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Bridal Dilemma: Cake Vs. Cupcakes?

With the craze for cupcakes taking over even at weddings, many brides are now wondering: should we have a cake, or just cupcakes? Or a combination of the two? How would they be presented, and how would we serve them? If you’re one of those who just can’t make up their mind about this, consider these points…

Traditionally, cake has always been a part of a wedding. But couples looking for cheaper, more innovative dessert solutions are turning more to cupcakes instead. Small, fun, and great to decorate and personalize, cupcakes offer more variety in terms of flavor and style. They also look gorgeous arrayed on fancy multi-tiered stands! Many caterers also charge a small ‘cake cutting and serving fee’ per slice, which can really add up for a large event. So it’s always worth finding out if opting for cupcakes will help keep your costs down.

Image from Junebug Weddings

Of course, there’s always the option of several tiers of cupcakes with a small cake at the top for the bride and groom to cut. This is often a great solution because you end up getting the best of both worlds! You can use a simple but sturdy cardboard Cupcake Tower with an 8” top tier for the small cake, or a Large Cupcake Tower that holds up to 100 cupcakes. There are even Metal Cupcake Towers available which you can use again for birthdays or other special occasions, or simple acrylic Cupcake Stands that can be customized with Diamond Rhinestone Ribbon, lace, or whatever other material ties in with your theme.

Then, brides wonder – how should the cupcakes be served? It’s not as simple as dishing out slices of cake. The answer to this question is, guests would be expected to come up to the main table and help themselves. Since cupcakes in big orders are often made in several different flavors, it’s common for guests to want to choose their cupcakes themselves.

Image from Style Me Pretty

The easiest way to divide different groups of cupcakes is either to have them on different stands, or on different tiers of one Extra Large Cupcake Tower. This kind of stand can accommodate up to 300 cupcakes, and you can always use these sweet Miniature Blackboards to show people what flavors are available, or stick Wooden Blackboard Signs in one cupcake on each tier.

You also have the option of turning your dessert into your centerpiece, by placing one of these fancy Bedazzled Cupcake Trees in the center of each table and filling it will prettily decorated cupcakes. All you need are some stylish wholesale Cupcake Wrappers and your display is complete!