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Cupcake & Cake Pops: Perfect Dessert Combination

Many of our brides and event planners are asking us for advice on how to create a dessert bar. Well, there are a few simple tips: mix and match desserts, coordinate colors and stick to a theme. Looking for ideas for what sweets to use? There’s a new dessert on the scene, it’s been slowly creeping into dessert bars and candy buffets for a while now. It comes in a variety of flavors and colors and is the perfect two bit snack. Do you know what it is? Cake pops! Mix and match cake pops and cupcakes for bite size treats that your guests will love. Top off the table with a few beautiful cake stands, some pennants and tissue paper pom poms and you have a stunning dessert table.

Koyal Wholesale Dessert Buffet

{Photo Source: Brides Diary, Jackie Sorkin, Dress My Cupcake, Wedding Concierge, The Knotty Bride, Green Wedding Shoes, Custom Cupcake Toppers from Koyal Wholesale, Amy Atlas}

Each one of these popular wedding desserts can be shaped and decorated to match your unique wedding theme. There are so many options for candy buffets and dessert bars, the ideas and inspirations are endless! With bulk candy buffet supplies, creating your own dessert bar is easy. There are plenty of useful dessert tutorials online to help you plan, bake and decorate the your unique wedding dessert buffet.


Christmas Cake Pops & Holiday Party Favor Ideas

Cake pops are a  delicious treat for any occasion. Christmas time seems to bring out a little extra sugar in everyone so what better way to spread some holiday cheer than with Christmas cake pops? As you know, Koyal Wholesale has a growing Pinterest page for Christmas Celebration Ideas. We come across a lot of ways to incorporate Christmas decor into your living room, kitchen and den. One of our favorite holiday trends is creating a festive cake pop and finger food dessert buffet. Instead of gifting food in cello bags, create a stunning red, white and green dessert bar that invites guests to pick their favorite treats.

christmas party dessert table

Emily at Whipper Berry created this pretty Christmas dessert table. The mix of apothecary jars and cake stands is a unique and creative way to avoid looking too much like a wedding reception. Mix bulk red chocolate m&ms with dark green malted milk balls to fill jars. Buying bulk candy is the best way to assure you have a enough for the work party and a little left over for at home. Set out small party favor bags for guests to take home some for themselves. Make sure you include all the party favorites like peppermint bark, snowballs, chocolate cupcakes and of course, Christmas cake pops! In fact, how cute would a small plate full of Reindeer cake pops be? Especially if you created one with a red nose for Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer? Let these reindeer pops from Lisa Storms be your inspiration for creating your own festive cake pop!

reindeer cake pop

Candy Buffet Supplies Perfect For A Winter Wedding!

Candy buffets are no longer just for summer and spring weddings. They can be incorporated into a winter wedding with just the slight variation in color and decor! White weddings are the perfect way to showcase mint chocolate treats and peppermint bark for a stunning candy buffet display. The best part about a DIY candy bar is you can dress it up with baked goods and other favorite desserts that may be meaningful to the bride and groom. If you’ve shared a sweet ice cream date for your most memorable night out then decorate a retro candy buffet with ice cream sandwiches and hot cocoa to warm up after! One of my personal favorite is cake pops and cupcake displays that have stunning pops of color. Nothing complements white desserts better than sparkly toppings! Try adding a glitter cupcake wrapper to your cupcakes for a special bit of fancy.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Candy Buffet

I came across this inspiration board from on our Pinterest page. I love the way they incorporated the snowflakes as an integral part of the decor. Snowflakes represent winter and snowy weather so what better way is there to show off white cupcakes? Create a subtle mix of cupcakes, cookies and candies to give your guests a better selection to choose from. If a white on white color theme is not your style, try a silver and white wedding motif.

To create a stunning wedding candy buffet you need a mixture of candy bowls, candy buffet jars and cake stands. Adding different heights will mix up the table and look better aesthetically. Decorate with silver bowls and clear glass apothecary jars for a silver and white theme. Peppermint bark and s’mores theme treats are great for a winter themed party. Another crowd pleaser? Gold coins are perfect for a wedding near Christmas because they’re classic and a subtle reminder of the holidays. Plus, gold candy is a great way to accent white in a modern way. Once you’ve decided on your stands and your types of candy, then you can move on to accent decor. Decorate your cupcakes in any of our festive Christmas cupcake wrappers for a holiday wedding or our gold mini cupcake liners for a white and gold motif. Mini cupcake liners or baking cups are also perfect for putting cake pops and small Jordan almonds in to avoid guests having to dig into dishes of treats. Which reminds me, don’t forget the rest of your candy buffet supplies such as tongs, scoops and to go favor bags for guests to take their treats home!

A popular trend among DIY brides and wedding bloggers is the use of mason jars and paper decor. White Tissue Paper Pom Poms hung above your candy buffet is a great backdrop and photo opportunity. Mason jars are cute with a few colorful paper drinking straws. Or chocolate chip cookies balanced on top of a pretty glass of milk make for a sweet chocolate touch without interrupting the sweet tooth theme. If all of this seems a little too daunting or cavity inducing, try decorating a simple cupcake buffet display with cupcake wrappers for color and then giving guests personalized baking mix party favors instead. Whether you’re creating a stunning cupcake buffet or going all out with a candy and dessert display table, you’ll find all the candy buffet supplies for a white winterland wedding at Koyal Wholesale!

Love Is Sweet Party Favors

Just In Time For The Holidays: Cupcake Baking Liners!

The happy holidays are here and with that come endless hours of baking festive desserts. By now you’re probably smitten with our festive holiday cupcake wrappers for your holiday desserts. We’re happy to announce the launch of our new line of baking cupcake liners! These baking liners are perfect for mini cupcake treats and Thanksgiving brunch muffins. Try mixing and matching holiday colors for a variety of different looks. These little bright colored cupcake liners are perfect for mini cupcake sizes and regular standard muffin sizes. I can’t wait to use these with any of muffin mix. Imagine the happy faces you’ll see when you put out a plate of hot fresh blueberry muffins or pumpkin cupcakes wrapped in these sparkly cupcake liners! Especially when you create a pretty display with any of our cake stands or cupcake stands.

Baking Cupcake Liners

These are so cute! A few of our favorite cupcake liners are the striped cupcake liners because they remind us of candy candy treats!

Red Striped Cupcake Liners

Teal Green Striped Cupcake Liners

Unique Wedding Cake Stands Perfect for Cakes & Cupcakes

Decorating a dessert table has definitely become an art form. There are many different ways to style and decorate a cake that truly make it personalized to each couple. My favorite part about decorating desserts is the presentation. The flavor and icing is only good if someone actually wants to eat the cake. Recently I went to a wedding where there was a dessert table with different types of cakes and treats. Cookies and pies were all placed on different colored cake stands. It created a funky looking cake display that was really unique. Luckily for you dear friend, I have tons of ideas for how to create a fabulous dessert table!

Wood Cake Stand

Unique wooden cake stand idea from that you can easily do yourself!

Cake Stands

Unique use of Jeweled White Round Cake Stands, as featured on

Desert Cone Pedestal Stand

What a cute way to mix and match desserts with our Cone Desert Pedestal Stand! (Photo from

Bird Pedestal Cage

Cute Greywash Pedestal Desert Stand!

Friday Sweet Wedding Treat: Cake Stand Decorations!

Flower Cake with Wedding Cake StandPhoto Courtesy of StyleMePretty

Is there anything better than cake? Have your cake and eat it too, right? We’ve done a lot of blogs of dessert buffets and candy bars, I figured we should approach the subject of cake. Preferably with a hungry stomach. So, the beauty of cake is that it can be display for any event and can be customized to match pretty much any theme or style. Fondant and Buttercream can both be fashioned into funky designs and colored different tones to match your decor. Plus, regardless of what you do on the outside, the cake filling flavor can be anything you want!

There are a few things to know about cake design:

Fondant Icing (With Fondant Bow Decorations)

Fondant Bows CakePhoto Courtesy of Grazier Photography

Complete this look with an Contemporary Cake Stand. Fondant cakes can be heavier, especially with details and added decorations, so stick with a supportive cake stand that can hold the weight. Let the details speak for themselves and avoid a cake topper unless you’re using a simple one. Cakes with lots of intricate detail or special effects can be made from fondant because it can be sculpted like clay.

Fondant CakePhoto Courtesy of The Pastry Studio.

With cake you can see the intricate details and the fondant flowers look good enough to smell! Decorate with edible pearls and use a simple plain scrolled cake stand as to not attract details away from your cake.

Buttercream Icing

Buttercream & BuntingPhoto Courtesy

The key to buttercream is to avoid heavy decorations and intricate designs because butter cream can move in the heat. Not drastically, but it can become a little well, melted. So when you’re decorating your cake frosting with butter cream try keeping it simple and using a cake topper instead. This cake has little birds and you can easily recreate the look with our Love Birds Cake Topper. Pick any cake topper to match your decor or get creative and make your own with these Wood Cake Toppers. With some paint and creativity you can create great DIY Cake Toppers to look like you!

Photo Courtesy of

Decide what you’re looking for in a cake: do you want personality or do you want stunning traditional? Not to say you can’t do both, but once you pick which is a priority you’ll have an easier time brainstorming. Here are a few questions to cover:

1. Do you want a white cake?

2. Which frosting do you like better for looks AND taste?

3. Do you like round or square? It’s important when picking your cake stand.

Square Ornate Cake StandSilver Round Cake Stand

4. How many mouths do you have to feed?

5. Will there be other cupcakes or desserts, as well?

If you’re stumped on ideas take a look at our Candy Buffet Supplies section and our “Cut The Cake” Pinterest board for ideas! Don’t stress too much about the dessert just focus on making it delicious and look nice. Unfortunately, the dessert is typically served last and therefore might not be eaten by every guest. But remember that tradition states that the top tier of your cake is saved for your anniversary so be sure to pick what flavors you and your significant other like.

Candy Buffets for Every Occasion!

Birthday parties and school events are going to crop up on your calendars as it is officially Fall and school has begun. So, here are a few ideas for how to decorate desserts for birthday parties and school parties. All of these materials work for multiple events so if you’re planning on staying within a budget you can find happiness with reusable decorations. With one look you can decorate for different occasions.

Willy Wonka candy bar party sweets birthdayCandy Bar Photo Courtesy of

Reuse candy buffet decorations for holidays, birthday parties and themed events. These Willy Wonka decorations can easily be reused to work for a wedding reception. Use special cake stands to create a stylish look paired with apothecary jars. Or create a special baby shower candy buffet with the same treats and supplies. Mix and match with designer cupcake wrappers to change colors and themes.

Baby Shower Candy BuffetPhoto Courtesy of

Inspire Party Candy BuffetCandy Buffet from

Candy BuffetPhoto Courtesy of

Baby Boy Candy BuffetBaby Boy Candy Buffet Photo Courtesy of