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Tips To Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers

Budget is a huge consideration when planning your big day and your wedding florals are a significant portion of that budget.  Your wedding flowers will be one of the most photographed details of your wedding so it’s understandable why you want to spend the time and money. However, with a little creativity you can achieve an exquisite floral look without breaking the bank.

1.  Go Green

Consider using more greenery than flowers in your centerpieces.  Using flowers as accent pieces in your centerpieces rather than as the main focus allows you to incorporate your favorite florals in a budget-friendly way.  Succulents are another way to add a trendy green vibe – use them in centerpieces, wedding bouquets, or boutonnieres!

2.  Use Substitutes

Many times, you can swap one type of flower for another less expensive flower.  For example, swap calla lilies for tulips, which are similar in shape.  If you love the style of orchids, switch cymbidium orchids out for less expensive dendrobium orchids.  Lavender and daffodil are also excellent substitutes.

3.  Kissing Ball Pomanders

Wood curl kissing ball pomanders add instant color and texture to your wedding style without breaking the bank.  Pomanders are especially versatile – use them to adorn pews, as bouquets, or as centerpieces.  You can also combine them with fresh flowers or crystal elements for a dramatic reception decor look.

4.  Silk Flowers

Sometimes you may come across a gorgeous floral arrangement and find yourself asking if the flowers are real or fake.  Silk flowers are extremely convenient because they don’t wilt or require water, are lightweight and thus easier to handle and transport, and are durable in any setting. They’re also just as gorgeous as the real thing!

Remember, it’s possible to have the wedding of your dreams on a budget with a little creativity and planning! Scour our Pinterest board for more ideas!


Rustic Wedding Charm: Mason Jars, Burlap & Peonies

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers and so do spring weddings. Peonies, tulips and ranunculus come out in spring. Peonies are among the most popular wedding flower and are seen in quite a few weddings each spring. If you’re planning a spring wedding, mix and match different spring flowers for a variety of styles and looks. Create a wildflower bouquet with greenery, tied with twine or burlap ribbon. For centerpieces, use mason jars and eclectic vintage vases for a rustic charm.

Mason Jars, Burlap & Peonies

{Photo Source: Amy Atlas, Green Wedding Shoes, Style Me Pretty, Apples and Onions,  Wedding Chicks, Burlap Sash from Koyal Wholesale100 Layer Cake}

Mason jars are a popular wedding trend for DIY brides who want to create a simple and feminine look. The glass jars come in a variety of sizes. Cut peonies down to short stems for Mason jar centerpieces that will match your bouquet. The rustic Mason jar will offset the formal wedding flower for a look that is chic and casual. For an outdoor wedding, decorate with burlap table sashes that match your bouquet and vase wraps. A small swatch of burlap can add a tan accent to a white table setting. Combine these styles together for a playful feminine look that is casual and classic.


2012 Wedding Trends: Rose Gold Color Combinations

For a winter wedding, instead of decorating with all white, we’re noticing a trend in pink and gold weddings. These rose gold color combinations are perfect for an elegant romantic New Year’s Eve wedding. And don’t worry; there are plenty of ways to decorate with pink without being too feminine. Choose a light pink that goes with gold and white. You can decorate with white and pink using gold as an accent color. Pink and gold wedding cakes are really in style right now for a dramatic alternative to a traditional white wedding cake.

Pink and Gold Wedding DecorPhoto Courtesy of Corbin Gurkin Photography featured on Style Me Pretty

There are plenty of DIY wedding ideas that you can incorporate into a pink and gold wedding palette without breaking the bank. Gold charger plates are a great option if you already have white dining plates. They will help to add a touch of color to your table settings. Then use white table linens with pink accents for a simple subtle décor. If you’re using china, stick with gold rim plates without any large prints. This will leave an understated place setting so that you can create a stunning centerpiece without a cluttered looking table. Blush peonies are a subtle light pink flower that compliments gold very nicely. Unfortunately they are a late spring flower but some florists can get them year round. They are a round flower and can be combined with other filler flowers. Use these gold vases to create a full floral arrangement.

Decorate a pink dessert table with macaroons and cupcakes. Gold glitter cupcake wrappers are perfect for adding a touch of glitter to the display. Use gold ribbon to hang pink and white tissue paper pom poms over your tables for romantic décor. Using striped décor and gold accents is a great way to create a romantic feel. This wedding trend is really popular for a mid-winter wedding because it works with snowy backgrounds. Log cabins and deep wood accents are a great complement for light pink and white color combinations. What do you think of this wedding color trend? For a fun gold accent try ending the night with gold sparklers for a romantic grand exit!


Wedding How To: Flowers For Any Budget

Looking for ways to trim your budget? Start with your wedding flowers. Mention the word “wedding” and florals can double in price. Avoid sticker shock by sticking to some easy guidelines. Whether you’re a DIY bride or having a florist plan your centerpieces, stick to these ideas and you can save major bucks on your floral arrangements. Keep in mind, table numbers can be spray painted or stenciled on to every type of vase. Floral arrangements don’t have to be as large if you distract the eye with funky table numbers or candles!

DIY Bouquet CenterpiecesPhoto Courtesy of

1. Mix and match costs. If you’re stuck on having expensive flowers, try off-setting the cost with affordable vases and table number signs. Try using milk bottles, Galvanized Buckets, watering cans or Mismatched Vases for a unique affordable look.

Peonies CenterpiecesPhoto Courtesy of

2. A big fan of peonies or hydrangeas? Use pricier flowers as “focal” flowers instead of full blooms. By using a few as accent pieces you can make one bouquet of peonies work for multiple tables. If you don’t want o have a lot of filler, try having a few blooms of your favorite flower in a larger vase. Accent with floating candles or Floralytes and water pearls. The display will be simple and dramatic without having a full bloom.

Baby's Breath With Tall VasePhoto Courtesy of

3. Don’t be afraid of filler. Queen’s Anne, Baby’s Breath and greenery are all ways to fill your bouquets without breaking the bank. All three are great for looks and won’t hurt your bottom line. Consider adding Acrylic Beaded Accents to your arrangements to make them unique without extra filler.

Potted Tulip CenterpiecesPhoto Courtesy of Style Me Pretty

4. Think sustainability. As we’ve previously blogged about, planted centerpieces are a great way to avoid extra costs. You can plant them in Colorful Baskets, Small Vases or Wood Boxes depending on your decor and colors. Grass is making a popular eco-friendly centerpiece comeback, along with herbs. A benefit of herbs? They smell lovely in your bouquet and floral arrangements. Ask your florist if she can incorporate Lavender into your bouquet for a fresh smell down the aisle. Then you can easily plant Lavender centerpieces for an affordable take home gift. Tag the bottom of the centerpiece with a number and then have guests check under their plate for who gets to take the flowers home!

Photo Courtesy of

5. Nix the flowers. I know it seems absolutely sacrilegious to not have flower centerpieces but they can be a heavy expense. Consider instead, having artificial silk flowers. Today it’s easy to find bouquets that look like real flowers but you can incorporate into your home decor afterwards. You won’t have to dry them and keep them pristine because artificial flowers are sturdier and last longer than a day.

We’ve Fallen In Love With Fall Weddings!

I’ve already written about Fall, expressing my love for the Autumn season but I strongly feel there’s no limit to how amazing Fall is. Fall weddings are no exception. We added a Fall Inspiration Board to our Pinterest page and the photos and ideas that brides and planners have come up with– are stunning. I’ve found a lot of fall wedding pictures that I can’t stop staring at. I really love the idea of using browns and tans to accent your outdoor decor. Balloons are so trendy that why not incorporate them into your decorations? I’m using large white balloons for our entry way for guests to know they’ve come to the right place. I especially like the idea of a cream and pink accent color mixed together with the tan and gold changing leaves. Here are a few more of my favorite Fall wedding ideas that you can re-create easily for your big day. Check out these fall wedding colors!

Fall Wedding Colors with Big BalloonsPhoto by Amanda Wilcher Photographers Bride & Design From

Fall Wedding Bouquets! Wedding Floral ArrangementsPhoto by Marcella Treybig Photography From Style Me Pretty.

Fall Wedding DessertsPhoto By Natalie Bell Photography

Fall Wedding Bouquets For Aisle Runners.Orange & Green Fall Wedding ColorsPhoto From

Galvanized Buckets for Fall DecorHalloween Colors For a Fall WeddingHalloween Colors for a Fall Wedding From

Maple Leaf Fall Wedding InvitationsPretty Fall Color Combinations From

Autumn Allure Collection Fall Leaf Box FavorsPretty Autumn Allure Fall Leaf Boxes!

Something Blue: Ideas & Inspiration For Your Wedding!

Something Blue Inspiration Board from Pinterest

I’m all about solving solutions today. Today’s problem: You don’t  have ideas for something blue? So I’ve put together a simple moodboard on our Pinterest page of Something Blue ideas. (photo above is from our Pinterest page!) But in case you don’t have the hours and hours to devote to the obsession that is Pinterest, here’s a little peek at my favorites.

Something Blue Feather Bouquet

Incorporating feathers into your bouquet is a great way to add a pop of color. You can choose the impact you’re looking for; you can do a full bouquet of feathers with jewels ( seen here from or you can just use the feathers as accents in between hydrangeas or other blue flowers.

Something Blue Heels




A big trend I have seen lately is incorporating something blue high heels as a subtle way to show a pop of color. There are so many options for blue heels that a bride can personalize the look to anything she wants.  For more blue shoes as your something blue, take a look at our Pinterest page.

Something Blue Garter Toss

If you have been following along you’ll know that the thought of a garter toss makes me blush and I can’t think of anything more embarrassing for your family to witness. (See photo for a great example of why) While I admit the image could be a funny memento for years to come, especially like this photo from Maria Vicencio Photography, but I have no intention of having my grandparents watch my groom climb up my skirt. Anyways, to the point. The garter is a great subtle something blue. If you’re okay informing people that you have a garter on, that is. The pro is that you won’t have to show it to everyone and it isn’t as personal as trying to explain that your “umm…well.. uhh, my underwear” is your something blue. A light blue garter is perfect for a simple way to incorporate blue without being too obnoxious and over the top.

Something Blue Wedding Hair Piece

I really like the idea of incorporating a little blue into your hair. If you’re hesitant for the photos you can easily put the decorations towards the back. The DIY bride in me says that a really cute hair piece could easily be fashioned out of blue tulle and blue crystals to create a flower or ruffle piece. This photo is from Glamour and incorporates multiple wedding colors.

Okay so, say you already have your veil and your jewelry. No big deal. Try adding rhinestones to any of your items. Maybe you have a veil that needs a little extra sparkle, just add these Flatback Round Rhinestones and you have a little something blue!

All of our awesome brides on our Facebook Page helped me brainstorm ideas. If you have something to share, be sure to join the discussion on our page and let us know. The main goal of adding anything blue is making it really fit your personality and your wedding style. If you’re not a big fan of wedding veils incorporate blue into something you’re holding or as bouquet wrap. Have fun with it and be creative!

Wedding Flower How To: Bouquet Toss Alternatives

Flower Bouquets for Wedding Floral ArrangementsFloral Moodboard from

As a bride-to-be in 7 short weeks, I will tell you–matter of fact–I will not be throwing a bouquet. There are multiple reasons, all of which seem pretty obvious to me. Stay tuned, it’s not all bashing I do offer bouquet toss alternatives…

1. The bouquet is an expensive part of the day and in a lot of photos, I do not want to chuck it into the crowd!

2. I still think it’s pretty embarrassing to suddenly be asked mid-conversation (hey, that waiter is pretty gorgeous, right? ) to get up and pretend like you don’t mind looking ridiculous in front of a bunch of strangers!

3. There’s nothing more appealing to any single man at a wedding reception that your last minute date just caught a bouquet that predicts long lasting love and marriage bliss. Especially since you brought her as a favor to your boss at the last minute.

4. Think safety! No one needs a dozen single women jumping around the dance floor to “Single Ladies” (Uh oh oh) and risking a sprained ankle or broken nose. Plus, single women in their forties might not appreciate your 14 year old cousin catching the bouquet before they do.

Really, it seems like a clear choice to me. But I will say that it is a time honored tradition and some brides love making their single friends suffer. That being said, I have an alternative to the one reason that is fixable. Your wallet. Slightly embarrassing to admit but my bridal bouquet is going to set me back $90 big ones. Although I cut out a lot of wedding flowers in order to justify the gorgeous bridal flowers that I get to hold in my photos, $90 is still a lot to spend to chuck it into a crowd of adoring fans. So here are my three favorite alternative ideas to the bouquet toss:

Rose & Hydrangea Artificial Bouquet for Wedding Flowers

Artificial flowers: Use a silk rose hand tie bouquet to toss into the crowd instead of your real flowers. That way your bouquet won’t get ruined and your girls still get to show of their catching skills. If you’re interested in this option, I suggest eliminating the expensive wedding party flowers and exchanging them for silk bouquets altogether. Your girls can take them home and incorporate them into their home decor.

Meaningful Giveaway: I love this option because it lets you incorporate your flowers into something meaningful and unique. You choose someone important to you on your guest list and you take the time to give them your flower arrangement. You can create a small simple speech or you can give them to her in private. While I suggest a grandmother or older relative who has been important in your life, you may choose a friend or significant role model who has helped you along the way. They will have something extra to cherish and remember the day with. With this option you can still throw a fake bouquet or opt out.

Get Lucky Approach: This is a playful way to make your single ladies not feel so picked out. Simple acknowledge that instead of doing a bouquet toss that will, undoubtedly decrease their chances of finding a man that night anyways, you’ve decided to give them another way to  “get lucky”. Instead put a bowl with scratch off lottery tickets on a table and tell them to go crazy trying to make some money. It’s a sure fire way to get them to admit their single status without the embarrassment. Plus, it raises their chances with the men as their dates are suddenly wealthier.




Top 5 Wedding Engagement Session Trends

Engagement shoots are one of the most exciting parts of a wedding, in my opinion.  I love photography and I’ve always loved having my photo taken. I’m smitten with my wedding photographer but it doesn’t stop me from admiring and falling in love with these photo sessions as well. There are dozens of ways to incorporate your personality into wedding photos. You’re unique and one of a kind; your photos should be too!

Seeing that I browse dozens of bridal blogs daily I have a top 5 of engagement session ideas.

1. Flowers. Stunning natural surroundings:

Engagement Photo Shoots

Beautiful floral surroundings Engagement Shoot by Limelife Photography.

2. Reclaiming Vintage:

Engagement Photo Shoots

Vintage rustic shoot by Studio EMP.

3. Balloons:

Engagement Photo Shoots

Balloons are so simple and playful. Engagement shoot by Sloan Photographers.

4. Spontaneous:

Engagement Photo Shoots

Proving you don’t need props to showcase the couple, by Kurt Boomer Photo

5. Intimacy:

Engagement Photo Shoots

I love when the camera glimpses a bit of intimacy between the couple. Logan Cole Photography.

Wedding DIY: How To Create Your Own Wedding Bouquet Wrap

Rhinestone Bouquet Accents from

You spend a lot of money on them and you carry them around all day, so why not make them sparkle? I love the idea of customizing your bouquet with a rhinestone or ribbon wrap. There’s no reason to stick with boring twine or wire when you can create a feminine look in just three easy steps.

Accent Ideas:

Diamond Rhinestone Wrap, Family Heirlooms, Satin Ribbon, Polka Dot Ribbon, Hand Embroidered Handkerchiefs,  Pearl Wrap, Antique Lace, Burlap and any other coordinating fabric

1. Prep your wedding flowers. Remove any thorns or unwanted leaves. Cut your stems at an angle roughly 2 inches from the bottom. Keep in mind you can make your bouquet stems any length you desire but keep the stems long while you work and clip them short afterwards.

Once you’ve trimmed your flowers, arrange them to your liking. Work from the inside out to create a round dome shape using taller stems in the middle. There are many different bouquet styles so research which you prefer ahead of time or you’ll be working off the cuff.

2. Secure the stems. Using floral tape, wrap the stems tightly stopping about two inches before the end of your desired length. If you’re using loose flowers you might consider using green floral wire to secure sections towards the top of the stems, this will help create more support for the neck of the flowers.

3. Wrapping your wedding bouquet. At this point you have the option to cut your stems to your desired length. If you’re wrapping the bottom of the bouquet then you’ll have to cut off your ends. If you’re unsure your desired length you can start wrapping before cutting.

For diamond wrap measure your bouquet without any overlap to create a secure wrap. If you’re using rhinestone adhesive sheets you can cut your strips accordingly and they will adhere to the floral tape securely. If you prefer the diamond rhinestone wrap I recommend using a heavy duty adhesive to adhere the wrap to the floral tape. Cut strips to wrap one time only, as wrapping at an angle will create a raised overlap.

If you prefer ribbon cut your ribbon strips three times the length of your desired stems. Starting at the top tuck the ribbon inside your stems and wrap downwards. When you’ve completed your look you can either tuck the ribbon inside the bottom wrap and secure with a pin or run the ribbon lengthwise up the stems. Secure using pearl & rhinestone bouquet pins or with a small dab of glue.

Beautiful Heirloom Bouquet from

To use an family heirloom accent piece simple wrap the chain or necklace around the top of the bouquet. Secure using a bouquet pin. If you’re using a broach, use fabric or a handkerchief as an underlay. Fold the handkerchief or fabric into a strip width wise and secure using fabric glue. If the item has meaning and you want to avoid ruining it, use ribbon or  a lace strip.

Personally, I love the idea of wrapping bouquet stems with ribbon and attaching a family heirloom. This is a great way to tie together something old and something new. If you’re using a family heirloom consider having your photographer take some accent shots of it so that you can frame them and gift them to your grandmother or mother as a thank you for her contribution to your beautiful wedding bouquet.

Subscribe to our blog & stay tuned, I’m going to post an awesome How To Process with Images soon!

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Shepherd Hooks: Perfect Aisle Style!

Chances are, you’ve been envisioning this moment for months, maybe years: the moment you walk down the aisle on your father’s arm, all eyes on you… It’s an unforgettable moment, and it’s understandable that most brides want that special walk to be framed in beauty. That’s where aisle decorations come in.

This year has seen a real shift in trend as couples put more and more emphasis on decorating the aisle in an elaborate way. Shepherd hooks, kissing balls, lanterns, floral arrangements – these items are fast becoming a must-have element of the ceremony décor. Luckily, there are so many options available that you can create your own ‘aisle style’ to suit your theme – and budget.

One of the easiest and prettiest ways to adorn your aisle is to set up rows of shepherd hooks along both sides. These multi-purpose fixtures are so useful – they can be used to suspend metal or paper lanterns (for an evening ceremony), simple floral arrangements in glass jars or even tin pails (for a rustic look) or adorable pomanders in any color you choose.

Image from Elizabeth Anne Designs

You can even use the hooks to anchor lengths of organza or tulle to create a ‘swagged’ effect. The Dual Freestanding Shepherd Hook is perfect for this, as you can use one side to hold the fabric and the other to hang a floral arrangement or pomander.

Image from Wedding By Color

Shepherd hooks work best in a garden wedding, though it doesn’t have to be a green/floral themed affair. This fall theme shows how simple metal lanterns can be used to bring country charm to a simple outdoor wedding. Hanging lanterns on shepherd hooks are used to mark the entrance to the reception as well as line the path the bride and groom walk down together.

Images from Elizabeth Anne Designs, Koyal Wholesale Black Iron Lantern, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Koyal Wholesale Metal Floor Lantern with Shepherd Hook, Elizabeth Anne Designs

One of the prettiest aisle styles involves hanging glass jars on shepherd hooks and filling them with handpicked bunches of garden flowers. The effect is charmingly handmade, and a very cost-effective choice for brides on a budget. We like the idea of using these Old Fashioned Drinking Jars to hold bunches of flowers  – so original!

Images from Koyal Wholesale Rose Bundle in Gold and Yellow, Style Me Pretty, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Style Me Pretty, Koyal Wholesale Dual Freestanding Shepherd Hook, Koyal Wholesale Old Fashioned Drinking Jars, Elizabeth Anne Designs

The shepherd hook can be used to display just about any kind of decoration. This next wedding theme is centered on the beach, so ribbons were used to hang shells and starfish to create a really pretty and unique aisle decoration.

Images from Santa Barbara Chic, Santa Barbara Chic, Santa Barbara Chic, Koyal Wholesale Beach Theme Candle Holder, Koyal Wholesale Armored Starfish – Light PinkSanta Barbara Chic

There’s no limit to what you can dream up… so let your imagination go and make the most of these aisle decoration ideas!