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8 Unique Ways to Spice Up Your Wedding Reception

Last week we discussed ways to spice up your wedding ceremony with unique accents. This week we’re showing you how to spice up your wedding reception. Creating your perfect reception is easy if you keep track of your to-do list. We always emphasize the importance of brainstorming and making a checklist. A well planned reception comes down to following a wedding reception checklist. These ideas should definitely show up on your wedding reception checklist if you’re looking for a fun way to personalize your reception. These ideas can be a starting point for your wedding idea board.

{Reception Supplies: Navy Blue Favor Boxes,  Edible Glitter, Blue Bali Umbrella, Cupcake Wrappers, Personalized Favor Bags, Glitter Cupcake Wrappers, Paper Drinking Straws}

  1. Word Find Placecards: If you have a computer you can create your own word find place cards. Place cards don’t have to be boring. You can have fun with facts about the bride and groom, first date questions and wedding favorites. Use ‘bride’, ‘gown’, ‘tuxedo’ and other common wedding words. Using a piece of ribbon, connect a pencil to the word find puzzle. These can be placed on each place setting on top of the napkins. Tie a cute name tag to the ribbon for name place cards.
  2. Sparkled Send Off: At the end of the night, sometimes a decorated car isn’t enough of a send off. Light up some wedding sparklers for a dramatic night cap. Tell your photographer that you want a photo with the send off so you can practice spelling out a word in lights. Heart shaped sparklers can be pushed into a sand bucket or propped up with rocks in a vase.
  3. Coloring Book Activities: Sometimes kids get bored easier than adults. To avoid a possible meltdown and tantrum, plan a wedding activity book. With favor bags, crayons and drawing books they can keep themselves occupied for hours.
  4. Polaroid Station: Instead of the traditional photo booth, stock up on Polaroid cameras instead. The instant photos can be put in a photo guest book that guests can sign on site. Set up a photo booth background with plenty of photo booth props but skip the computer print setup.
  5. Karaoke Night: If you’re looking for a bold way to get your friends moving and shaking, a karaoke themed band is the way to go. Pick a few opening songs to start the night off right. Then let your friends go crazy with fun family appropriate songs. To be safe, keep the list family friendly with pre-approved songs.
  6. Play Some Games: Not everyone is crazy about dancing, we know that for sure. So invite your friends and family to partake in lawn games and activities instead. Horseshoes, bean toss and crochet are all great activities that adults and kids can play.
  7. Dessert Décor: The dessert table is still just as popular as ever. Creating a dessert table requires a combination of cake stands, cupcake stands and dessert stands. Wrap up cupcakes with cupcake wrappers, top with mustache cupcake toppers and sprinkle with edible glitter. Dessert buffets are so unique and creative these days they even include macaroons, push pops and ice cream cookie sandwiches.
  8. Hashtag Tweet: Social media is definitely alive and well. Brides and grooms are using Twitter to spread the news about their nuptials. Create your own fun hashtag for all your guests to tweet about your wedding. You’ll have a virtual scrapbook of memories, tweets and Instagram images. Create a hashtag with your initials and tweet your wedding vendors to include them.

Your wedding reception is a celebration of the wedding ceremony. After you’ve tied the knot and exchanged your vows, celebrate the way you want to. Personalizing your reception with unique trends and accents makes the day completely all about you. For more ideas, check out our Pinterest boards. We have boards for every theme: rustic weddings, outdoor weddings and modern weddings just to be a few. Create a wedding board of your own and share it with us to inspire each other!

Popular Summer Colors: Fuchsia, Yellow, Tangerine & Pink

The toasty sun makes for a beautiful outdoor wedding backdrop to any bride and groom tying the knot. Summer weddings are the most popular weddings due to the variety of venues available, seasonal themes and bright wedding colors. Popular summer colors vary each year and 2012 wedding colors are truly vibrant. A few of our favorite summer wedding colors popular and trendy right now: fuchsia, tangerine, coral and yellow. We’d swoon to see these combined into one beautiful wedding color scheme.

Choosing your wedding colors doesn’t have to be a big decision. First, decide if your venue or theme already has a specific color theme. If your venue has a lot of green or white, decorate with complementary colors to green and white. We can always find inspiration and ideas from nature and venues. Once you’ve considered your venue you’ll be able to decide which colors work well with your theme and style.

Second, these beautiful wedding colors can be combined with other complementary tones. Arranging multiple shades of the same color is a huge trend for weddings right now. Pinks, blues and purples are best choices for variety.

Coral & Moss

{Table Runner, Green Tablecloths, Green Candle Votives, Coral Table Numbers}

Let these nature colors speak for themselves at your wedding reception. Decorate with natural coral accents and moss greenery. These brand new candle votives would be perfect with a green table cloth. The trick: alternate between coral table runners and green table décor for beautiful complementary colored table decorations.

Tangerine & Teal

{Teal Favor Boxes, Tangerine Tissue Paper Pom Poms, Silk Petals Chair Sashes}

Bright pops of colors and whimsical accents can transform a tangerine and teal color scheme into a beautiful wedding. These bold colors aren’t just for carnival and circus themed parties. Floral print bridesmaid dresses and pinwheel table decorations will make this wedding a hit. Hang plenty of sweet tangerine tissue paper pom poms with teal paper lanterns for a multi-dimensional wedding display.

Fuchsia & Purple

{Flower Cake Topper, Purple Velvet Favor Bags, Purple Crystal Chandelier, Floral Wreath}

Various shades of the same color are very in right now. Decorate your wedding reception with an assortment of pink, fuchsia and purple wedding decorations. This feminine color theme creates a romantic wedding theme, especially with stunning modern chandeliers or floral wreaths. Create a beautiful dessert table with plenty of pink and purple snacks, centered with a purple and pink wedding cake and cake topper.

Yellow & Blue

{Yellow Big Balloons, Paper Parasol, Blue Charger Plates, Blue Cupcake Wrappers}

The ultimate sunny wedding color: yellow! Let the sunshine in with a blue and yellow color combination. Bright big balloons with paper garlands will accent any outdoor beach wedding. The blue of the ocean can be yours with table decorations and charger plates.

Don’t forget the time honored classic red, white and blue for a patriotic Fourth of July wedding. The possibilities are endless when you have a summer wedding. Whether you’re on the beach or in the backyard, any of these beautiful color themes will create the picturesque wedding of your dreams.

10 Ways to Spend Less on Your Wedding Day

{From top to bottom: Tissue Paper Pom Poms, Diamond Rhinestone Ribbon Wrap, Glitter Cupcake Wrappers, Cupcake Stands, Charger Plates, Vintage Paper Drinking Straws, Decorative DIY Trim} Have you fallen in love yet? These wedding supplies are all some of our best selling products that are affordable and budget friendly!

A wedding is the first big purchase a couple will make. There are plenty of costs that go into putting together the ultimate dream day for the bride and groom. From the wedding favors to the wedding cake, everything costs a chunk of change the moment you mention “wedding”. When it comes to saving money and staying within budget there are a few ways to stretch your pocketbook. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a relaxing honeymoon or purchase a home, after the beautiful wedding has been paid for? Here are our top ten ways to spend less on your big day:

  1. Sustainable Centerpieces: Plantable centerpieces are the biggest rage for budget-friendly brides. Instead of dropping money on floral arrangements for each table, use planted succulents, herbs or flowers for a sustainable Eco-friendly centerpiece that doubles as a wedding gift.
  2. Buy Bulk Wedding Supplies: Sure you might not need the extra couple vases but the ‘per price’ wholesale prices will save you money and you can incorporate the glass vases into your home décor.
  3. Buy Reusable Products: Speaking of reusable products, use Eco-friendly wedding favors to cut costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Practical favors will be useful for household items.
  4. Edible Favors: Instead of practical favors, use edible favors to stretch your budget. Design your wedding desserts in the form of a dessert buffet and offer take home cupcake boxes and favor bags. Guests can load up their favorite desserts or bulk candy for a take home treat.
  5. Invite Less, Party More: You don’t have to invite the whole world to your wedding. Being choosey with your guest list means stretching your pocketbook for other details. Hosting an intimate wedding reception can be just as memorable.
  6. Press Play: Instead of hiring a live band, make a playlist of all your must have song choices. You’ll save money and only have to listen to your favorite songs.
  7. Skip the Tux: Dressing up may seem like a fun for a bride but not every guy dreams of suiting up in a tuxedo. Instead of renting a tuxedo, consider spending the money on a sharp outfit your groom will wear again for special occasions.
  8. Buy, Don’t Rent: This may sound backwards, but you’ve probably heard the expression “Spend money to save money”. Buying wedding supplies will assure you have enough supplies for your big day, plus you can sell or donate them afterwards. If you rent, you have to pay fees and might not be guaranteed your deposit back if something goes wrong.
  9. Skip the Paper, Save a Tree: Instead of printing wedding programs and menu cards, many brides are opting out of unnecessary paper for a chalkboard or poster. A large decorative chalkboard with an artistic font can show your guests the schedule or menu without wasting paper. Hang chalkboards on the back of guest chairs for visibility.
  10. High Tech RSVP: Instead of sending out dozens of envelopes, get rid of the inner envelopes for wedding RSVPs and use email or an online website instead. You’ll save money on envelopes and postage. Not only will your invitations be lighter you won’t have to pay for return postage!

These are only some of our favorite ways to save money on your wedding. Keep in mind you don’t have to plan a lavish over the top affair to host a beautiful wedding. More money is not mandatory when it comes to having a memorable time. Incorporate these helpful hints to save money on your wedding supplies and reception décor!

Wedding Planning 101: Who Is Preston Bailey?

When it comes to celebrities and their parties, no one plans it better than Preston Bailey. Have you ever wondered how Oprah puts together such lavish affairs? Or how do celebrities organize the perfect party with thousands of guests? He is the talent and creative genius behind some of the biggest parties in Hollywood and his portfolio proves it. Four books, numerous endorsement deals and art installations are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the enormous success and style that Preston Bailey has achieved.

Preston Bailey Background

Born and raised in Panama, Preston Bailey has taken the wedding industry by storm. He has come a long way from beginning as a fashion model at the young age of 19. His style and eye for design has helped him evolve into a renowned event and wedding planner. When he’s not shooting television appearances or speaking at public events, Preston is styling and planning events for celebrities such as Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey and plenty of other royalty, socialites and business moguls. He is known for his keen sense of style and ability to create one-of-a-kind events.

Why We Love Preston Bailey

His events become beautiful works of art instead of mere occasions. Taking a raw open space and turning it into a themed wedding or special birthday is a talent to be admired. Preston’s events often showcase hanging chandeliers and large centerpieces. Tall vases with beautiful floral arrangements are popular for elegant formal wedding receptions. He transforms floral arrangements into beautiful floral sculptures such as fruit, animals and structures. We’ve never seen someone build and sculpt flowers into such beautiful figures such as floral peacocks, pineapples or a weeping willow, like Preston Bailey.

If you’re looking for great honest advice for wedding planning, event planning and business tips, we can’t say enough about Preston’s blog on his website. His information is a must for wedding industry professionals anyone who owns and runs their own company. Whether you’re interested in hiring an event professional or simply looking to learn more about floral sculptures and decoration ideas, Preston Bailey is someone to follow.

For more information on Preston Bailey or more photographs, visit

Chic Wedding Decorations: Reception Trail Mix Bar

Photo Courtesy of by Studio EMP

I’m in love. I’m absolutely hundred and twenty percent in love with this idea. I’ve already gotten approval from my man to go ahead and add it to our decorations. It wasn’t very hard to get his vote as he loves dried fruit trail mix. I’ll admit, I wandered onto the Found Vintage Rentals website because I love antique reclaimed furniture but I quickly tripped, stumbled and fell in love. I want to pack up my things, run to the store and start picking out trail mix items now!

Okay, anyways, here’s what I’m thinking… This idea works great with the right kind of atmosphere. Outdoors, garden wedding but not too hot (M&M’s melt!). Using mixed selection of jars and vases you can create your own clustered look. I am toying with the idea of using apothecary jars simply for the fact sweets can attract ants and flies. Centerpiece vases with stands attached to them work great for achieving the vintage look. Or try going with small metal silver favor buckets to make it more rustic and unique.

Complete the look with aluminum candy buffet scoops for your guests to pick out which items they like best. This trail mix buffet is very much reminiscent of a frozen yogurt bar only without the cold melting mess to clean up. But hey, you could throw in some tubs of vanilla fro-yo and you’d have a the perfect outdoor dessert bar.

All you need to complete your trail mix bags are cute sweet candy paper bags. If you’re planning on offering your guests larger pieces then give them bigger cartons to put their goodies in. These novelty popcorn cartons do the trick and add to the chic-reclaimed vibe. Lastly, plop some buffet signs so your guests know which type of chocolate, nuts and fruit are which.

All of this is just absolutely amazing put together on reclaimed furniture. A few of my favorite selections are the Eastlake Blue Dressor and Justice Teal Metal Shelves. Both of these options would be awesome combined with jars and vases to create a candy, cupcake or dessert buffet of any kind. If you have any questions, I’m sure you could just ask  Jeni at Found as she is a sweetheart!