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How To Host a Casino Themed Party or Poker Night

Gambling may be illegal in some states but there’s no law against having your own fun casino themed party. Koyal Wholesale presents the best ideas to host your own poker night with all your friends and family! Whether you’re interested in hosting a fundraiser or a birthday party, a casino theme is the perfect way to incorporate your favorite card game into a party theme. Brush up on your black jack rules and poker knowledge so you can impress all the card sharks you plan to invite. Decorate with plenty of red, black and white—the unofficial casino colors.

You can incorporate a casino theme into your invitations whether they’re paper or electronic. Party invitations should include the date, time and theme for guests to plan accordingly. If you’re having a potluck fundraiser split the appetizers, entrees and desserts according to alphabet. This assures you have plenty of each food item to share. If you’re having friends and family over for a casino themed birthday party, decorate with plenty of red and black disposable tableware to save yourself from dishes. Disposable tableware is available in a variety of bright colors and can be paired with drink ware. No need to worry about bringing out the good china for a poker game night, chip and dip combos are perfectly acceptable served on plastic plates. Then again, loser might not have the option of doing the dishes to pay back the money.

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Don’t forget your consolation prizes for those who walk away with empty pockets. Send your friends home with a party favor to remind them of the fun time they had, even if their pocket books are a little lighter. It’s hard to be a sore loser when you have a cool take home prize such as a poker themed party favor or a bag of chocolate. Put together DIY party favors using favor bags and chocolate poker chips. The sweet snack will soften the blow of you cleaning out their wallets.

Celebrating a poker night calls for some knowledge of how to play the game. While you don’t have to pay a professional dealer to host your game table, it might be a fun way to liven up the night. If you’re putting together a casual game of black jack or Texas Hold ‘em it will help to know your rules and regulations for any heated arguments. Your local bookstore or library should have a copy of game rules for you to study and keep on hand. Be sure to serve plenty of finger foods that are edible with one hand, as it’s never safe to lay your hands down near your opponent. Cool beverages are a must and should include non-alcoholic alternatives for underage guests. Casino themed parties are fun for the whole family. Card games can be adapted for different age groups; Old Maid and Go Fish are great kid friendly card games that will entertain the younger generation! Hosting a game night is a great way to invite all your friends over for an entertaining night of old fashioned fun and rivalry. Don’t gamble on your party theme, a casino and poker theme party is a winning combination!