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Start Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day Date!

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly and we’re here to make sure you’re prepared. There are plenty of ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day; dessert bars, cupcake treats, tissue paper pom poms, garland, heart chains… The creative ideas just go on and on. With a little glue and construction paper you can create a unique Valentine’s display that doesn’t have to cost a fortune or involve a sewing machine. While, most skeptics of Valentine’s Day say the holiday is made up by greeting card companies, we know that Saint Valentine would be proud of our creative Valentine’s Day decor ideas.

Valentine's Day Collage from Koyal Wholesale{Photo Source: Craft Gossip, Luxefinds, Koyal Wholesale Red Cupcake Wrappers, I Am Baker , Martha Stewart, Cupcake Liners from Koyal Wholesale, Cupcake Blog, }

The trick to a cute Valentine’s Day is planning sweet treats and special cupcakes. Red Valentine’s Day cupcake wrappers are the special decoration you need to dress up your Valentine’s desserts. Combine red cupcake liners with red velvet cupcakes for a monochromatic cupcake display. Top with white cream cheese frosting and red sprinkles. Planning a Valentine’s Day proposal? Try custom cupcake toppers with the phrase “will you marry me”!

The Story of Love: A Timeline (A Love Infographic)

Who gave the first diamond engagement ring? How did white become the color for wedding dresses? When did the word “love” first come into use? The designers and wedding fanatics at Koyal Wholesale, the world’s largest wedding company, were curious about these and other milestones in the sweet and colorful history of love! We’ve compiled this lovely infographic to share with you some of the great stories in the history of love.

A hot new trend for 2012 weddings will be personalized love story timelines. Create your own simple love timeline by marking the important dates that you shared with your partner. Great personal love story markers include: Your first date, your first kiss, the first time you changed your Facebook relationship status, the date he (or she!) proposed, and so on. Blow these up to poster size and place on easels at the entrance to your wedding reception so your guests can really get to know you!

Are you planning a wedding and creating your own love story? Browse our over 50,000 wedding and event supplies online, or visit us on Pinterest to view beautiful wedding ideas and inspiration.

Valentine’s Day 2012: Set The Mood For Love

February is almost here and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a wedding? Romantic Valentine’s Day weddings are all the rage this time of year. Decorate with pale pinks and lace doilies for a vintage shabby but chic theme. Hand stitched hankies and heart shaped cookies are so cute for a dreamy dessert display. Celebrate love the old fashioned way with a soda pop stand with red heart drinking straws. There are so many cute ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one. Not planning a wedding yet? You can still incorporate sweet red and pink details into a stunning cupcake stand or surprise proposal. Set the mood to whisper sweet nothings in their ear while nibbling on tasty treats over a romantic candlelit dinner for two.

Koyal Wholesale Valentine's Day Decor{Photo Source: Paper Drinking Straws from Koyal Wholesale, Ruffled, MyWorldIsPink, Glitter Cupcake Wrappers from Koyal Wholesale, Vintage Bleu , Funkyshique, Elizabeth Ann Designs,  Bakeaholic}

The cutest thing about these drinking straws is that you can mix and match them with almost any type of drink. If you want to create a sweet Valentine’s Day dessert table with chocolate chip cookies and milk, these straws make the perfect accent. Or if you prefer something cold and sweet, try a red koolaid with these striped drinking straws. A dessert table is the perfect way to show that special someone how sweet they really are. Plan ahead for the perfect Valentine’s Day 2012 surprise!