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Safari Themed Wedding Ideas: Leopard Print

It’s time to talk about animal print wedding themes. For those of you that follow us regularly, you know we love unique personalized wedding details. Safari themed weddings are definitely full of personalized wedding style and unique details. A couple weeks ago we discussed the beauty that is zebra print, now let’s discuss leopard print. Leopard print comes in a variety of colors but most weddings feature the standard black and white leopard print. From the wedding invitations to the animal print decorations, you can incorporate leopard bring into any part of your wedding.

{Leopard & Lace: Leopard Print Phone Case, Lace Coasters, Leopard Print Cupcake Wrappers,  Lace Parasols, Tissue Paper Pom Poms, White Cupcake Stand, Wedding Garter}

Leopard Print Accessories

If you want to incorporate leopard print into your wedding, first decide how much is “too much”. A bold look would be to ask your bridesmaids to wear leopard print bridesmaid dresses with hot pink detail. While this sounds fun and exciting, it might be more appropriate for the bachelorette party instead. Leopard print is very cute for wedding accessories such as your wedding garter or heels. Let your bridesmaids pick pink or green wedding dresses and surprise them with simply leopard print earrings or shoes. This is a subtle way to incorporate leopard print into your wedding attire.

Outdoor Leopard Décor

When it comes to decorating your outdoor wedding venue with leopard print, you can use tissue paper pom poms and strings of mini lights to create a fun playful backyard theme. Combine your leopard print with white lace details for a cute vintage feel. Lace is feminine while leopard print is exotic and intriguing. Decorate your table with a lace tablecloth and leopard print table runner. If you’re really into the vintage look, use lace table cloths with burlap chair sashes. Then your leopard print décor can be the accent to spice up the theme. Leopard and lace is a great combination for a romantic outdoor venue. With a little lace, you can turn your leopard theme into a romantic 1920’s theme wedding!

Don’t Forget Desserts

If you read our zebra print blog you’ll know that animal print cupcake wrappers are a must have item! Decorate a yummy dessert table with your lace tablecloths and white cupcake stands. With lace coasters you can dish out delicious cupcakes with leopard print cupcake wrappers. They double as beautiful edible party favors if you give guests cupcake boxes to take them home in! Who doesn’t love a deliciously cute cupcake as an edible wedding favor?

When you create a leopard print wedding theme you’re destined to have a memorable wedding. The bold accessories and vintage décor will create a one-of-a-kind event. Lace and leopard is a feminine and romantic combination that can be incorporated into your bridal shower, wedding ceremony and reception. You can even give your bridesmaids cute leopard print phone cases to get them in the mood for your exotic party theme.

What do you think about this fun playful wedding theme? Not everyone could pull this style off.  If you had the opportunity to incorporate a leopard print into your wedding style, what leopard print accessory would YOU wear?

  1. Leopard Print Wedding Garter
  2. Unique Leopard Print Jewelry
  3. Fun Leopard Print Wedding Heels
  4. All of the Above!

We want to hear your opinion on this theme. Share your thoughts and opinions on this theme online on our Facebook wall.

Wedding Planning 101: Who is Amy Atlas?

When we update our wedding professionals list, we include the who’s who of the wedding industry. We have all the big name event planners and wedding industry professionals in our “Must Follow” list on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. This helps us stay in touch with all the latest trends, biggest weddings and fabulous event designs. Knowing the latest trends is the key to planning an over the top wedding.

Another famous wedding professional making the top of our list this week: Amy Atlas. Her show stopping dessert tables are all we can think about and she doesn’t stop there. It’s no surprise she’s won accolades from all the hottest wedding planners and television show hosts. Her resume boasts magazine articles and television show appearances we’d be happy to watch, let alone star in! Amy Atlas, known to many as the “sweets stylist” creates stunning dessert tables that we drool over. From big decorative balloons to personalized table runners, her table décor is only the beginning. Top off her dessert trays with gorgeous macaroons and marshmallow squares and cupcakes to create a stunning mono-chromatic dessert table she’s famous for.

Amy Atlas Background

For most in the industry, they’ve spent years learning the ropes. While others were working their way through event planning 101 and wedding style guides, Amy Atlas was working her way up the legal chain. Her background in law didn’t stop her from becoming a baking queen. As she was taking a break from her law career to have children, her passion for baking took center stage to practicing law. She claims the more parties and events she planned the more her business “organically grew by itself”. Not a surprise to us, Amy!

Amy Atlas Events

Now her boutique planning firm handles décor, event planning and party advice. Her blog is a number one go-to source for DIY projects and decoration ideas. Amy is a prime example that doing what you love can come naturally from a passion or hobby. Sometimes, wedding planning, event design and décor consulting can really be a natural escape for creative personalities. In such a case as Amy’s, her business and passion has taken the wedding industry by storm. You can barely scroll through a DIY board on Pinterest without finding one of her fun colorful creations. Chances are you’ve repinned her images without even knowing it!

Amy Atlas Blog

Her blog, Sweet Designs, is regularly updated with fun DIY projects and inspirations. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to create the perfect dessert table, look no further. She uses a wide variety of fun decorations with sweet delectable sugar treats. She’s even featured trends such as cupcake wrappers, chevron stripes and Manzanita branches into her dessert tables. Our favorite Amy Atlas dessert table features a live tree centerpiece with hanging goody bag party favors. Talk about creative! Both of these images are from her Amy Atlas Events site. Be sure to check out her portfolio for more ideas and images on how to dress up your dessert table.

For dessert table supplies, shop our entire collection of candy buffet supplies from apothecary jars to cupcake wrappers! Let your inner-Amy stand out with your own whimsical dessert table.

How to Host a Carnival Themed Birthday Party

Birthday party themes can get mundane and boring unless you find a way to mix it up and be creative. The ultimate way to throw a hit birthday party is with a carnival themed birthday party. Big balloons, bright colors and plenty of carnival games make for a great birthday party! Transform your party into a boardwalk venue with a saltwater taffy dessert bar. An old fashioned candy cart filled with ribbon candy and cotton candy is the perfect way to serve sweet desserts or birthday cake. For cupcakes use brightly colored striped cupcake wrappers and pennant cupcake toppers. Once you have desserts covered you can start planning your themed beverages. Old fashion soda stands are a great way to serve cool refreshing drinks at your party. Use soda pop bottles with retro paper drinking straws in red and blue stripes.

{Photo Source: Dress My Cupcake, Celebrations At Home, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Paper Drinking Straws from Koyal Wholesale, Celebrations At Home, Elizabeth Anne Designs}

Start with brightly colored invitations adorned with paper pennants or balloons. Then create the same look for your party décor by using paper pennants and plenty of balloons. Red, yellow and blue are prominent carnival colors so don’t be afraid to combine all three for a true carnie color theme. Don’t forget to add plenty of carnival tickets to your décor. Glass vases can be wrapped with carnival tickets to create a carnival vase. Speaking of carnival tickets; be sure to plan plenty of carnival games. Ring toss, squirt races and duck pond are all must-have games. Age appropriate games such as a fortune telling booth or kissing booth are exciting for older kids. Stock up on simple prizes such as candy necklaces, kazoos and squirt guns make great prizes for carnival games.

A carnival theme birthday party is great for a summer occasion. Not celebrating a birthday? The Fourth of July is a great excuse to throw a special carnival theme party. You can incorporate these ideas into a holiday party or a wedding reception. With a few pinwheel decorations, plenty of pennants and bright big balloons you can incorporate a carnival theme into your occasion without breaking the budget. We can’t help you with the elephants and lions, but hopefully these ideas helped with the décor!

Cupcake & Cake Pops: Perfect Dessert Combination

Many of our brides and event planners are asking us for advice on how to create a dessert bar. Well, there are a few simple tips: mix and match desserts, coordinate colors and stick to a theme. Looking for ideas for what sweets to use? There’s a new dessert on the scene, it’s been slowly creeping into dessert bars and candy buffets for a while now. It comes in a variety of flavors and colors and is the perfect two bit snack. Do you know what it is? Cake pops! Mix and match cake pops and cupcakes for bite size treats that your guests will love. Top off the table with a few beautiful cake stands, some pennants and tissue paper pom poms and you have a stunning dessert table.

Koyal Wholesale Dessert Buffet

{Photo Source: Brides Diary, Jackie Sorkin, Dress My Cupcake, Wedding Concierge, The Knotty Bride, Green Wedding Shoes, Custom Cupcake Toppers from Koyal Wholesale, Amy Atlas}

Each one of these popular wedding desserts can be shaped and decorated to match your unique wedding theme. There are so many options for candy buffets and dessert bars, the ideas and inspirations are endless! With bulk candy buffet supplies, creating your own dessert bar is easy. There are plenty of useful dessert tutorials online to help you plan, bake and decorate the your unique wedding dessert buffet.


Start Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day Date!

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly and we’re here to make sure you’re prepared. There are plenty of ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day; dessert bars, cupcake treats, tissue paper pom poms, garland, heart chains… The creative ideas just go on and on. With a little glue and construction paper you can create a unique Valentine’s display that doesn’t have to cost a fortune or involve a sewing machine. While, most skeptics of Valentine’s Day say the holiday is made up by greeting card companies, we know that Saint Valentine would be proud of our creative Valentine’s Day decor ideas.

Valentine's Day Collage from Koyal Wholesale{Photo Source: Craft Gossip, Luxefinds, Koyal Wholesale Red Cupcake Wrappers, I Am Baker , Martha Stewart, Cupcake Liners from Koyal Wholesale, Cupcake Blog, }

The trick to a cute Valentine’s Day is planning sweet treats and special cupcakes. Red Valentine’s Day cupcake wrappers are the special decoration you need to dress up your Valentine’s desserts. Combine red cupcake liners with red velvet cupcakes for a monochromatic cupcake display. Top with white cream cheese frosting and red sprinkles. Planning a Valentine’s Day proposal? Try custom cupcake toppers with the phrase “will you marry me”!

Plan A New Year’s Eve Party On Any Budget!

The 2012 New Year is here and what a great way to celebrate by inviting your friends and family to a party! Ring in the New Year in style with plenty of gold and silver decorations. Gold and silver décor is popular for a shiny New Year but try accents such as blue or green for a festive pop of color! Bulk tableware is a great way to save money and celebrate without breaking the bank. There are a lot of ways to decorate for cheap on a small budget. Buying in bulk helps to keep costs low and you won’t spend all night doing dishes instead of celebrating! Whether you’re planning a last minute party for New Years or planning ahead to watch the ball drop, send out a simple E-card to notify all your friends about the shin-dig! Throw out a few easy party appetizers and a little sparkly décor, like these New Year’s Eve Cupcake Wrappers, and your party is all set! Plus, cupcakes make great take home party favors that won’t leave a hole in your pocket.

New Year's Eve Ideas{Photo Source: Steve Steinhardt, Silver and Gold Cupcake Wrappers from Koyal Wholesale, Citified, Pink Charger Plates from Koyal Wholesale, Everything Fab, A Field JournalThoughtful Designs Blog}

The year 2012 brings a lot of new possibilities and resolutions. We can’t imagine a year better than the last but here’s to 2012 being full of new friends, new opportunities and plenty of fun parties to celebrate all of that it has in store! If you love the idea of having a beautiful gold and silver New Year’s Eve wedding, be sure to check out our “Weddings in Silver & Gold” Pinterest board! Happy New Year!

Top 10 Unique 2012 Baby Shower Ideas

Celebrating a new baby is a big milestone for a new mom and dad. Planning the announcement and introducing the baby can be daunting and stressful for new parents. Traditionally close friends or family members would put together a special baby shower to celebrate the new bundle of joy. New traditions are starting to occur where parents announce their own future family member and invite guests to share in their happiness with them. Baby showers have become a unisex party for both men and women to enjoy.

Cute As A Button Baby Shower Favors

Here are the new trendiest top 10 popular baby shower decorating ideas for your future bundle of joy!

  1. Gender Reveal Cupcakes: These cupcakes are a great way to surprise your guests with the sex of the baby. The sex of the baby is revealed with pink or blue frosting filling inside the cupcake. Use a neutral cupcake wrapper like green and yellow to confuse guessers.
  2. Baby Theme Food: Invite guests to drink from large baby jars or milk cartons for a fun “be a kid again” feel! Pop bright colored retro paper drinking straws for a grown up way to avoid spills! Mini treats and mini cupcakes are the perfect excuse to serve finger food instead of an entrée.
  3. Diaper Cakes: This trend has been on the rise for some time now. The honored couple is supplied with diapers rolled up in the form of a cake. You can wrap cake with coordinated ribbon to make the cake match the rest of the baby shower décor. Decorate a cupcake stand with similar theme cupcakes for a matching presentation!
  4. Book Theme Baby: This theme is great for the avid reader parents. Guests are invited to bring a copy of their favorite childhood book they read themselves or read to their kids. Ask them to write an inscription on the inside cover for your child.
  5. Sprinkle Party: This term is used for moms who are having their second or third child. Since the assumption is they already have everything they need from the first baby shower, a simple sprinkle is the perfect party for giving diapers and other goods that a second time mom might need for a new gender different than the first baby.
  6. Jack and Jill Reveal: This is a super simple idea that won’t take a lot of time or energy. When inviting all your guests make a note to inform them to wear a blue or pink shirt to symbolize their guess for whether the baby is a girl or boy. Guests can receive baby party favors in blue or pink to reward them for their correct guess!
  7. After The Arrival: Some parents prefer to have the party after their big arrival comes so they can host a “see and sip” party where guests are invited to an open house style baby shower to see the baby and sip on drinks.
  8. Bring A Letter: This party theme really works well if you have a lot of guests attending. Assign each guest a number or letter to bring. They decorate a large wooden number or letter any way they’d like and they’re hung in the baby’s room for future learning tools!
  9. Onesie Decorating: This time honored tradition of decorating onesies for the new baby is a great way to incorporate different styles into your baby’s wardrobe. Buy bulk baby onesies for each guest to decorate and craft supplies from your local craft store. Onesie parties are all the rage!
  10. Guessing Game: This is another familiar tradition that is still in existence. Guests are asked to bet on what the baby will weigh. An alternative to baby weight (such a sensitive subject) is to have guests guess the baby’s eye color- though this only works if the parents have different eye colors. Create a little baby face drawing pad and each guest can take a crayon and color the hair and eyes the color that they think they will be.



Candy Buffet Supplies Perfect For A Winter Wedding!

Candy buffets are no longer just for summer and spring weddings. They can be incorporated into a winter wedding with just the slight variation in color and decor! White weddings are the perfect way to showcase mint chocolate treats and peppermint bark for a stunning candy buffet display. The best part about a DIY candy bar is you can dress it up with baked goods and other favorite desserts that may be meaningful to the bride and groom. If you’ve shared a sweet ice cream date for your most memorable night out then decorate a retro candy buffet with ice cream sandwiches and hot cocoa to warm up after! One of my personal favorite is cake pops and cupcake displays that have stunning pops of color. Nothing complements white desserts better than sparkly toppings! Try adding a glitter cupcake wrapper to your cupcakes for a special bit of fancy.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Candy Buffet

I came across this inspiration board from on our Pinterest page. I love the way they incorporated the snowflakes as an integral part of the decor. Snowflakes represent winter and snowy weather so what better way is there to show off white cupcakes? Create a subtle mix of cupcakes, cookies and candies to give your guests a better selection to choose from. If a white on white color theme is not your style, try a silver and white wedding motif.

To create a stunning wedding candy buffet you need a mixture of candy bowls, candy buffet jars and cake stands. Adding different heights will mix up the table and look better aesthetically. Decorate with silver bowls and clear glass apothecary jars for a silver and white theme. Peppermint bark and s’mores theme treats are great for a winter themed party. Another crowd pleaser? Gold coins are perfect for a wedding near Christmas because they’re classic and a subtle reminder of the holidays. Plus, gold candy is a great way to accent white in a modern way. Once you’ve decided on your stands and your types of candy, then you can move on to accent decor. Decorate your cupcakes in any of our festive Christmas cupcake wrappers for a holiday wedding or our gold mini cupcake liners for a white and gold motif. Mini cupcake liners or baking cups are also perfect for putting cake pops and small Jordan almonds in to avoid guests having to dig into dishes of treats. Which reminds me, don’t forget the rest of your candy buffet supplies such as tongs, scoops and to go favor bags for guests to take their treats home!

A popular trend among DIY brides and wedding bloggers is the use of mason jars and paper decor. White Tissue Paper Pom Poms hung above your candy buffet is a great backdrop and photo opportunity. Mason jars are cute with a few colorful paper drinking straws. Or chocolate chip cookies balanced on top of a pretty glass of milk make for a sweet chocolate touch without interrupting the sweet tooth theme. If all of this seems a little too daunting or cavity inducing, try decorating a simple cupcake buffet display with cupcake wrappers for color and then giving guests personalized baking mix party favors instead. Whether you’re creating a stunning cupcake buffet or going all out with a candy and dessert display table, you’ll find all the candy buffet supplies for a white winterland wedding at Koyal Wholesale!

Love Is Sweet Party Favors

Just In Time For The Holidays: Cupcake Baking Liners!

The happy holidays are here and with that come endless hours of baking festive desserts. By now you’re probably smitten with our festive holiday cupcake wrappers for your holiday desserts. We’re happy to announce the launch of our new line of baking cupcake liners! These baking liners are perfect for mini cupcake treats and Thanksgiving brunch muffins. Try mixing and matching holiday colors for a variety of different looks. These little bright colored cupcake liners are perfect for mini cupcake sizes and regular standard muffin sizes. I can’t wait to use these with any of muffin mix. Imagine the happy faces you’ll see when you put out a plate of hot fresh blueberry muffins or pumpkin cupcakes wrapped in these sparkly cupcake liners! Especially when you create a pretty display with any of our cake stands or cupcake stands.

Baking Cupcake Liners

These are so cute! A few of our favorite cupcake liners are the striped cupcake liners because they remind us of candy candy treats!

Red Striped Cupcake Liners

Teal Green Striped Cupcake Liners

Wedding How To: Creating DIY Edible Favors

So you’re into baking and love DIY weddings? Well, creating do it yourself wedding favors just got a little bit easier. With a wide variety of favor boxes, favor bags and jars available; preparing your own edible favors is simple! There are many different ways to personalize your favors to avoid the hum-drum Jordan Almonds that have been traditional favors.0

Cupcake Dome With No HoleDid you and your fiance share a first date at a cupcake shop? Try displaying a fun festive cupcake bar where guests can pick and choose their toppings! Then send them home with their delicious treats in a cupcake box. Don’t forget to wrap your cupcake in a cupcake wrapper for a unique way to coordinate color schemes with your wedding or event colors.

How about if your man is into spicy flavors? Create a fun mixed nuts bar with different types of spicy flavors: Chili, Wasabi and Chipotle are great options! Let your guests mix their own combinations to fill their take home favor bags. You can do this with healthy trail mix as well. My mister really likes dried fruit and yogurt dipped pretzels so surprising him with a trail mix bar is  just part of the fun of do-it-yourself wedding ideas!

Macaroons For Edible FavorsPhoto Courtesy of

I really love the idea of taking small cookies or macaroons and filling mini favor boxes with them. Then you complete the look with small cartons of milk. Fill a jar full of paper drinking straws and voila you have a fun playful dessert bar that doesn’t include little signs or lots of sugar loaded treats.

Cookies & Milk Dessert BarPhoto Courtesy Of

A lot of our brides are using dessert bars and creating “Love Is Sweet” signs to invite guests to join in the love. Plus, today’s economy bodes well to DIY wedding projects and these are a great party idea to bring all your bridesmaids together. Hungarian tradition is that the brides family brings desserts and cookies to the wedding reception as a sign of support and love. This is a great tradition to bring back! Include your friends and family when planning your dessert stand- invite them to give you the recipe and share their favorites with you in preparation for having your own kitchen and family “soon”!