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How to Throw a Service Themed Kids Birthday Party

Kids have everything these days: cell phones, Facebook and laptops. Gifts seem to clutter up the bedroom and go unused, don’t they? Sometimes it’s important to instill values and giving instead of receiving. Finding ways to give back isn’t always the most fun activity for a birthday party. A lot of kids seem to think giving back to the community means getting dirty or boring. Well, there are plenty of service themed birthday party ideas you can incorporate into your child’s party. If you’ve already created a tradition of donating clothes or money, we commend and thank you! Here are a few more ideas to teach the children about sharing and helping those less fortunate.

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Environmentally Friendly

Spending the day outside is the best way to give back to the community. Planting trees and picking up trash are two activities that will make your kid’s active and appreciative. If your birthday party falls during the spring, use an Earth Day theme birthday party. When a kid plants a tree they have the satisfaction of watching the tree grow through the years. Many couples plant a tree during their wedding to symbolize the beginning a new relationship. For a kid, watching a tree is a tangible way to see the years pass by. Plus, they’re helping the environment grow. Decorate the table with fun eco-friendly party favors and green table linens.

Those Less Fortunate

So you spoiled your birthday kid with an over the top dessert table, donate the leftover food to the local shelter. Help those in need by serving soup at the local food shelter. Feeding the homeless can be a learning experience about being grateful. Order a large quantity of delicious cupcakes from your local bakery or cupcake shop. Decorate them with cupcake wrappers and fun cupcake toppings and deliver them to the local food shelter to brighten their day. You’ll be able to share in the pleasure a delicious birthday treat with people who can teach your children a lesson about the hardships in life.

Taking Collections

A toy drive is a very simple way to give back at a birthday party. In lieu of gifts, have each guest bring a can of food to donate. Birthday party favors can be donations made in honor of the guests. Recently, we attended a sweet sixteen birthday party where girls were asked to bring gently used clothing to donate. You can clean out the close for a good cause! Reward the guests with practical party favors they’ll reuse over and over.

Creating a service themed birthday party is a great way to give your kid a memorable party without spoiling them. Simple party decorations will match any activity theme you can think of. Garlands, balloons and paper lanterns can create an outdoor picnic party. You’ll feel good about making a difference and teaching important values to your kids. What creative ways to instill learning and educational values with your children?

Top 10 Unique Kids Summer Birthday Party Themes

Over the summer, kids can become bored and restless. It’s important to have plenty of activities for them to do when it rains all afternoon or a few extra kids stop by for the day. The key to entertaining large groups of kids for a summer party is to pick a unique theme. These are the top ten unique kids’ summer birthday party themes that are trending. We’ve even seen these trendy birthday party themes on our Pinterest account.

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  1. Letters & Numbers: The easiest way to incorporate a personalized party theme into your next party is to incorporate the birthday initials or birthday year. With a few craft stencils you can add a fun letter to your party favors, invitations and even the drink cups! Plus, creating your own DIY party favors can dramatically help your budget.
  2. Wild Animals: Let the kids romp around like lions, tigers and bears! Each kid can dress up as their favorite wild animal for a fun costume birthday party. Decorate with animal print paper decorations to match your theme. If you want to give party favors, use animal candy jars filled with your kid’s favorite bulk candy.
  3. Rainbow Theme: Can’t pick a single color? Create a rainbow themed birthday party to share the all the bright colors of the rainbow. Balloons, fruit and favors can be arranged by colors of ROYGBIV. This fun rainbow colored birthday wreath can be a DIY project made from big round balloons and craft supplies. Using fun colored tulle you can create a ballerina inspired DIY wreath too!
  4. Luau: If you’re feeling a little tropical, hosting a luau party for your little one is perfect. Hula skirts and paper parasols are the perfect costume supplies. Tiki luau decorations and paper decorations are the easy themed décor.
  5. Super Hero: Every little boy dreams of having super hero powers. Spoil your little characters with a super hero birthday party theme. Invite each kid to dress up as their favorite super hero, comic or made up. This theme will inspire their creativity in making a fun costume for the party. Instead of a cake, complete a wacky dessert buffet with these super hero cupcake wrappers.
  6. Beach Party: The ideal summer birthday party theme combines the sun and waves. Plan a fun birthday party for the kids by hosting a beach party. With a playful sand castle competition and volleyball game to get everyone involved. Decorate the party with beach themed favors and end the night with s’mores on the beach.
  7. Baseball Theme: Since it is baseball season be prepared to have plenty of baseball themed outings. Host a baseball theme outing with your team of little kids. Tip: local baseball game tickets can be purchased in bulk for a discount. Have a few parent chaperones to help you treat the little baseball fans to a real baseball game. Each little kid can get a personalized mini baseball bat for a fun party favor.
  8. Camping Birthday: Over the Fourth of July and Labor Day a lot of families go camping. A camping themed birthday party can be a fun excuse to teach survival tips. Make contests and give prizes for whoever can build their tent the fastest, help start a fire (carefully) and make the perfect s’more.
  9. Picnic Party: If you’re looking for a fun way to bring your kids together for a family birthday party, plan a picnic theme. With a few picnic basket lunches and a potluck table menu you can invite a lot of people without breaking your budget. Ask each family to bring a shareable entrée or appetizer and then all you have to supply is the dessert. Stock up on disposable tableware and table linens.
  10. Carnival: Whether you want a carnival theme or a circus party, bright colors and striped décor can create both looks. A few DIY carnival tents and circus games can be a fun afternoon activity for the kids to play with. Keep them occupied with a unique photo booth with take home photos as party favors. Hang colorful pennants from the trees and backdrops.

Whether you’re planning a large party for all the kids in town or a small beach party with friends and family, picking a birthday party theme is the most important start. You can’t go wrong with a unique party theme that sets the tone for the whole day. Be creative and step outside the box for a memorable event your child will always remember. Document the whole day with photographs to share with them when they’re older!

What fun birthday party theme do you plan to incorporate into your next event: are any of these on your list for ideas and inspirations? If you want more ideas, check out our birthday party ideas board on Pinterest to inspire your creativity!

Cinco De Mayo Party: A Celebration of Mexico

Cinco de Mayo is only a few days away! Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in the United States and certain regions of Mexico. Although, the holiday is a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride most of the special events and Cinco de Mayo parties are held in the United States. Contrary to popular belief the holiday is not Mexico’s Independence Day but rather a day to honor the end of the Battle of Puebla in Mexico. The United States declared it an official holiday to observe in 2005. Its most often honored with cultural decorations and traditional Mexican symbols. We love the idea of putting together a Cinco de Mayo party with bright festive colors and fun Mexican traditions.

{Photo Source: Snippet and Ink, Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty, Oh Sugar Events, Tip Junkie, Paper Picadols & Mexican Banners, One Charming Party}

We’re very excited about Cinco de Mayo this year because we just stocked up on our favorite Mexican decorations: Papel Picados! These brightly colored Mexican banners are popping up at Mexican-inspired weddings and destination wedding receptions. We’re excited to hang these colorful paper decorations at our Cinco de Mayo party this weekend. Some live Mariachi music and traditional Mexican food will set the tone for a festive Cinco de Mayo party.

Looking for ideas for your Cinco de Mayo party? Bright colored metal lanterns and vintage Mexican soda bottles make great centerpieces. You might have to drink a couple bottles of Mexican soda but with a few single blooms you’ll have a DIY centerpiece that’s easy and affordable. Miniature piñatas can also be used for centerpieces and double as party favors for kids to take home afterwards. For a color theme, stick with similar colors to our Mexican banners. The traditional colors are bright yellow, orange, red, blue and green. Primary colors are easy to decorate with candles, lanterns and plastic table ware.

Do you have any fun recipes or traditions that you like to break out for Cinco de Mayo? We’re planning to have some friends over, decorate the patio with some fun paper decorations and eat traditional Mexican food. We want to hear your plans and celebrate with you! Send your fun traditions and recipes to us at our Facebook page. Be sure to let us know if you love our papel picados as much as we do!

How to Host a Carnival Themed Birthday Party

Birthday party themes can get mundane and boring unless you find a way to mix it up and be creative. The ultimate way to throw a hit birthday party is with a carnival themed birthday party. Big balloons, bright colors and plenty of carnival games make for a great birthday party! Transform your party into a boardwalk venue with a saltwater taffy dessert bar. An old fashioned candy cart filled with ribbon candy and cotton candy is the perfect way to serve sweet desserts or birthday cake. For cupcakes use brightly colored striped cupcake wrappers and pennant cupcake toppers. Once you have desserts covered you can start planning your themed beverages. Old fashion soda stands are a great way to serve cool refreshing drinks at your party. Use soda pop bottles with retro paper drinking straws in red and blue stripes.

{Photo Source: Dress My Cupcake, Celebrations At Home, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Paper Drinking Straws from Koyal Wholesale, Celebrations At Home, Elizabeth Anne Designs}

Start with brightly colored invitations adorned with paper pennants or balloons. Then create the same look for your party décor by using paper pennants and plenty of balloons. Red, yellow and blue are prominent carnival colors so don’t be afraid to combine all three for a true carnie color theme. Don’t forget to add plenty of carnival tickets to your décor. Glass vases can be wrapped with carnival tickets to create a carnival vase. Speaking of carnival tickets; be sure to plan plenty of carnival games. Ring toss, squirt races and duck pond are all must-have games. Age appropriate games such as a fortune telling booth or kissing booth are exciting for older kids. Stock up on simple prizes such as candy necklaces, kazoos and squirt guns make great prizes for carnival games.

A carnival theme birthday party is great for a summer occasion. Not celebrating a birthday? The Fourth of July is a great excuse to throw a special carnival theme party. You can incorporate these ideas into a holiday party or a wedding reception. With a few pinwheel decorations, plenty of pennants and bright big balloons you can incorporate a carnival theme into your occasion without breaking the budget. We can’t help you with the elephants and lions, but hopefully these ideas helped with the décor!

Tea Party Planning Ideas: Tea Cups & Cupcakes

Planning a party for your bride to be or special birthday girl? The ultimate girl party needs a theme that is both feminine and elegant. A tea party theme is just the ticket for an over the top bridal shower or birthday party for your favorite special gal. Whether you’re having a lavish ordeal or just spending a quiet Sunday afternoon with your golden gals, why not incorporate a tea party theme into your get together? You can create simple party decorations using antique tea sets and votive candles paired with lace table décor.

Tea parties are a great theme for a bridal shower or birthday party. Once you’ve chosen the theme you can set the mood with feminine lace table cloths and miniature candle lanterns. You don’t have to break the budget with bunches of expensive flowers, use mason jars filled with a few individual blooms for a romantic centerpiece. Antique plates and tea cups are great for a romantic table setting, especially with votive candles and mason jars. To avoid wax stains, alternate mason jars with flowers and candles.

{Photo Source: The Pretty Blog, Oh Party, Sweetapolita, Sweet Muffin Suite, Candle Lanterns from Koyal Wholesale, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Dress My Cupcake, On To Baby}

For an outdoor party, hang beautiful paper lanterns with plenty of lights. If you’re looking for a cute way to accent your tables with a feminine touch use butterflies and parasols. Butterflies are great for girl birthday parties because you can accent your tables with butterfly dishes and decorate your cake with butterfly accents. The combination of antique table ware and butterfly table accents is the ideal theme for any garden party. The butterfly theme can also be incorporated into your party favors.

Don’t forget the most important part: the tea! Choosing the right type of tea is crucial to serving a special themed menu. Prepare a well rounded selection of black, green and herbal tea. If you’re feeling especially daring try your hand at making thai tea or boba tea for an exotic offering. Include different flavors of milk, cream and syrups for guests to mix their favorite combinations. Serve light snacks such as scones, miniature tea sandwiches and cupcakes that will accent the different types of tea. A dessert table is a great idea if you can’t decide which dessert to serve. If you’re serving a formal high tea you’ll want to prepare four or five courses including soup, cheese, bread and scones. Whatever type of tea you serve, hosting a tea party is the epitome of class and elegance!


Silver Anniversaries: Planning A Beautiful Anniversary Party

We’re devoted to marriage and the celebration of a long lasting commitment. Whether you’ve been together a year or seventy five years, celebrating an anniversary is an important time to acknowledge your achievement and connection. A silver anniversary represents the harmonious connection between two people and is celebrated on the 25th anniversary. Historically the husband would buy his wife a silver wreath to symbolize their marriage and thus the silver anniversary tradition began. In modern tradition, a silver watch or silver gift is an updated alternative to the silver wreath. Or if you’re thinking of throwing an anniversary party, why not make it a gold and silver anniversary theme?

{Photo Source: Paper Tissue Pom Poms from Koyal Wholesale, Ruffled Blog, Jill Thomas Photography,, Charger Plates from Koyal Wholesale, Geronimo, Martha Stewart, Junkerman Jones}

Decorate your home with silver charger plates, silver tissue paper pom poms and fresh white table linens. The silver and white makes a stunning table setting that is complemented by white floral arrangements and table confetti. For your first anniversary, you might enjoy a romantic night together but your 25th anniversary should be shared with those nearest and dearest to you. Invite a few of your closest friends over for dinner to enjoy a nice bottle of wine and appetizers. Light the table with candles and decorate with a few big balloons to set the party mood.

Anniversary parties are a great time to celebrate your marriage and how far you’ve made it. Show off your love to all your friends and toast to your beautiful spouse and the years ahead. In today’s society, work, school and chores tend to come before the marriage and the commitment. Make time to celebrate the inspiring accomplishment that you have achieved. Celebrate your love and those around you who have been inspired to find their own partner in life. Instead of creating an anniversary party for the two of you, invite other couples to enjoy a night dinner on the back patio. Decorate the backyard with string lights, paper lanterns and candles for a romantic meal to share. They’ll appreciate the night out and the breath of fresh air for the hustle and bustle of life. Having an anniversary party doesn’t have to be a formal event. It can be a night out with close friends and family to celebrate the love and commitment you share. The important thing is spending time together with your loved ones and acknowledging the loving relationship you’ve nurtured and cherish.

Super Bowl 2012: Football Party Decoration Ideas

Now that New Year’s Eve has come and gone, the next party to start planning for is your annual Super Bowl Party. Go all out on February 5th with awesome football décor and fresh football cupcakes. Decorate your festivities with color coordinated party decorations to match the team of your choice. NFL Playoffs are going to be intense this year so be sure to stock up on all your favorite playoff snacks as well. We may not know the top contenders yet but you can still finalize your guest list and send out invitations for your football extravaganza. There are plenty of ways to entertain your guests while everyone is enjoying the half time show and half time commercials. Try playing “Pick MVP”, before the game starts each person puts in a dollar and selects a certain player. At the end of the game, whoever’s player is MVP, wins the loot.

Super Bowl Decoration Ideas

{Photo Source: Party Wagon, Bakerella, Scrappin Danielle, Punchbowl, Koyal Wholesale Football Cupcake Wrappers, Shindig Parties, Koyal Wholesale Football Candies}

These cute chocolate football candies are great for serving as Super Bowl snacks. Each bite size treat is the perfect way to satisfy hunger during timeouts. Place in a football shaped bowl with green or brown napkins and you have a full decorated football theme party. Throw a great football theme birthday party with any of these fun decoration ideas.


“Around the Clock” Bridal Shower Theme Ideas!

A bridal shower is a fun time for the bride to celebrate her new adventure into marriage. Close friends and family all join around the bride to be for a special celebration, typically over gifts and food. There are many different bridal shower themes that are popular, one of which is the “Around the Clock” bridal shower. The bridal shower gifts and theme are all centered on a certain time of day. Each guest is asked to bring a gift that reflects a certain time during the day. For example: say cousin Jill gets 6:00 AM, she may choose to bring something related to coffee as anyone who gets up that early definitely needs it! The bridal shower theme revolves around numbers and daily tasks. Gifts can be things for the house, kitchen supplies or gifts for the new married couple. There are plenty of fun bridal shower games that you can play to include numbers or household items, such as bridal shower bingo. Associate each space with something that pertains to a certain time, the questions will be “This drink is found on the table with a plate of waffles or cereal”. Instead of covering numbers each square has an answer to a question, in this case “orange juice”!

Around the Clock Bridal Shower{Photo Source: Kelly Chau Blog, Twig and Thistle, Nico and Lala, Personalized Vase from Koyal Wholesale, Sweet and Saucy Shop, Brenda’s Wedding Blog, Personalized Glass Jar Set from Koyal Wholesale}

For “five o’clock” give the bride and groom a personalized jar glass set to serve drinks for cocktail hour! They can choose to enjoy a cool glass of lemonade on a hot summer day or serve guest drinks at a small cocktail party. These bridal shower gifts are really fun for any new couple. Be sure to include a time of day for each guest on the invitation along with a popular example in case they need inspiration.

Top 10 Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Tea Baby Shower FavorsTea Infuser Baby Shower Gift from Koyal Wholesale

Celebrating the birth of a new baby means throwing a special party! Having a baby is a life-changing event so why wouldn’t you celebrate it in style? We discussed our recommendations for the Top 10 Unique 2012 Baby Shower Ideas with you a couple weeks ago. Gender Reveal Cupcakes were at the top of our list and there’s no reason you can’t send your guests home with a yummy cupcake party favor. Plenty of party themes work themselves into being perfect party favors. Rubber ducky party themes wouldn’t be complete without these rubber ducky candle holders. Are you at a loss for where to find baby shower favors? Pairing party favors with your baby shower theme can be as easy as 1, 2, 3! In fact, here are our top 10 list for baby shower party favors!

  1. “Cute as a Button” Round Photo Frame: These adorable photo frames are perfect for a cutesy shower theme. Plus as your baby grows your guest will be able to fill these photo frames with new updated photos!
  2. Scented Cherry Pie Candle: This sweetie pie candle is a cheeky way to show off that you have a cute bun in the oven!
  3. “Love Beyond Measure” Measuring Spoons: These baby shower spoons are perfect for a brunch shower.
  4. “Welcome Home, Baby” Tea Infuser: At your tea party bridal shower give a practical gift that your guests will love and use time after time.
  5. Personalized Muffin Mix: Celebrate a bun in the oven with these cute muffin mixes that your guests can take home and enjoy. If you’re not keen on putting together the mix yourself, try “A Baby is Sweet as a Muffin” pre-made muffin mix!
  6. DIY Candy Buffet Treats: Are you more a DIY party person? Put together a baby shower dessert buffet with pink or blue theme treats. Then give guests take home favor bags for their party favors.
  7. Personalized Apple Cider Favor – Baby Silhouette: Perhaps you like the idea of edible favors but candy can be messy. Try these personalized cider favors for a cute Fall baby shower theme.
  8. Baby Footprint Cookie Cutters: Celebrate the pitter patter of little feet with these adorable baby party favors. Buy an extra set and decorate a few for desserts!
  9. Popcorn Favor Box: These unique baby shower favors are so cute for a mom who is “about to pop”!
  10. Special Baby Themed Egg Timer Favors: Show off your “egg stra” special baby shower with these take home gifts. Everyone can use a little timer in their kitchen!