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Beach Wedding Ideas

Happy Friday everyone!  After a long week, we’re ready to hit the beach this weekend…which got us naturally thinking about all the beach weddings coming up this summer.  If sandy, sunny nuptials sound like a tropical dream, we’ve put together a few must-haves that let you celebrate in style!

Let’s tackle centerpieces first. Beach weddings can range from chic and casual to refined elegance.  Whatever your style, use your natural surroundings as your decor manual. Simple touches like natural sugar starfish (also work great for invitations and place card holders), tabletop tiki torches, or even natural driftwood branches used as table decorations play up on the beachy vibe.  Charger plates add a pop of color and texture to your table scape in pretty beach colors such as aqua blue charger plates, ocean blue charger plates. Or embrace beach chic style with rattan chargers in brick brown, honey brown, or sand brown.

With a carefree and relaxed vibe, beach weddings often leave guests with a feeling of not wanting to return home to the “real world” right away.  Therefore, give your guests mementos that will remind them of their seaside vacation.  Candies in starfish burlap favor bags or personalized favor bags, personalized tote bags, and key chain favors such as starfish chains, mini flip flops are always favorites.

Finally, event decorations can really tie your whole celebration together.  Play off the natural beauty of the sea and sand, and palm trees and tropical flowers.  You can choose big decor pieces for maximum impact such as seashell driftwood garlands,  driftwood garlands, tiered chandeliers in blue capiz shell, parasols, and personalized photo backdrops.

In end, a little creativity and inspiration will go a long way to creating the beach wedding of your dreams! Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas!

2012 Wedding Trends: DIY Manzanita Wishing Trees

We love all the new wedding decor trends that are making their way into holiday and event decor. Wishing trees are one of the top 2012 trends that we’re seeing more and more of. Did you know that wishing trees are a Dutch wedding tradition? Wishing trees are great for centerpieces at baby showers and wedding receptions. Guests can share their well wishes with friends and family and you can incorporate them into a guest book afterwards. Baby shower themes can be: what do you wish for our child, tips to raising the perfect kid, or inspiring words for our child. Wedding guests can write about advice, special hopes or future wishes that the happy couple can read on their honeymoon. A wishing tree is a great guest book alternative for an outdoor wedding or a nature-inspired wedding theme. If your wedding invitations have a tree theme this wedding decor is perfect.

Baby Wishing TreeBaby Shower Wishing Tree Designed By

Create a wishing tree by painting manzanita branches white, silver or any décor colors to match your reception. Place a branch in a wood box or a special vase and prop it up with rocks or craft foam. Wrap your wooden box with Diamond Rhinestone Ribbon Wrap or paint to match reception colors. Then decorate your wishing tree with hanging crystal garland. If you’re creating a lighted display, decorate with hanging candle votive holders for a glamorous reflective accent. Then, once you’ve created your tree cut out tags so guests can write their wishes. Tie each tag with ribbon so guests can hang them on the branches. A simple sign inviting guests to give sweet advice for the new couple or baby addition propped out front will inspire them to give tips, advice or insight for you to share for years to come.

Nature inspired Wishing TreeWishing Tree For A Nature Inspired Wedding Courtesy Of ProjectWedding

After the special event, take each tag and place it in a scrapbook with mini envelopes. The wedding wish tree is a creative alternative to the traditional guest book that most couples have. Use any accent colors you like and remember to make enough wishing tags for guests to share all their happy thoughts!

Hot 2011 Wedding Trend: Giant Wedding Balloons

Large Red Wedding BalloonsWedding Balloons courtesy of

Wedding balloons are ah-mazing. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love balloons! These aesthetically pleasing props work great for engagement shoots, birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings.. you get my drift! Our big wedding balloons work great in large quantities or individually in engagement shoots.

Giant White Wedding BalloonsPhoto Courtesy of

Giant Red Wedding BalloonsPhoto Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

These photos are great for a playful unique way to photograph your wedding party in a comfortable setting. They had a colorful vibe while still creating a youthful look. Personally I love the use of all one color but you can mix and match colors for a more unique look. If your girls all want to carry pinks and your men want to carry blues, you can mix and match to create playful competition.

My plan for our wedding is to use these large wedding balloons for a front lawn ornament. I want to hang a row of white balloons on the front of the property so people can tell they’ve made it to the right place. I think a long crisp display of white balloons is perfect for a stunning opening since our backdrop is all greenery.

My favorite part about this post? Drumroll….. We now carry giant wedding balloons! And I’m telling you, these balloons are perfect for any special event you’ve got planned.


Bride Update: Bohemian Themed Wedding

Photo Courtesy of Angela & Evan Photography from

I go on and on about my own personal wedding so I figured I should give you a little more details rather than just a brief tidbit here and there. Our wedding is this October and we’re going to enjoy a bohemian rustic outdoor garden barbecue theme. Sounds complicated doesn’t it? Finding the right words to describe it is usually a tricky challenge. The details explain it better: antique mismatched china plates that my mom and I have collected for the past year, live jazzy Jack Johnson-John Mayer-Dave Matthews style music. We’re serving freshly barbecued tri-tip and chicken for dinner and a large dessert display for afterwards. Our theme revolves around the sweetness of love, without the cheesy candy bar because we’re not big candy people.

However, we are going to use apothecary jars and a mix of these glass vases to create a trail mix bar. Trail mix is a great way to get protein and energy throughout the day because rumor has it the bride and groom never get a chance to actually eat! I’ve got my eye on some really cute take home sweet bags like these pink and white candy bags. Do you think these personalized pocket style favor bags are more fitting? Jim wanted the trail mix bar and I wanted a simple s’mores bar so we’re having both! I like the look of miss-matched desert table options with tongs and scoops.

I come from a large Hungarian family so it’s a tradition to have a lot of desserts: cookies, brownies, cakes, pies. My mother had this tradition at her wedding and it’s very exciting for me to incorporate it into mine. Everything is very antique and rustic looking because both our ceremony and reception are outdoors in Southern California. What do you think? If you have any ideas for me email me : claire[@]!

Here’s the inspiration for our wedding table centerpieces:

Bohemian Themed Centerpieces

Photo Courtesy of Angela & Evan Photography from


Chic Wedding Decorations: Reception Trail Mix Bar

Photo Courtesy of by Studio EMP

I’m in love. I’m absolutely hundred and twenty percent in love with this idea. I’ve already gotten approval from my man to go ahead and add it to our decorations. It wasn’t very hard to get his vote as he loves dried fruit trail mix. I’ll admit, I wandered onto the Found Vintage Rentals website because I love antique reclaimed furniture but I quickly tripped, stumbled and fell in love. I want to pack up my things, run to the store and start picking out trail mix items now!

Okay, anyways, here’s what I’m thinking… This idea works great with the right kind of atmosphere. Outdoors, garden wedding but not too hot (M&M’s melt!). Using mixed selection of jars and vases you can create your own clustered look. I am toying with the idea of using apothecary jars simply for the fact sweets can attract ants and flies. Centerpiece vases with stands attached to them work great for achieving the vintage look. Or try going with small metal silver favor buckets to make it more rustic and unique.

Complete the look with aluminum candy buffet scoops for your guests to pick out which items they like best. This trail mix buffet is very much reminiscent of a frozen yogurt bar only without the cold melting mess to clean up. But hey, you could throw in some tubs of vanilla fro-yo and you’d have a the perfect outdoor dessert bar.

All you need to complete your trail mix bags are cute sweet candy paper bags. If you’re planning on offering your guests larger pieces then give them bigger cartons to put their goodies in. These novelty popcorn cartons do the trick and add to the chic-reclaimed vibe. Lastly, plop some buffet signs so your guests know which type of chocolate, nuts and fruit are which.

All of this is just absolutely amazing put together on reclaimed furniture. A few of my favorite selections are the Eastlake Blue Dressor and Justice Teal Metal Shelves. Both of these options would be awesome combined with jars and vases to create a candy, cupcake or dessert buffet of any kind. If you have any questions, I’m sure you could just ask  Jeni at Found as she is a sweetheart!

DIY Wedding Decorations: Creative Wedding Birdcage Centerpieces

Wedding Birdcage by

I recently made a steal at a neighborhood garage sale. A rustic white birdcage that stands about six feet tall for 20 bucks. I kid you not. I almost felt bad for this lady selling me such a great find for so cheap. Anyways, I’ve noticed that this birdcage trend is finally catching on. Brides have been using the wedding birdcage for cards for a while now but I’m really liking the use of a birdcage as decor.

Photography by Stephanie Williams Photography featured on

I think this look really works with white bird cage wedding decor and antique wooden bird cages. Hanging them works to create an outdoor garden look reminiscent of The Secret Garden or Alice In Wonderland pre-rabbit hole mishap. Koyal Wholesale has numerous birdcages to complete the look. Personally, I think the idea of hanging different size classic round decorative birdcages with a light bulb in the middle is pretty creative. Or, how about adding miniature bird cages and hanging them as accents for the larger ones?

Another great alternative to light bulbs, avoid the messy electrical cords by using Floralytes decorative lighting.  These small wireless lights can be placed in cages, on tables or as underwater lighting. They even come in a variety of colors if you wanted to light up your white birdcages in different shades!

If you’re trying to glam up your style and add a little bit of couture so your reception isn’t too rustic try adding hanging crystal garland. How pretty would this be with swooped crystal garland and a few strands of colored paper tissue garland? Oh I’m already redesigning my reception decor in my head! Oh, this look works so well with a cute love birds wedding theme.

Okay, really. I’ll be done.

DIY Wedding Decorations: Outdoor Ceremony Decor

Outdoor Wedding Photography courtesy of

Last week I posted a how to on garden weddings.. well since it is summer I figured I’d give a few more outdoor accent ideas. These aren’t very complicated and they’re just ideas on how you can incorporate more flair into your wedding.

Fight the Heat with Handmade Raffia Fans

I love the look of hanging flowers from your chairs and it adds a little extra color. If your chairs have a place to hang them try these kissing ball pomanders. Or how cute would these printed paper parasols be leaned up against the aisle chairs? Tag a little note for guests to use them in the sun and they’d be perfect.

Speaking of sun, how about little baskets that have wedding fans tucked inside? Count out enough for each row and place in a basket as aisle markers. If you have flowers on the aisle, place the fans on each chair with a ceremony program and your guests each have their own custom chair setting instead.

I really like the idea of hanging paper lanterns in the trees or overhead posts. It is a great way to hide unsightly flaws that are bound to occur in nature. I’m not saying you can cover up a fallen tree from last weeks storm, but colorful lanterns will surely distract from it! If you’re site doesn’t have multiple outlets for power try using battery powered lanterns.

Keep in mind that if you’re having a evening ceremony it will be dark by the time your guests leave. I recommend lining the pathway to the reception or parking lot with candles. These black mini lanterns work great to contain your candles so you don’t have to worry about fires. If your site doesn’t allow open flames try swapping tea lights for battery operated tea lights.

There are so many options for decorating outside. My ceremony site has a gazebo so I’ll be posting in the near future my hopes and dreams for decorating outdoor gazebos and other alter ideas.

A Green Scene: Planning an Outdoor Garden Wedding

A lush green garden, the scent of flowers on a cool breeze, the sun shining down on a couple standing under a beautiful arbor – it’s the ultimate wedding dream for many. But if you’re one of those who would love to have an outdoor wedding in a garden, there are several things you should keep in mind, like the weather, the decoration, and the setup. An outdoor wedding demands a whole different kind of plan, and it’s one that needs to be flexible as well as practical.

1. Setting the Date. Although it’s impossible to predict the weather far in advance, try to choose a time of year when the days tend to be sunny and rain-free, but not unbearably hot.

2. Developing a Plan B. A garden is lovely – except when it starts to bucket down with rain. Always have an alternative place to shift the ceremony and/or reception in case there is bad weather.

3. Deciding on a Tent and Lighting. You don’t have to have a marquee, but you should consider how you will light the event and whether you’ll need extra electrical connections.

4. Choosing a Theme and Color Scheme. Take your inspiration from the beauty of Nature and pick a floral theme, a ‘green’ palette or a rustic country theme.

5. Designing the Décor. The main advantage of holding your wedding outdoors is that Mother Nature will provide you with a beautiful backdrop. But you’ll have to decide what extra decorations, floral arrangements and tables and chairs you need.

Depending on the garden you choose, you can opt for any number of themes. Your own or your parents’ garden is always a lovely, homely choice, and you can build on that theme with rustic-inspired decorations. Hang Glass Lanterns, filling them alternately with candles and full-blown flowers. Try grouping together colored Glass Votive Holders for a really simple but pretty centerpiece. And fill jam jars or Glass Pitchers with hand cut seasonal flowers for a home-made look!

Images from Elizabeth Anne DesignsElizabeth Anne DesignsKoyal Wholesale Pink Scalloped Shaped Paper ParasolElizabeth Anne DesignsKoyal Wholesale Turquoise Damask Table RunnerKoyal Wholesale Hanging Moroccan LanternKoyal Wholesale Turquoise Votive Candle HoldersElizabeth Anne DesignsElizabeth Anne Designs

Flowers are a popular theme at weddings. One of the best contrasts with the green of a garden wedding is pretty, delicate pink. Forget cliché roses – choose the flamboyant peony as the symbol for your wedding, and fill the centerpieces, bouquets and aisle decorations with these dramatic blooms. You can extend the floral theme to smaller details like the place card holders and bottle openers, even the Favor Boxes, Invitations and Wine Bottle Labels.

Images from 100 Layer Cake, Koyal Wholesale Flower Place Card Holders, Kelly Oshiro Events100 Layer Cake, Koyal Wholesale Flower Bottle Stopper, Style Me Pretty, Koyal Wholesale Personalized Wine Bottle Labels

A really beautiful theme that is easy to create is the vintage garden tea party. Use lots of authentically old pieces like the gorgeous distressed dresser in the picture below, used to display the cake. Have your bridal party dress in twenties or fifties style outfits, invest in some retro Hair Accessories, and go wild with long beaded necklaces, feathers and cocktail rings. Other great ideas: an old-fashioned White Birdcage to hold the place cards, Vintage Crystal Drop Candleholders in the center of each table, and a Personalized Aisle Runner with a traditional scroll to walk in on.

Images from Style Me Pretty, Koyal Wholesale Personalized Aisle Runner, Koyal Wholesale White Birdcage Card HolderStyle Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty, Koyal Wholesale Miniature Teacup and TealightsStyle Me Pretty

Feeling inspired? Great. But while you’re planning your fairytale garden wedding, don’t forget to consider these essential points.

  • Summer days can be very hot, so plan to rent free-standing fans or provide guests with Hand Fans.
  • Your menu needs to be practical – don’t order things that will melt after five minutes in the sun!
  • If you’re getting married during the popular summer holidays, book everything way in advance.
  • Open grounds are susceptible to gusty winds, so avoid having open flame lamps or candles.
  • Think about whether you will need to guard against mosquitoes, bees or other insects.
  • If you’re getting married at home, work out how much parking will be available for guests.
  • Decide how you will get an electrical supply for sound systems, fans etc.
  • Work out what lighting will be needed – Paper Lanterns, Spotlights or String Lights.
  • And always, ALWAYS have a backup plan in case it rains!

Galvanized Pails, Buckets and Tubs for Weddings

Galvanized buckets for centerpieces are a truly rustic and elegant design element. Inexpensive galvanized buckets can be used as part of wedding centerpieces, to create French country inspired ceremony aisle style, as part of wedding receptions, and even as a classic way to serve ice-cold drinks at a reception.

Galvanized french buckets wholesale allow a bride to fill a space with colorful flowers and decor in a relatively inexpensive way. Simply fill wholesale metal pails with bright florals, branches, and other natural elements to provide a sense of height and coverage in a design space. To add a couture element to an otherwise rustic tin pail, take your galvanized tin pails wholesale and adorn them with hanging crystals, rhinestones and other crystal features. Use magnetic hanging crystals to easily attach crystal to the side of your metal pails in bulk.

If you are holding a larger event, tin pails wholesale are a great way to create large, bulky centerpieces for a fraction of the cost. The cheap metal pails will take up the majority of the space in your tablescape. Fill the pails with flowers, candles and other bulk items to create an affordably elegant centerpiece. You may even turn the metal pails wholesale over, and use the bottom of the pails as a platform for your centerpiece and floral designs! To create a sense of unity throughout your wedding, bridal shower, or other special event, use mini tin pails wholesale, or even tin bucket favors, filled with your favorite candies as party favors for your guests. Have you used Galvanized French buckets and pails in a creative way? Share you ideas and photos with us by emailing them to!

Jennifer Dery }

Green and Gorgeous: Ideas for an Outdoor Spring Wedding

Planning a spring wedding? Take advantage of the rising temperatures and take your ceremony outdoors. You’ll have the advantage of a gorgeous ready-made backdrop – Mother Nature in all her glory! – and a choice of some fabulous spring themes…

If your tastes tend towards the whimsical, the delicate, and the airily, fairily pretty, how about a beautiful butterfly themed wedding? You can use the butterfly as the unifying symbol for your event, printing delicate butterfly shapes on napkins, invitations and wedding favors, and even set butterfly place card holders around the tables.

Did you know that the butterfly is a symbol for change and new beginnings? Use delicate hand painted butterflies to add a touch of beauty to your centerpieces, bouquets and even bridal party accessories, and spread a little of that feeling of optimism and joy all over!

Images from Style Me Pretty, Koyal Wholesale Hand Painted Butterflies, Style Me Pretty, Style Me PrettyOnce Wed, Koyal Wholesale Butterfly Place Card Holders

There are so many flowers that bloom in spring, you’ll be spoilt for choice if you want a flower-themed wedding. Our top choice for a floral 2011 spring wedding is the gerber daisy! But you don’t have to go the typical route and stick to a yellow and white daisy theme. Gerber daisies come in so many fantastic vibrant shades, you can create any color palette you like!

We love the idea of a pink and orange wedding theme, filled to the brim with bright, cheerful daisies. There really is nothing so fresh and pretty and colorful as a garden ceremony and reception with daisy favor boxes, centerpieces and bouquets. A bunch of daisies atop the cake look sweetly stunning, or you could opt for cupcakes adorned with individual daisies in pink and orange! However you choose to accessorize it, your daisy themed wedding is sure to be a riot of color and joy!

Images from Koyal Wholesale Daisy Favor Box, Style Me PrettyJunebug Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty

Many eco-friendly couples find the idea of a green/garden wedding appealing. This theme is based on a very simple green palette with subtle touches of brown, and heavy use of natural elements – branches, leaves, twigs, and simple floral arrangements in white and green. You can create a fantastic relaxed vibe for the reception by arranging casual seating on the grass and cute picnic-style tables. Serve wedding cupcakes in an iron branch cupcake tree, and present your guests with cute potted plants as wedding favors – you can even use miniature topiary photo holders as place card holders or to show off pictures of you both! There is no limit to the fun you can have planning your eco-wedding in spring…

Images from Junebug Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Junebug Weddings, Ritzybee, Style Me Pretty, Koyal Wholesale Topiary Photo Holder/Place Card Holder, Koyal Wholesale ‘Twig’ Style Iron Branch Party Tree – Cupcake Tree