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Glamorous Grad Party

Glamorous Grad Party

Make your Grad feel extra special with a Glam Graduation Party! Graduations are a time of celebration, joy and are a significant milestone in many people’s lives. Make your graduation party unique among the rest, you have earned it!

The first step to creating a Glam Grad party is to choose your color palette. You can choose colors that the reflect the colors of the Grad’s school or you can choose colors that would reflect their personality and aesthetic. For our idea board we used a sophisticated palette of black, white, silver and gold. An important part of this look is incorporating glitter and bling into the look. Use Sequin Table Runners and Sequin Tablecloths to add a glitter element to your decor!

For the budget conscious party planner, Sequin Overlays are the perfect substitute for a full Sequin Tablecloth.  Create stunning centerpieces with Diamond Table Decor. End the night with Treat Bags filled with your grads favorite candy and treats!

Get The Look:
Pop Fizz Clink Balloons
Striped Candy Cups
Sequin Tablecloth
Sequin Table Runner
Striped Treat Bags
Diamond Table Decor
Vintage Charger Plates
Sequin Overlay

Classic Stripe Party Inspiration

Stripes are a classic pattern which can suit multiple themes from a brightly colored Sweet 16 Birthday Party to a sophisticated Nautical Inspired Wedding. Stripes are a versatile pattern and can be used for many themes. Consider using stripes for weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, outdoor event and more!

Stripes are a powerful pattern. Use the pattern sparingly for just the right amount of contrast and excitement. Too much of any pattern will cause an event to look busy and cluttered. Stick to a limited palette of patterns and colors for a tasteful sophisticated look.

For a sophisticated modern wedding reception use our Striped Table Runners in a dark pattern such as Navy Blue, Black or Grey. Planning a vibrant summer outdoor wedding? Use our Vintage Paper Straws and Stamped Wooden Cutlery to add a pop of color to your table. To complete your theme give your guests a striped souvenir using our Striped Party Treat Bags or Striped Party Favor Bags filled with your favorite treats and Personalized Wedding Favors!

Get The Look:
Striped Votive Candle Holders – Gold
Striped Party Treat Bags
Stamped Wooden Cutlery – Striped
Striped Table Runner
Striped Votive Candle Holders – Silver
Striped Party Favor Bags – Kraft
Vintage Paper Straws – Striped
Striped Washi Tape
Striped Candy Cups

Top 10 Creative Alternatives to Throwing Out Your Wedding Food

Your wedding will be a big expense on your pocketbook but your food and desserts don’t have to be. Finding alternative ways to save money can help stretch your pocketbook. Whether you’re serving a candy buffet for dessert and favors or inviting guests to take home leftovers, here are our top 10 creative alternatives to throwing out your wedding food. These tips will help you save money and feel better about not wasting food.

{Wedding Food Supplies: Damask Favor Boxes, Cupcake Wrappers, Favor Boxes, Red Favor Bags,  Cupcake Liners, Personalized Drink Favors, Cupcake Boxes, Paper Drinking Straws}

  1. Next Day Meals: With a few extra Tupperware containers or cute favor boxes you can create meals for the rest of your weekend. Instead of having to grocery shop or cook the next day you can feed your family and bridal party with take home leftovers. This is incredibly handy for the next couple to avoid having to shop for food that will go to waste over the honeymoon.
  2. Feed the Homeless: Some local homeless shelters will let you bring food for donation. Be sure to ask your local shelter in advance to know their policies. Some states have law prohibiting catering companies from reusing food so your catering and local shelters should be contacted with details.
  3. Doggie Bag It: If you’re unable to deliver it to a shelter consider doggie bagging it for guests to take home. They’ll appreciate your eco-friendly gesture that saves them from cooking the next day. With cute personalized favor boxes, create labels or tags inviting guests to serve themselves up their favorite menu item. Fun labels and personalized “doggie bags” will make it fun and upbeat to take home leftovers.
  4. Bridal Brunch: Not keen on serving takeout? Incorporate the leftovers into your bridal brunch the next morning. Invite family over to share some omelets or quiche made from your wedding meal. They’ll appreciate your cost consciousness while enjoying a free meal.
  5. Treat the Staff: Family buffet styles often end up with leftovers. Invite the caterers or venue staff to sit and have a bite to eat. They’ll appreciate your generosity and won’t keel over from hunger.
  6. Deliver to Relatives: So your great aunt couldn’t make it to the reception because she’s not well? Pack up a care package and hand deliver it to her. Any sick or bedbound relatives who missed out on your big day would love a thoughtful gesture such as delivering a meal to them. They’ll get to share in your wedding food while listening to you recap your favorite moments of the night. Be sure to pack up a little of everything, including a wedding favor and piece of dessert!
  7. Serve the Needy: Abuse victims and domestic shelters would love the donation of food. Families who can’t afford to go out to eat or shelters on limited budgets are great places to donate your leftover food. Consider delivering your wedding bouquets with a few containers of wedding food to cheer up their night and fill stomachs in need.
  8. Edible Wedding Favors: Instead of serving a variety of desserts that go to waste if they’re uneaten, give guests wedding favor cello bags to scoop up their desserts as edible favors. You can use favor bags or cupcake boxes to allow guests a wedding favor they choose and design themselves. A DIY cupcake buffet will let guests decorate cupcakes to their own choosing then take them home for a late night snack.
  9. Leftover Liquor: If you’re serving champagne, you can use the leftovers for brunch mimosas. For wine and beer, host a barbeque party and invite your friends to partake. Any leftover wine bottles make great hostess gifts or holiday favors for friends and family. Give a personalized wine carrier bag with a bottle of wine as a great personal gift for mom and dad. Ask your bartender or caterer to box up the extras for you to take home. Save a bottle or two to open on your anniversary.
  10. Wedding Cake Box: Don’t forget the time honored tradition of saving the wedding cake. After the cake is served and leftovers are boxed up for guests to take home, be sure to remind your event planner or venue supervisor that you wish to save the wedding cake. Traditionally the top tier of the wedding cake is saved for the couple to open and enjoy on their one year anniversary.

There are plenty of ways to reuse and enjoy your wedding food, wedding bouquets and your centerpiece. The ultimate eco-friendly wedding combines budget friendly ideas with these alternatives to wasting resources. Many ‘green weddings’ use these tips to saving money by reusing their wedding supplies. Don’t overlook the food as a way to help others and cut waste. You’ll be happy you did and have a good memory to helping others on your big day!

Family Reunion Ideas: Hotel Bags & Trip Ideas

For most families, planning get-togethers and family reunions can be a big ordeal. There are plenty of phone calls to make and scheduling arrangements to work out. Hotel arrangements, food preparations and plenty of fun party decorations are all put together to create a memorable family vacation. The hard work has a great payoff: at the end of the day, seeing family and spending time together sure outweighs the hassle, right?

There are plenty of ways to create a fun family tradition by incorporating cheerful playful decorations and special food ideas. One of our favorite family reunions ideas is to create a welcome gift for everyone. Some families create themed reunion t-shirts for each member of the family. Sunglasses and sunscreen are great if you’re planning a sunny vacation getaway. Family reunion bags are similar to out of town bags for each guest because they often include a schedule of events, a few brochures, lists of activities and food or snacks. Create your own out of town reunion bags using personalized favor bags. Then with your own combination of DIY favor supplies you can customize your own welcome bags. Candy, personalized water bottles and key chains are useful for vacations and make great party bag fillers.

{Photo Source: Angela Hardison, Dozi Design, Favor Supplies from Koyal Wholesale, Martha Stewart Wedding, Style Me Pretty, Landee See Landee Do, Martha Stewart}

If you’re interested in having a themed vacation, most theme parks have adjoining hotels that can offer a variety of fun options. Florida and California are popular vacation destination spots for families with small children. The resorts and theme parks have rides and attractions for all ages. For your family reunion bags, stick to a fun vacation theme with flip flop favors or theme park souvenirs. Most hotel resorts will let you prepare room bags to put in the rooms ahead of time. Your family will be surprised and touched by your effort. Include a special note for Grandma and Grandpa for a special welcome.

Family reunions are a fun time to hang out, sight-see and catch up on current news. Be sure to include plenty of activities for all ages so everyone has something to do. Sports games, theater and theme parks are all popular choices for a family reunion. Don’t forget to wear your fun family reunion shirts to stay together as a group. Some attractions will even give you special pricing for group rates, so remember to ask! Because each family is unique, your family reunion and favor bags will be as personal and special as you are. Don’t be afraid to put a few personal touches to make each favor bag more meaningful!

DIY Wedding Favor Ideas From Koyal Wholesale

Weddings can be a large expense for a couple who wants to settle down and make a home. You start to choose between the new couch and the rose centerpieces. Weighing the pros and cons on your wedding checklist can be a lot to handle. But nowadays do it yourself weddings are both stylish and affordable. In the recent economy it has become not only acceptable, but also popular to have a DIY wedding style. Favors are the easiest way to accomplish a do it yourself wedding that still feels like a lavish over the top affair.  Still out of ideas for do it yourself wedding favors? Here are a few DIY ideas for do it yourself wedding favors!DIY Wedding FavorsAny of these special DIY favor items can be personalized with colored ribbon, monogrammed stickers or matching fabric in your wedding colors. Shop our wide selection of DIY favor items‘ to make your own budget friendly wedding favors. Diamond Rhinestone Ribbon Wrap comes in a variety of colors to decorate your gifts with a little bling. Save money by buying your wedding favors in bulk and tying the ribbon yourself!

{Photo Credits: Diamond Rhinestone Ribbon Wrap from Koyal Wholesale, Homemade Candle from Ruffled Blog, Personalized Fabric Wedding Favor Bags from Koyal Wholesale, Decorative Rhinestone Trim from Koyal Wholesale, Fabric Wrappers Favors photographed by Joseph De Leo on Safe & Style Blog, Polka Dot Ribbon from Koyal Wholesale, stunning Jose Villa photography featured on Style Me Pretty}


Quick And Easy DIY Wedding Crafts With Baker’s Twine

A wedding has a lot of small intricate details that a planner has to think about. Each DIY bride or event planner has to run through list after list of wedding supplies they have to order and customize for each individual event. We like to think that we make that list a little easier by offering a large supply of wedding products in one place. Our always expanding inventory of creative goods just became a little larger with the addition of our DIY wedding supplies! Craft supplies aren’t always easy to find in specific colors and patterns. Our new eco-friendly Baker’s Twine is just one example of our hot new products! These colorful rolls of twine are perfect for creating DIY wedding favors and practically anything that has to be tied with a ribbon can be tied with twine instead.

Baker's Twine FavorsBaker’s Twine ideas and inspiration courtesy of

Any favor boxes or treat bags can be tied with baker’s twine for a retro look that is colorful and practical. Plus, invitations and paper goods can be wrapped carefully with colorful twine to avoid papers falling out of invitations and getting lost. Coordinate twine colors with your wedding theme to for a simple way to match your invitations with your reception decor. Use baker’s twine to hang table seating arrangements or tie table numbers to your centerpieces for a funky retro accent. And how awesome is this twine when combined with Japanese Washi Tape? What a great DIY wedding trick for brides creating their own invitations and reception decor.

Baker's TwineBaker’s Twine inspiration courtesy of 100 Layer Cake.

Baker's Twine Favor Bags

Baker’s Twine and Japanese Washi Tape Ideas courtesy of