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How to Throw a Service Themed Kids Birthday Party

Kids have everything these days: cell phones, Facebook and laptops. Gifts seem to clutter up the bedroom and go unused, don’t they? Sometimes it’s important to instill values and giving instead of receiving. Finding ways to give back isn’t always the most fun activity for a birthday party. A lot of kids seem to think giving back to the community means getting dirty or boring. Well, there are plenty of service themed birthday party ideas you can incorporate into your child’s party. If you’ve already created a tradition of donating clothes or money, we commend and thank you! Here are a few more ideas to teach the children about sharing and helping those less fortunate.

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Environmentally Friendly

Spending the day outside is the best way to give back to the community. Planting trees and picking up trash are two activities that will make your kid’s active and appreciative. If your birthday party falls during the spring, use an Earth Day theme birthday party. When a kid plants a tree they have the satisfaction of watching the tree grow through the years. Many couples plant a tree during their wedding to symbolize the beginning a new relationship. For a kid, watching a tree is a tangible way to see the years pass by. Plus, they’re helping the environment grow. Decorate the table with fun eco-friendly party favors and green table linens.

Those Less Fortunate

So you spoiled your birthday kid with an over the top dessert table, donate the leftover food to the local shelter. Help those in need by serving soup at the local food shelter. Feeding the homeless can be a learning experience about being grateful. Order a large quantity of delicious cupcakes from your local bakery or cupcake shop. Decorate them with cupcake wrappers and fun cupcake toppings and deliver them to the local food shelter to brighten their day. You’ll be able to share in the pleasure a delicious birthday treat with people who can teach your children a lesson about the hardships in life.

Taking Collections

A toy drive is a very simple way to give back at a birthday party. In lieu of gifts, have each guest bring a can of food to donate. Birthday party favors can be donations made in honor of the guests. Recently, we attended a sweet sixteen birthday party where girls were asked to bring gently used clothing to donate. You can clean out the close for a good cause! Reward the guests with practical party favors they’ll reuse over and over.

Creating a service themed birthday party is a great way to give your kid a memorable party without spoiling them. Simple party decorations will match any activity theme you can think of. Garlands, balloons and paper lanterns can create an outdoor picnic party. You’ll feel good about making a difference and teaching important values to your kids. What creative ways to instill learning and educational values with your children?

Cinco De Mayo Party: A Celebration of Mexico

Cinco de Mayo is only a few days away! Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in the United States and certain regions of Mexico. Although, the holiday is a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride most of the special events and Cinco de Mayo parties are held in the United States. Contrary to popular belief the holiday is not Mexico’s Independence Day but rather a day to honor the end of the Battle of Puebla in Mexico. The United States declared it an official holiday to observe in 2005. Its most often honored with cultural decorations and traditional Mexican symbols. We love the idea of putting together a Cinco de Mayo party with bright festive colors and fun Mexican traditions.

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We’re very excited about Cinco de Mayo this year because we just stocked up on our favorite Mexican decorations: Papel Picados! These brightly colored Mexican banners are popping up at Mexican-inspired weddings and destination wedding receptions. We’re excited to hang these colorful paper decorations at our Cinco de Mayo party this weekend. Some live Mariachi music and traditional Mexican food will set the tone for a festive Cinco de Mayo party.

Looking for ideas for your Cinco de Mayo party? Bright colored metal lanterns and vintage Mexican soda bottles make great centerpieces. You might have to drink a couple bottles of Mexican soda but with a few single blooms you’ll have a DIY centerpiece that’s easy and affordable. Miniature piñatas can also be used for centerpieces and double as party favors for kids to take home afterwards. For a color theme, stick with similar colors to our Mexican banners. The traditional colors are bright yellow, orange, red, blue and green. Primary colors are easy to decorate with candles, lanterns and plastic table ware.

Do you have any fun recipes or traditions that you like to break out for Cinco de Mayo? We’re planning to have some friends over, decorate the patio with some fun paper decorations and eat traditional Mexican food. We want to hear your plans and celebrate with you! Send your fun traditions and recipes to us at our Facebook page. Be sure to let us know if you love our papel picados as much as we do!

How to Host a Carnival Themed Birthday Party

Birthday party themes can get mundane and boring unless you find a way to mix it up and be creative. The ultimate way to throw a hit birthday party is with a carnival themed birthday party. Big balloons, bright colors and plenty of carnival games make for a great birthday party! Transform your party into a boardwalk venue with a saltwater taffy dessert bar. An old fashioned candy cart filled with ribbon candy and cotton candy is the perfect way to serve sweet desserts or birthday cake. For cupcakes use brightly colored striped cupcake wrappers and pennant cupcake toppers. Once you have desserts covered you can start planning your themed beverages. Old fashion soda stands are a great way to serve cool refreshing drinks at your party. Use soda pop bottles with retro paper drinking straws in red and blue stripes.

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Start with brightly colored invitations adorned with paper pennants or balloons. Then create the same look for your party décor by using paper pennants and plenty of balloons. Red, yellow and blue are prominent carnival colors so don’t be afraid to combine all three for a true carnie color theme. Don’t forget to add plenty of carnival tickets to your décor. Glass vases can be wrapped with carnival tickets to create a carnival vase. Speaking of carnival tickets; be sure to plan plenty of carnival games. Ring toss, squirt races and duck pond are all must-have games. Age appropriate games such as a fortune telling booth or kissing booth are exciting for older kids. Stock up on simple prizes such as candy necklaces, kazoos and squirt guns make great prizes for carnival games.

A carnival theme birthday party is great for a summer occasion. Not celebrating a birthday? The Fourth of July is a great excuse to throw a special carnival theme party. You can incorporate these ideas into a holiday party or a wedding reception. With a few pinwheel decorations, plenty of pennants and bright big balloons you can incorporate a carnival theme into your occasion without breaking the budget. We can’t help you with the elephants and lions, but hopefully these ideas helped with the décor!

Special Birthday Party Ideas: Kid Art Party

Planning a birthday party can be a tasking occasion. First you have to worry about the guest list and who to invite, being careful not to exclude anyone important. Then the decorations and theme have to be prepared. For a fun birthday party theme, how about incorporating an activity or interest? Craft parties are a great birthday party theme because they can incorporate a fun educational activity that doubles as a party favor. Then for food and dessert have kids ‘decorate’ their personal pizza and cupcake.

Birthday Party Ideas

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Fun birthday kid party ideas would be tie dying t-shirts, painting plates or decorating cupcakes. Preplan the utensils and supplies in a favor bag with a couple extra toys and candies. If you’re having a craft party that includes a lot of supplies, consider asking guests to bring their own t-shirt or canvas. Local art supply stores often host craft parties for birthday parties and other fun get-togethers. Decorate the room with streamers and balloons to have a festive birthday party! Tissue paper pom poms and paper garlands are simple and affordable for any color theme. Don’t forget to decorate your cupcakes with classic cupcake wrappers for an extra birthday treat.

Super Bowl 2012: Football Party Decoration Ideas

Now that New Year’s Eve has come and gone, the next party to start planning for is your annual Super Bowl Party. Go all out on February 5th with awesome football décor and fresh football cupcakes. Decorate your festivities with color coordinated party decorations to match the team of your choice. NFL Playoffs are going to be intense this year so be sure to stock up on all your favorite playoff snacks as well. We may not know the top contenders yet but you can still finalize your guest list and send out invitations for your football extravaganza. There are plenty of ways to entertain your guests while everyone is enjoying the half time show and half time commercials. Try playing “Pick MVP”, before the game starts each person puts in a dollar and selects a certain player. At the end of the game, whoever’s player is MVP, wins the loot.

Super Bowl Decoration Ideas

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These cute chocolate football candies are great for serving as Super Bowl snacks. Each bite size treat is the perfect way to satisfy hunger during timeouts. Place in a football shaped bowl with green or brown napkins and you have a full decorated football theme party. Throw a great football theme birthday party with any of these fun decoration ideas.


How To: DIY Halloween Decorations

Carving pumpkins and hanging spiderweb is only part of the fun of Halloween. Throwing scary parties and haunted houses are much more fun! Especially when you have all the right decorations for putting together an impressive shindig. There are dozens of ways to use decorations for Halloween decor that can be recycled later for different occasions. Take these Decorative Paper Flags for example:

Decorative Paper Flags

Using a black sharpie market and stencils you can write messages on top of the flags. Because they have color on both sides you will still be able to reuse the unmarked side for other future events! Decorate with marker, fabric or paint to spell out “Trick or Treat” or “Spooky”. The orange flags can be used for Halloween decorations to create a look like this:

Halloween Dessert DisplayPhoto Courtesy of

Another great reusable look? Use White Paper Lanterns to create a spider display for a frightful Halloween decoration that will show off your creepy crawly side. You can applique spiders on with tacky putty so that they can still be pulled off afterwards. Or use Orange Paper Lanterns for a mock pumpkin look. Use black sharpie to draw on your faces instead of carving pumpkins and making a mess!  Use paper taped to the lanterns in order to reuse them later.

White Paper Lanterns with SpidersPhoto Courtesy of

Paper Lanterns for HalloweenPhoto Courtesy of

Take a look at our “Howlin’ for Halloween” pinboard on Pinterest for more ideas on how to decoration for Halloween! Stay tuned for more ideas over the next couple weeks! Halloween is coming up fast and we have everything you need to create the perfect spooky bash!