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The Daily Design™ by Koyal Wholesale®

Aztec Inspired Wedding Reception

Designer Looks Aztec Wedding (BLOG)

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, employ these designer looks to your themed party quickly and easily. Shop our decorative sand to fill your vases with truly unique color schemes! Perfect for any floral vase or centerpiece that needs an accented filler.

A special thanks to Candice at Cloud Parade for styling this wonderful table setting

Featured Items

Sequin Table Runners

Craft Bottles / Mason Jars

Decorative Sand

Wishing River Rocks



Looking for vase fillers to accent your beautiful flower arrangements? Check out our wishing river rock vase fillers, these rocks and stone slabs are long lasting and durable, They are great indoors and outdoors, each shipment comes with various size stones. Some rocks are polished and some are natural, all are great additions to your wedding and event decor!


Featured Items

Red Wishing River Rocks

Yellow Wishing River Rocks

Black Wishing River Rocks

Rustic Countryside Pebbles

White Wishing River Rocks

Gray Slate Wishing Rocks

Pink Slate Wishing Rocks

White Slate Wishing Rocks

Natural Slate Wishing Rocks

Tumbled Marble Stones


Vibrant Wedding Reception!

Vibrant Wedding Reception Blogpost


Style your wedding reception with a vibrant splash of color this summer! Brilliant glassware and colorful centerpieces are available to make your event look just as radiant as you!


Featured Products

Charger Plates

Frosted Beach Sea Glass

Crushed Glass Vase Fillers

Decorative Sand

Moss Chunks

Top 10: Centerpiece Essentials

Creating a centerpiece? Take look at our Top 10 Centerpiece Essentials. Our top 10 items are truly essential for any wedding or event. Add height to your table scape with our Eiffel Tower Vases. Our popular Glitter Votive Holders are perfect for the glam inspired event! Create a beautiful rustic centerpiece with our new Reversible Cake Stand Wood Slabs.

Get The Look:

Glitter Votive Holders

Eiffel Tower Vases

Bobeche Candle Ring

Reversible Cake Stand Wood Slabs

Pilsner Trumpet Vase

Tall Square Vase

Square Cube Glass Vase

Blue Ball Mason Jars

How To Use E-Maxi™ Light Base

How to use E-Maxi™ Light Base by Koyal Wholesale

How to use E-Maxi™ Light Base by Koyal Wholesale

Create a simple centerpiece that will illuminate your tablescapes!

Step 1: Choose a glass vase and place a simple branch of flowers into the vase.

Step 2: Fill the vase with water.

Step 3: Place the vase onto the lit E-Maxi™ light to make the vase glow (Use optional Remote Control with the coordinating base to quickly light multiple bases before the start of your event.)

How To Use E-Wall Wash™

How To Use E-Wall Wash™

How to use E-Wall Wash™ by Koyal Wholesale

The E-Wall Wash is a rectangular light source on a pivot base. The light is powered by 8 replaceable AA batteries to last at least 8 hours or can be used with an optional AC adapter to last longer. Use the optional Acolyte Remote Control to turn on the lights in the blink of the eye.

Helpful Tips:

  • Use colored gels or a filter to achieve a your desired lighting colors.
  • Easily remove the pivot stand to hand the E-Wall Wash lights.
  • For a dramatic effect use wall wash behind a dessert table display or to highlight an escort card table.

How To Use E-Riser™

How To Use E-Riser™

How to use E-Riser™ by Koyal Wholesale

The E-Riser™ is a very unique product in the fact that it adds height to your centerpieces as well as a brilliant display of colored light. When the E-Riser™ is activated the pole illuminates with the ambient light color of your choice. With the flexibility of multiple color options you may change the color and feel of your event on a moments notice! E-Riser™ is powered by three AA replaceable batteries and lasts at least 8 hours.

Helpful Tips:

  • Wrap your E-Riser™ in burlap or moss for a rustic, garden, or outdoor theme wedding or event. The light will permeate through the material creating an ambient glow effect!
  • Add Floralytes™ to your floral decor to add to the illuminating elegance of your lit E-Riser™ centerpiece.

How To Use E-Mini™ Light Base

How to use E-Mini™ Light Base by Koyal Wholesale

How to use E-Mini™ Light Base by Koyal Wholesale

The E-Mini™ Light Base is an easy to use product that can change your decor from “drab to fab”! Place the E-Mini™ Light Base at the bottom of a glass vase to make the contents inside glow! The E-Mini™ Light Base can also be placed at the bottom of a glass plate to make the items on the plate have a luxurious presence. Use the optional Standard Remote Control to light the E-Mini in an instant. Use the AC Adapter to have your E-Mini™ Light Base lit for as long as you would like.

Imagine serving fresh sushi on a glowing plate or a prized dessert on the pedestal of light! Pair the light base with one of our cylindrical vases and water pearls to achieve the floating orchid light tower centerpiece shown on the left of the how to image above.

How To Use Spot™ Spotlights

How to use Spot™ Spotlights by Koyal Wholesale

How to use Spot™ Spotlights by Koyal Wholesale

Use Spot™ to highlight elements of your centerpieces. The portable and wireless Spot™ Spotlight can be used to highlight your guestbook or add a wash of colored light to your wedding cake to set the perfect mood!

Our Spot™ 4 SMT is compatible with our AC Adapter and Standard Remote Control. Change the mood lighting on a whim with the Spot™ 16 RGB when combined with the optional Color Changing Remote Control.  For an endless display of light pair the Spot™ 16 RGB with our optional AC Adapter.

How To Use Lyte Ring 28 RGB

How to use Lyte Ring 28 RGB by Koyal Wholesale

How to use Lyte Ring 28 RGB by Koyal Wholesale

The Lyte Ring 28 RGB is a versatile product that can be used in many ways. One way to use the light is to place the light at the bottom of a trumpet vase. Place a floral arrangement in the center of the ring to make the arrangement glow. You may also apply a large ribbon around the light to hide the device or leave the divide exposed to reveal the beautiful LED lights. The ring can also be placed at the top of a vase to cast colored lighting downward.

The Lyte Ring 28 RGB may be used with the optional Color Changing Remote Control to active a variety of color effects. Pair the Lyte Ring 28 RGB with with dome fish bowls, punch bowls or cylindrical vases to create a similar illuminating effect.