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President’s Day Wedding Themes: Red White & Blue

This Monday is President’s Day; the day to celebrate our past and present leaders. We have had a wide variety of presidents in our time; military leaders, celebrities, and political activists. These leaders influence us and represent us as a country. Our country has many different backgrounds and cultures to influence us in our daily lives. Holiday weekends are a great time to celebrate a special wedding. Patriotic themes and military weddings often use red white and blue wedding colors. President’s Day weekend is the perfect time to throw a military theme wedding with bright patriotic colors and Americana decor.

President's Day Wedding{Photo Source: The Party Dress, Oh So Beautiful Paper, Style Me Pretty, American Hero Cupcake Wrappers from Koyal Wholesale, Martha Stewart, Room to Inspire, Amy Atlas, Paper Drinking Straws featured in Katie Quinn Davies Photoshoot }

These red white and blue decoration ideas can be used for President’s Day party or a block party get-together. Use red white and blue decor for President’s Day, Fourth of July or military themed weddings. Decorate with American hero cupcake wrappers and a root beer float dessert buffet. Red streamers and white tissue paper pom poms create an Americana theme. Create a military theme using American flags, stars and stripes and other patriotic decor.