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Shepherd’s Hooks and Pomanders

One of the most popular ceremony and reception decoration ideas of 2011 will be the use of pomanders on shepherd’s hooks. Pomanders, also known as flower balls, or kissing balls, provide instant, elegant bursts of color. Free-standing shepherd’s hooks can be used to line the ceremony aisle, or can even make for a beautiful centerpiece, when adorned in flowers and crystals. Pomanders can be made using real flowers and floral styrofoam balls. Ready-made silk flower pomanders are also available by Koyal Wholesale ( in a variety of colors, including black, white, ivory, fuchsia, lime green, turquoise, brown and orange. Pomanders can be hung using simple organza or satin ribbon. Crystal picks, pearl accents or bouquet jewelry can be used to add “bling” to your pomander decorations.

Wholesale Kissing Balls AKA Bulk Pomanders: They’re Here!

Pomanders, also known as kissing balls, wedding flower balls, or poms, are here! Koyal Wholesale ( brings you beautiful, bulk pomanders for low, wholesale prices. Flower balls have become extremely popular for 2010 weddings due to their often stunning appearance and versatile nature. Bulk kissing balls can create stunning decor for indoor or out door weddings. Pomanders can be used as bouquets for bridesmaids (or even the bride herself), or can contribute to smashing aisle style by hanging the poms from shepherd’s hooks that line the ceremony aisle. Shepherds Hooks are free standing, so use them indoors or outdoors! Add an extra pop of color to the ceremony by draping these gorgeous flower balls from pew ends. Hang kissing balls throughout your reception hall, or traditionally placed over your reception doorway. Pomanders can even make their way into your reception centerpieces, as shown below. Are you incorporating kissing balls on your big day? Post your photos and comments on our Facebook fan page, or send them to us at Find more great design ideas at and watch innovative DIY tutorials on KoyalTV ( Happy planning friends!

Kissing balls can be made with real flowers. For a more economical option, choose wholesale pomanders from Koyal Wholesale – made with beautiful silk flowers and silk rose petals that are vibrant and long-lasting. We will carry bulk red kissing balls, bulk white kissing balls, bulk fuchsia kissing balls and several other colors. As always, Koyal Wholesale brings you wholesale pomanders for low, sale prices!

{ silk flower balls aka pomanders by koyal wholesale }

{ kissing balls on shepherd’s hooks }

{ stacy reeves photography }

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