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Wedding Traditions: Bride & Groom Gift Ideas

It may be an old tradition but as  bride, I think it still has some merit. According to, brides and grooms that are paying for the wedding themselves have dropped the tradition of exchanging wedding gifts. Instead they focus on the gift of a perfect wedding day. Since most brides handle a large portion of the wedding day themselves, I’m going to go ahead and say I think tradition is important! Now, I’m not saying that the groom should fork over money for a new bridal BMW but a little pre-honeymoon pampering wouldn’t hurt!

By now you’ve probably caught on that the personalized tote bag option is by far one of my favorite gift ideas. Nothing says “thanks for taking my name” like giving your bride a monogrammed bag with her new initials. These bags work for honeymoon carry-on bags and every errands to the grocery store to fetch beer for the new husband. Throw in some spa items or a new bikini and you might have a chance at playing that ridiculous honeymoon decision dice game you’ve been hinting at her to play!

As for the grooms, I suppose the bride should return the favor. This personal cigar humidor is a great way to pat your man on the back for a job well done. It’s not every day he can walk a straight line and mumble a few life-changing words! Or let him celebrate with a congratulatory brew in a personalized beer mug. These options all work great for an after ceremony exchange of gifts.

Personally, I’ve been getting hints that my groom-to-be would like a shiny new kayak. I don’t think he’s aware that a kayak comes with the return request for a new designer purse but hey, happy wife makes for a happy life right?

Eco Friendly Wedding: Bridesmaid Gifts

I’m at a loss for the perfect bridesmaid gifts. On one hand personalization is always a great option. On the other hand, a personalized key chain doesn’t seem like a enough for a bridesmaid helping me breathe through 150 guests worth of hello and thank yous. What can you offer a variety of bridesmaids who have completely different lifestyles and interests?

Since lately I’ve noticed an increase in the reusable bag trend, one option I was humoring was ordering personalized tote bags to present to my bridesmaids the day of. For the busy mom, sweetly acting as my maid of honor, this helps her gather all of her belongings for a trip to the beach and the added personalization makes it more intimate. Using a hip striped tote works for the younger carefree bridesmaids as well.

Using a larger bag also affords me the option to give them matching gifts with customized items inside. Basically giving them a special gift for each with reusable wrapping paper. Everyone likes the environment right?

Maybe inside I’ll find some perfect jewelry and spa items. Make up and spa items seem like a great option since who doesn’t need a little relax and pampering after a busy wedding! I recommend this great personalized spa kit, it’s small and handy with custom initials that ward off any envious on lookers.