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Tips To Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers

Budget is a huge consideration when planning your big day and your wedding florals are a significant portion of that budget.  Your wedding flowers will be one of the most photographed details of your wedding so it’s understandable why you want to spend the time and money. However, with a little creativity you can achieve an exquisite floral look without breaking the bank.

1.  Go Green

Consider using more greenery than flowers in your centerpieces.  Using flowers as accent pieces in your centerpieces rather than as the main focus allows you to incorporate your favorite florals in a budget-friendly way.  Succulents are another way to add a trendy green vibe – use them in centerpieces, wedding bouquets, or boutonnieres!

2.  Use Substitutes

Many times, you can swap one type of flower for another less expensive flower.  For example, swap calla lilies for tulips, which are similar in shape.  If you love the style of orchids, switch cymbidium orchids out for less expensive dendrobium orchids.  Lavender and daffodil are also excellent substitutes.

3.  Kissing Ball Pomanders

Wood curl kissing ball pomanders add instant color and texture to your wedding style without breaking the bank.  Pomanders are especially versatile – use them to adorn pews, as bouquets, or as centerpieces.  You can also combine them with fresh flowers or crystal elements for a dramatic reception decor look.

4.  Silk Flowers

Sometimes you may come across a gorgeous floral arrangement and find yourself asking if the flowers are real or fake.  Silk flowers are extremely convenient because they don’t wilt or require water, are lightweight and thus easier to handle and transport, and are durable in any setting. They’re also just as gorgeous as the real thing!

Remember, it’s possible to have the wedding of your dreams on a budget with a little creativity and planning! Scour our Pinterest board for more ideas!


10 Ways to Spend Less on Your Wedding Day

{From top to bottom: Tissue Paper Pom Poms, Diamond Rhinestone Ribbon Wrap, Glitter Cupcake Wrappers, Cupcake Stands, Charger Plates, Vintage Paper Drinking Straws, Decorative DIY Trim} Have you fallen in love yet? These wedding supplies are all some of our best selling products that are affordable and budget friendly!

A wedding is the first big purchase a couple will make. There are plenty of costs that go into putting together the ultimate dream day for the bride and groom. From the wedding favors to the wedding cake, everything costs a chunk of change the moment you mention “wedding”. When it comes to saving money and staying within budget there are a few ways to stretch your pocketbook. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a relaxing honeymoon or purchase a home, after the beautiful wedding has been paid for? Here are our top ten ways to spend less on your big day:

  1. Sustainable Centerpieces: Plantable centerpieces are the biggest rage for budget-friendly brides. Instead of dropping money on floral arrangements for each table, use planted succulents, herbs or flowers for a sustainable Eco-friendly centerpiece that doubles as a wedding gift.
  2. Buy Bulk Wedding Supplies: Sure you might not need the extra couple vases but the ‘per price’ wholesale prices will save you money and you can incorporate the glass vases into your home décor.
  3. Buy Reusable Products: Speaking of reusable products, use Eco-friendly wedding favors to cut costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Practical favors will be useful for household items.
  4. Edible Favors: Instead of practical favors, use edible favors to stretch your budget. Design your wedding desserts in the form of a dessert buffet and offer take home cupcake boxes and favor bags. Guests can load up their favorite desserts or bulk candy for a take home treat.
  5. Invite Less, Party More: You don’t have to invite the whole world to your wedding. Being choosey with your guest list means stretching your pocketbook for other details. Hosting an intimate wedding reception can be just as memorable.
  6. Press Play: Instead of hiring a live band, make a playlist of all your must have song choices. You’ll save money and only have to listen to your favorite songs.
  7. Skip the Tux: Dressing up may seem like a fun for a bride but not every guy dreams of suiting up in a tuxedo. Instead of renting a tuxedo, consider spending the money on a sharp outfit your groom will wear again for special occasions.
  8. Buy, Don’t Rent: This may sound backwards, but you’ve probably heard the expression “Spend money to save money”. Buying wedding supplies will assure you have enough supplies for your big day, plus you can sell or donate them afterwards. If you rent, you have to pay fees and might not be guaranteed your deposit back if something goes wrong.
  9. Skip the Paper, Save a Tree: Instead of printing wedding programs and menu cards, many brides are opting out of unnecessary paper for a chalkboard or poster. A large decorative chalkboard with an artistic font can show your guests the schedule or menu without wasting paper. Hang chalkboards on the back of guest chairs for visibility.
  10. High Tech RSVP: Instead of sending out dozens of envelopes, get rid of the inner envelopes for wedding RSVPs and use email or an online website instead. You’ll save money on envelopes and postage. Not only will your invitations be lighter you won’t have to pay for return postage!

These are only some of our favorite ways to save money on your wedding. Keep in mind you don’t have to plan a lavish over the top affair to host a beautiful wedding. More money is not mandatory when it comes to having a memorable time. Incorporate these helpful hints to save money on your wedding supplies and reception décor!

David Tutera Wedding Decorations at Koyal Wholesale

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