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Chic Wedding Decorations: Reception Trail Mix Bar

Photo Courtesy of by Studio EMP

I’m in love. I’m absolutely hundred and twenty percent in love with this idea. I’ve already gotten approval from my man to go ahead and add it to our decorations. It wasn’t very hard to get his vote as he loves dried fruit trail mix. I’ll admit, I wandered onto the Found Vintage Rentals website because I love antique reclaimed furniture but I quickly tripped, stumbled and fell in love. I want to pack up my things, run to the store and start picking out trail mix items now!

Okay, anyways, here’s what I’m thinking… This idea works great with the right kind of atmosphere. Outdoors, garden wedding but not too hot (M&M’s melt!). Using mixed selection of jars and vases you can create your own clustered look. I am toying with the idea of using apothecary jars simply for the fact sweets can attract ants and flies. Centerpiece vases with stands attached to them work great for achieving the vintage look. Or try going with small metal silver favor buckets to make it more rustic and unique.

Complete the look with aluminum candy buffet scoops for your guests to pick out which items they like best. This trail mix buffet is very much reminiscent of a frozen yogurt bar only without the cold melting mess to clean up. But hey, you could throw in some tubs of vanilla fro-yo and you’d have a the perfect outdoor dessert bar.

All you need to complete your trail mix bags are cute sweet candy paper bags. If you’re planning on offering your guests larger pieces then give them bigger cartons to put their goodies in. These novelty popcorn cartons do the trick and add to the chic-reclaimed vibe. Lastly, plop some buffet signs so your guests know which type of chocolate, nuts and fruit are which.

All of this is just absolutely amazing put together on reclaimed furniture. A few of my favorite selections are the Eastlake Blue Dressor and Justice Teal Metal Shelves. Both of these options would be awesome combined with jars and vases to create a candy, cupcake or dessert buffet of any kind. If you have any questions, I’m sure you could just ask  Jeni at Found as she is a sweetheart!

Top 10 Tips to Create A Stunning Dessert Table

Weddings, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Mother’s Day, Charity Events, Bat Mitzvahs, Birthdays, Graduation Parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Corporate Events and Cocktail Parties. What do these events all have in common? They are just a few examples of places where a dessert table would add the perfect finishing touch. Dessert tables, also known as candy bars, dessert bars, or candy buffets, are one of the top ten wedding ideas of 2010. This article will help you create your very own memorable, signature dessert table.

{ all photos: amy atlas events }

Koyal Wholesale’s Top 10 Tips to Create A Stunning Dessert Table

1. Choose your colors. Your dessert table should complement the color palette you have chosen for your event. Examples include bright citrus hues, pastels, or color combinations such as yellow and black. All items included on the dessert table should fall within your color palette.

2. Choose your theme. After choosing your color palette, choose a matching design theme for your dessert table. The theme may be inspired by the event invitations. Examples include damask, a Moroccan theme, cherry-blossoms, or something whimsical for a child’s birthday dessert table such as a rocket-ship theme. Coordinate the items on your dessert table with your theme, incorporating the theme into your cookies, your cake design, your background and so on.

3. Design a background. Most dessert tables look best when placed against a background that matches your theme. Backgrounds can be created using painted canvas, wallpaper, draped fabric and other resources. See photos below for examples.

4. Design the table. Determine the layout for your dessert table. Will a cake be the centerpiece of your table? Or a cupcake stand? Will you use favor trees to create the boundaries of your dessert table? Will your table have symmetrical items? Will it be double sided? What color table cover? Will you include a table runner? Will you introduce flowers and other non-edible items? Create a mock-up of your dessert table.

5. Create height. Use vases (such as extra tall martini vases), photo frames, apothecary jars, wrapped gift boxes, cake and cupcake stands and other clever tools to introduce height into your table. See photos for examples.

(Tips 6-10 below)

{ all photos: amy atlas events }

6. Get creative with dessert! Some great dessert ideas include cupcakes with couture cupcake wrappers, truffles, personalized chocolate bars, cookie garlands, whoopie pies, pillow mints, malted milk balls, sweet tarts, rock candy, taffy, barber poles, jordan almonds, macarons, cotton candy cone sticks,popcorn boxes, panacotta, centerpiece cakes, jelly beans, licorice mints, fondant covered petit fours, macaroons and gelato. You can also include customized drinks!

7. Add labels. Use coordinated stationary, chalkboard signs, handwritten signs, calligraphy and ribbonto create beautiful signs to describe desserts. See photos for details.

8. Create a favor board. Decorate a peg board or other sturdy board as the backdrop of your table. Hang favor bags filled with candy that guests can take as they leave. See photos for details.

9. Get interactive. Introduce interactive dessert stations on your table and involve the guests in the fun! Traditional examples include allowing guests to fill cello bagsitalian square favor boxes, or clear chinese take out boxes with candy or a chocolate fountain. You can also get creative by allowing guests to scoop gelato (ice cream) between two macarons (cookies), for example.

10. Release your inner architect. Let your creativity run wild to create a truly stunning dessert table. Design a lollipop tree (see above) or a cookie garland to hang above the table. Stack macarons in a pyramid shape or find uniquely shaped vases to display desserts and flowers. Above all, have fun!

We want to see your dessert table! Send your photos to

{ all photos: amy atlas events }

{ all photo credits: amy atlas }

No one does dessert better than Amy Atlas. Amy is an acclaimed NY-based event planner specializing in high end dessert tables. She treats each endeavor as a unique project and designs each dessert table to fit the client. You can reach her at