loved one’s shower or as a bride, you are looking for some inspiration and ideas. With this in mind, we’ve put together a few decor ideas and themes that can help you along the way.

The first step is to decide on the theme or ambience for your bridal shower (also dependent on your choice of venue).  For instance, you’re feeling the modern vibe then stick to a color scheme of muted tones and greys with accents of gold, silver, or bronze.  Eiffel towers add an instant sleek modern touch.  Or you could go for a more traditional and true favorite approach and host a brunch or tea party.  In this case, edible favors compliment perfectly with a fete centered around a meal.


Next, plan out the menu. As mentioned above, brunches and teas are traditional favorites but don’t be afraid to try something new.  Does the bride love a good party? Consider hosting a cocktail hour bridal shower.  A variety of cocktail glasses and drinkware infuses a celebratory mood that guests will appreciate.

Create a signature cocktail featuring the bride’s favorite drink – a twist on a margarita or martini will be a sure hit.  Add hand written menus on paper or chalkboards.  When it comes to desserts, you can keep it simple but charmingly festive with an old-fashioned cookie bar or platters of ice cream sandwiches.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with themes and decor.  A vintage themed wedding does not require a similarly themed bridal shower. Showers are a time when friends and family of the bride gather for an intimate party of cheer and merriment.  However and wherever you choose to host the bridal shower, be sure to remember it’s all about creating beautiful memories.


Tea Party Planning Ideas: Tea Cups & Cupcakes

Planning a party for your bride to be or special birthday girl? The ultimate girl party needs a theme that is both feminine and elegant. A tea party theme is just the ticket for an over the top bridal shower or birthday party for your favorite special gal. Whether you’re having a lavish ordeal or just spending a quiet Sunday afternoon with your golden gals, why not incorporate a tea party theme into your get together? You can create simple party decorations using antique tea sets and votive candles paired with lace table décor.

Tea parties are a great theme for a bridal shower or birthday party. Once you’ve chosen the theme you can set the mood with feminine lace table cloths and miniature candle lanterns. You don’t have to break the budget with bunches of expensive flowers, use mason jars filled with a few individual blooms for a romantic centerpiece. Antique plates and tea cups are great for a romantic table setting, especially with votive candles and mason jars. To avoid wax stains, alternate mason jars with flowers and candles.

{Photo Source: The Pretty Blog, Oh Party, Sweetapolita, Sweet Muffin Suite, Candle Lanterns from Koyal Wholesale, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Dress My Cupcake, On To Baby}

For an outdoor party, hang beautiful paper lanterns with plenty of lights. If you’re looking for a cute way to accent your tables with a feminine touch use butterflies and parasols. Butterflies are great for girl birthday parties because you can accent your tables with butterfly dishes and decorate your cake with butterfly accents. The combination of antique table ware and butterfly table accents is the ideal theme for any garden party. The butterfly theme can also be incorporated into your party favors.

Don’t forget the most important part: the tea! Choosing the right type of tea is crucial to serving a special themed menu. Prepare a well rounded selection of black, green and herbal tea. If you’re feeling especially daring try your hand at making thai tea or boba tea for an exotic offering. Include different flavors of milk, cream and syrups for guests to mix their favorite combinations. Serve light snacks such as scones, miniature tea sandwiches and cupcakes that will accent the different types of tea. A dessert table is a great idea if you can’t decide which dessert to serve. If you’re serving a formal high tea you’ll want to prepare four or five courses including soup, cheese, bread and scones. Whatever type of tea you serve, hosting a tea party is the epitome of class and elegance!


“Around the Clock” Bridal Shower Theme Ideas!

A bridal shower is a fun time for the bride to celebrate her new adventure into marriage. Close friends and family all join around the bride to be for a special celebration, typically over gifts and food. There are many different bridal shower themes that are popular, one of which is the “Around the Clock” bridal shower. The bridal shower gifts and theme are all centered on a certain time of day. Each guest is asked to bring a gift that reflects a certain time during the day. For example: say cousin Jill gets 6:00 AM, she may choose to bring something related to coffee as anyone who gets up that early definitely needs it! The bridal shower theme revolves around numbers and daily tasks. Gifts can be things for the house, kitchen supplies or gifts for the new married couple. There are plenty of fun bridal shower games that you can play to include numbers or household items, such as bridal shower bingo. Associate each space with something that pertains to a certain time, the questions will be “This drink is found on the table with a plate of waffles or cereal”. Instead of covering numbers each square has an answer to a question, in this case “orange juice”!

Around the Clock Bridal Shower{Photo Source: Kelly Chau Blog, Twig and Thistle, Nico and Lala, Personalized Vase from Koyal Wholesale, Sweet and Saucy Shop, Brenda’s Wedding Blog, Personalized Glass Jar Set from Koyal Wholesale}

For “five o’clock” give the bride and groom a personalized jar glass set to serve drinks for cocktail hour! They can choose to enjoy a cool glass of lemonade on a hot summer day or serve guest drinks at a small cocktail party. These bridal shower gifts are really fun for any new couple. Be sure to include a time of day for each guest on the invitation along with a popular example in case they need inspiration.

Wedding Parties: New Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Wedding Bridal Shower Photo Courtesy of

So first, since my mind is very wedding centered and one day soon I’ll be attending my own–  I have a great bridal shower idea to share with you. I have no part in the planning and coordinating of my own so here’s hoping this idea works for you!

My aunt suggested a tea party bridal shower which, quickly might I add, got nixed by every other woman in the room. Mind you, in my family the bridal shower is a adorable affair my aunts throw together to show love and doting appreciation on the bride and welcome her into the wondrous club of housewives and mothers my family consists of. We’re strong minded, outspoken Hungarian women who sure know how to make a good pie– if I can humbly say, it’s a pretty awesome club. Hence why throwing a food oriented bridal shower seems like a no-brainer to me.

Anyways, bridal shower themes? Stick with something that is related to the bride but still fun and not run-of-the-mill. If your bride is a foodie, try a potluck bridal theme. I know it sounds tacky but stick with me on this one. The bride is going to be entering into a marriage and more likely than not won’t have an established cooking repertoire. So the idea would be each guest brings a something to eat that their husband or family has loved and include the recipe. The bridesmaids then have the fun task of collecting the cards and putting them together to create a recipe book or box. This way your bride to be will have plenty of recipes to choose from in the future.

Wedding Cupcake Favor Boxes From

Take home desserts and food related items work great as bridal shower favors. The point of a bridal shower is to spoil and embarrass the bride so favors are not necessary. However, some easy favor ideas are personalized iced cappuccino packs and cute little cupcake favor boxes which work great with left over dessert cupcakes.

The bonus for a food themed bridal shower? Your bride gets to avoid the nerve-wrecking embarrassment of opening lingerie in front of her groom’s family. Instead, have your guest list stick with food oriented gifts- aprons, cookbooks, decorating books and other Martha Stewart-esque options.

Oh man, I can not imagine anything worse than having to smile politely and quickly hide that creepy zebra print negligee your kooky Aunt Katie got you before your future mother-in-law sees it.