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2013 Pantone Color of the Year: EMERALD

Pantone has announced it’s 2013 Color of the Year: Emerald.  Emerald will be very popular in 2013 weddings, it is a deep rich color that reflects a regal flare.  Expect to see this color weaved throughout 2013 weddings in bridesmaids dresses, favors, floral bouquets, centerpieces, table linens, and wedding decor.   Emerald is  “Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony,” according to  Emerald has been described as a color that is harmonious, sophisticated, lively, balanced, and striking at the same time….which makes it the perfect color for 2013 weddings and wedding receptions. Expect famous bridal designers to incorporate subtle hints of Emerald colors in their designs for bridesmaids dresses and wedding gowns.  If you have already started planning your 2013 wedding, consider Emerald – the 2013 Pantone Color of the Year.

And if you are curious about the past Pantone Colors of the Year from 2007 until 2012, here you go:


8 Things You Forgot To Include on your Wedding To-Do List

We get it; your wedding to do list is a mile long. The last thing we want for the bride and groom is stress and chaos. Proper wedding planning can help avoid last minute mishaps and forgotten items. Hiring a wedding planner will help alleviate some of the stress and planning responsibilities but you should be prepared with your own list as well. Because every wedding is different there are bound to be items that you want to include that might not be obvious to your wedding planner. Organize your to-do list by month and week so you have a countdown of activities by importance and deadline.

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  1. Emergency Kit: A well-prepared bride (and her experienced maid of honor) will have a fully-stocked emergency kit. You’ll need to remember extra hair pins, deodorant, stockings, and even a Tide fabric pen. Keep a pad of paper near your bathroom for two weeks and write down every small item you reach for in the morning. Then put together all the items in a handy personalized travel bag.
  2. Special Notes: Write a special note to your fiancé, and exchange to be read pre-ceremony. Share a romantic moment before the wedding without having to see each other and risk bad luck. Some couples exchange wedding gifts while others write hand written love letters. Whatever you decide, include a few words of encouragement for cold feet, reassurance of your love and maybe one or two laughs to remind them to smile.
  3. Back Up Food Plan: Wedding food can be a large expense, especially if you go ‘overboard’. Plan to have a backup plan for extra leftover food. Ask your venue what they do with any leftover food because some venues require you to dispose of the food yourself. In fact, some states have laws regarding what you can do with leftover food. If you can, plan to donate the food to a local homeless shelter to feed the homeless.
  4. Special Diet Options: Another wedding food complication? Be sure to have a plan for dietary needs. Not everyone eats meat or dairy and being considerate will make your guests more comfortable during the long night. If you don’t want to offer the dietary option as a full course meal, add a note on your menu cards that dietary needs are available upon request. Guests with special needs will let you know that they prefer a specific meal plan for their diet.
  5. Guestbook Supplies: The small guestbook table items are often forgotten in the whirlwind of planning. If you remember the guestbook, you’ll probably forget the pens. Vice versa happens almost as frequently. Your guestbook table should have a few staple items: a birdcage card box, guestbook and guestbook pens. Your guestbook table can serve as a greeting table and a reception table for cards. Put the reception table in a visible area so you have a higher chance of guests signing the book.
  6. Jewelry & Accessories: Nothing is worse than a tear in your stocking or a broken necklace at the last minute. Keep extra accessories and jewelry in case you change your mind or lose your favorite piece. Wearing a family heirloom shouldn’t put your favorite items at risk.
  7. Dessert Buffet Signs: The last thing you want is to have an allergic reaction to nuts and candy. Because dessert tables are still very popular, it’s important to remember dessert table signs. Small chalkboard signs can notify guests about the ingredients and allergy risks.
  8. Hotel Reservations: A well decorated getaway car can be the best part of a wedding night. There is a tradition for couples to drive away in a car decorated with wedding cans and ribbons. Personalized car decorations can make a great surprise for any couple!

Put these eight wedding must haves on your list of things to include in your planning. Food, supplies and reservations are very important to having the perfect wedding night. What else would add to our list? This can be a very important thing for new brides to add to their list so your advice and opinions are important! Share your ideas with us and other brides on our Facebook page, who knows, your advice might be the difference between panic and perfect!

8 Unique Ways to Spice Up Your Wedding Reception

Last week we discussed ways to spice up your wedding ceremony with unique accents. This week we’re showing you how to spice up your wedding reception. Creating your perfect reception is easy if you keep track of your to-do list. We always emphasize the importance of brainstorming and making a checklist. A well planned reception comes down to following a wedding reception checklist. These ideas should definitely show up on your wedding reception checklist if you’re looking for a fun way to personalize your reception. These ideas can be a starting point for your wedding idea board.

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  1. Word Find Placecards: If you have a computer you can create your own word find place cards. Place cards don’t have to be boring. You can have fun with facts about the bride and groom, first date questions and wedding favorites. Use ‘bride’, ‘gown’, ‘tuxedo’ and other common wedding words. Using a piece of ribbon, connect a pencil to the word find puzzle. These can be placed on each place setting on top of the napkins. Tie a cute name tag to the ribbon for name place cards.
  2. Sparkled Send Off: At the end of the night, sometimes a decorated car isn’t enough of a send off. Light up some wedding sparklers for a dramatic night cap. Tell your photographer that you want a photo with the send off so you can practice spelling out a word in lights. Heart shaped sparklers can be pushed into a sand bucket or propped up with rocks in a vase.
  3. Coloring Book Activities: Sometimes kids get bored easier than adults. To avoid a possible meltdown and tantrum, plan a wedding activity book. With favor bags, crayons and drawing books they can keep themselves occupied for hours.
  4. Polaroid Station: Instead of the traditional photo booth, stock up on Polaroid cameras instead. The instant photos can be put in a photo guest book that guests can sign on site. Set up a photo booth background with plenty of photo booth props but skip the computer print setup.
  5. Karaoke Night: If you’re looking for a bold way to get your friends moving and shaking, a karaoke themed band is the way to go. Pick a few opening songs to start the night off right. Then let your friends go crazy with fun family appropriate songs. To be safe, keep the list family friendly with pre-approved songs.
  6. Play Some Games: Not everyone is crazy about dancing, we know that for sure. So invite your friends and family to partake in lawn games and activities instead. Horseshoes, bean toss and crochet are all great activities that adults and kids can play.
  7. Dessert Décor: The dessert table is still just as popular as ever. Creating a dessert table requires a combination of cake stands, cupcake stands and dessert stands. Wrap up cupcakes with cupcake wrappers, top with mustache cupcake toppers and sprinkle with edible glitter. Dessert buffets are so unique and creative these days they even include macaroons, push pops and ice cream cookie sandwiches.
  8. Hashtag Tweet: Social media is definitely alive and well. Brides and grooms are using Twitter to spread the news about their nuptials. Create your own fun hashtag for all your guests to tweet about your wedding. You’ll have a virtual scrapbook of memories, tweets and Instagram images. Create a hashtag with your initials and tweet your wedding vendors to include them.

Your wedding reception is a celebration of the wedding ceremony. After you’ve tied the knot and exchanged your vows, celebrate the way you want to. Personalizing your reception with unique trends and accents makes the day completely all about you. For more ideas, check out our Pinterest boards. We have boards for every theme: rustic weddings, outdoor weddings and modern weddings just to be a few. Create a wedding board of your own and share it with us to inspire each other!

8 Wedding Planning Mistakes You’re Probably Making

When you begin to plan your wedding, the dos and don’ts can be overwhelming. Everyone and anyone will insist on giving you their opinions on whom to invite, what to wear and what decorations to buy. Fortunately, the only two people who matter are the bride and groom. Your style and personalities are your deciding factor for what decisions to make on your wedding day. We can recommend how you should plan, what decorations are trendy and when to tie the knot; but at the end of the day your wedding is your big time to shine. With that in mind, there are problems and mistakes to avoid. These are the top eight wedding planning mistakes you’re probably making that can be costing you time and energy.

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  1. Not Hiring a Wedding Planner: Even if you’re planning a DIY wedding you can still utilize a wedding planning company. They’ll have information and guidance for the contracts and agreements. Wedding event planners have contacts within the wedding industry that can mean the difference between paying retail or wholesale.  Wholesale wedding supplies can save you money and make your budget have room for those other expenses you thought you couldn’t afford. Make a list of the wedding projects that you want to do yourself and what projects you want an event planner for.
  2. Missing Contracts: Speaking of agreements, most couples underestimate the importance of contractual agreements. A contract will protect you in the event the company goes under or reneges on their agreements. It’s our professional wedding opinion that you shouldn’t work with a wedding vendor who refuses to give a signed contract.
  3. Including Everyone: You might have a dozen best friends and half a dozen siblings but your wedding doesn’t have to be the who’s who dictionary for your phone contacts. Including everyone in your bridal party sets the tone for confusion and drama. We’re not saying you can’t have a large wedding party but keep your wedding party small and you have more chances everyone is happy. Plus, you won’t have to spend a fortune on wedding party gifts; instead you can splurge on a few beautiful bridal party gifts for your favorite girls.
  4. Procrastination: Don’t leave your wedding favors for the night before the wedding. Recently, we were told a story about a bride who’s girl friends partook in partying a little too much the night before the wedding. Not only did the bride have to finish the wedding crafts alone but she also had to care for her friends. The night before your wedding needs to be about rest and relaxation, not projects and deadlines. Start your planning and projects early enough to have ample time if you fall behind. Stick to your budget and your schedule.
  5. Skimping on the Food: The budget will play a large role in deciding your wedding food. If you can’t afford to give a nine course meal to five hundred people; then you’ll choose a simple buffet instead. Theoretically people figure that the more people you have the simpler your food has to be to accommodate and serve everyone. However, if you have the unlimited budget, don’t skimp on the food. Even if you’re paying for the wedding with Monopoly money, people will remember their impressions of your food. Don’t play it safe with affordable food or you’ll leave people unimpressed.
  6. Too Many Guests: While we commend your attempt to include everyone, stick to a guest list. Your whole work office doesn’t have to have VIP wedding treatment. A few people you can avoid inviting: ex boyfriends, estranged relatives, unsupportive friends and stalkers. No really, you’d be surprised how many people think it’s fair to invite people they really shouldn’t. Imagine the worst case scenario and if you would be prepared and happy with the outcome. If the answer is “no” then you have your choice. Also, the smaller your guest list the larger budget you have for other items, such as wedding favors and décor.
  7. Wedding Dress Stress: So your body isn’t the same it was in high school, lucky for you your partner loves you how you are. Stressing over your bridal gown and bridal diet will assure that you’re spending the engagement process anxious and exhausted. If you put too much emphasis on forcing yourself to slim down, you won’t live up to the perfect expectations you have. Realistically, you won’t be able to alter the wedding dress the day before, so set bridal results to be met weeks before the wedding. Bridal accessories and jewelry can be added or changed once you’re comfortable with the dress.
  8. Forgetting the Point: If you’re stressing about the wedding dress, guest list and wedding menu, you’re forgetting to remember the point of getting married. Not that we blame you, weddings are contagious and addictive. Especially thanks to Pinterest and the plethora of wedding images online. Remember to stay true to the real reason you’re gathering all your friends, family and strangers together. Your wedding will be the most important day of your relationship thus far, so take a moment to focus on what is really important.

Whether you’re having a large wedding or a small intimate gathering, the decisions you make on these wedding stages will play a role in the success of your wedding day. Fortunately, your wedding day doesn’t predict the future of your marriage and life together. We’ve seen couples with ‘jinxed weddings’ that have been together for decades. Focus on what is really important: your one true love. You’ll be happy that the decorations and tables are in order, but nothing compares to your new marital status.

Do you have advices for engaged couples looking to tie the knot: tell us! What is the number one wedding mistake you made that you’d tell other brides to avoid? Did you skip the planner and opt for your great aunt instead? Tell us how your mistakes played an important role in putting together the perfect wedding day. Log online to our Facebook page to share your wedding advice and you might be featured on our page!

8 Unique Ways to Spice up Your Wedding Ceremony

When you’re a bride, looking for new ideas and trends becomes your obsession. Finding new ways to spice up your wedding and make it unique is a quest for every bride. There are fun and useful ways to make your wedding the best day of your life while not breaking your budget. Choosing your wedding theme and venue are only the beginning of the journey. Affordable wedding planning might seem unreasonable but with a few helpful hints and tips you’re in luck! These eight unique ways to spice up your wedding ceremony will help you brainstorm ideas and inspirations.

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  1. Wedding Songs: Sometimes your girls need a little bit of dancing. Skip the traditional wedding ceremony songs and let your bridal party sashay down the aisle with fun. Instead of playing a classic canon replace their music with your favorite country, hip hop or r & b classic love song.
  2. Furry Friends: They snuggle in your bed and share their toys with you, so why wouldn’t you invite them to the wedding? Fido and Fifi can play an important role in your big day. Dress up your little girl in a cute DIY tutu with tulle to match your wedding colors. Give Fido a box tie to wear to match his poppa. Having your furry friends in the wedding can include the dog, cat, birds and even horses!
  3. Pop The Question: Popping the question to your bridal party is a unique way to build your special ceremonial party. With a cute ring pop in a box and a special “will you be my…maid of honor” note you can create your own DIY bridesmaid box. Candy now has a very important role in your wedding! Incorporate the theme into a fabulous dessert bar as well. Stock up on bulk candy to save you money.
  4. Family Photo Album: Decorating your wedding venue with classic family photos is a beautiful way to remember family members who can’t be with you. Centerpiece jars filled with vintage photographs and clothes lines with vintage pictures create a throwback to your family. You can create the look with mason jars, vintage photos and clothespins.
  5. Brand New Band: Practice this line: “hey mister DJ, we don’t need your services.” Hiring a live band is the ticket to a personalized wedding day. Spice up your aisle music with a theme band. If you’re having a western wedding, feature country music and square dancing. Wedding themes can each feature their own genre of music styles and bands.
  6. I Vow To Thee: The traditional wedding vows might not be the perfect words for you and your loved one. Be inspired by your favorite lyrics, love poems or movie script to make personalized wedding vows. Your wedding ceremony will be one of a kind. After you’ve tied the knot, then personalized your wedding vows wall hanging with the words to hang on your wall.
  7. Place Your Bets: A fun way to avoid the typical wedding favors is to use your favorite activity as inspiration. Show off your ‘lucky in love’ theme with scratcher tickets. Cross your fingers a few of your wedding guests make a couple dollars on your big day!
  8. Unique Registry: So you already have the toaster and need a few other items instead, why not put them on your registry? Wedding gifts are much more important when the giver knows you’ll actually use them. Using a universal online wedding registry will allow you to combine different stores and sites together. You can click the “pin it” button to add an item, from any site, to your registry. This gives you the opportunity to pick those decorative vases that you’ve had your eye on for the mantelpiece.

Adding that special wedding accent is an easy way to make your day a memorable one. After all, it’s your wedding so why wouldn’t you want to make it focused on who you are as a couple? Incorporate your favorite hobbies, songs and jokes into your wedding ceremony to spice up your big day!

Wedding Color Palette: Fuchsia & Yellow DIY Ideas

Summer certainly brings out bold wedding color combinations. From umbrellas to lanterns, all of the fresh vibrant color palettes come out when summer comes around. One of our favorite trendy color combinations is fuchsia and yellow. The pink and yellow tones remind of us cotton candy and lemonade, the perfect refreshing summer treat. These two tones can be incorporated into any unique wedding theme. The most popular seems to be a bright modern wedding theme with fuchsia bridesmaid dresses and yellow paper drinking straws.

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Shaken Not Stirred

There are a lot of fun ways to serve food with a yellow and fuchsia color palette. Set up a fresh fruity drink cart for guests to make their own cocktails. Using strawberries, watermelon and berries, wedding guests can mix up a cool glass of fruit flavored lemonade. Once they’ve chosen their fruits and flavors, have a bartender shake their drink. For a DIY project, use ice cube trays to freeze lemonade and fruit together. Each cube of fruit-infused lemonade will help strengthen the drink as it melts. Top with a fun paper drinking straw and you have a great wedding beverage bar. If you really want to add some accents to your beverages, dip the bottom stands of your wine glasses in glitter. The color coordinated glasses will look and feel like they cost a fortune for a fraction of the price. Plus, with a simple decorative ribbon you have DIY wedding favors!

Pretty in Pink

Fuchsia is a classic alternative to pink. With fuchsia bridesmaid dresses and yellow flowers you’ll have the perfect combination of bright and romantic. Brides often worry that pink and purple tones are ‘too feminine’ for a wedding but not with yellow and orange accent colors. These three colors have been paired together for summer weddings. Dress up your men with orange and yellow bowties and socks to match. Your wedding party can coordinate in simple ways by pairing accessory colors and jewelry. The simple coordinating accents make great wedding photos.

It’s important to distinguish between fuchsia and neon pink: these color themes are dramatically different but often mislabeled. Antique fuchsia is more subtle and calming where neon fuchsia is bright and vibrant. Our recommendation for weddings: for a chic modern wedding, stick with darker fuchsia and for a youthful cheery theme, use bright fuchsia.

DIY Glass Vases

Creating a monochromatic table centerpiece can be a pain in the butt if you have a specific color palette. Instead of spending hours looking for matching vases, simply purchase bulk glass vases and paint them yourself. This project is easier than it sounds, we promise. Pick out your favorite centerpiece vases and label the bottoms with your table numbers. Put together a variety of sizes and shapes for each table. At your local hardware store, pick out your favorite fuchsia hue (most will let you match a fabric swatch). Pour the paint into your vase and carefully rotate the vase to spread the paint thoroughly. The paint will create a solid finish in your favorite fuchsia color. You can repeat the process with yellow as well. Fill with a few wedding flowers in each face and you have a simple DIY centerpiece at a fraction of the cost. Plus, your centerpiece will match your wedding colors perfectly. Finish with white table linens and fuchsia charger plates and you have an understated wedding reception table.

Hopefully these easy DIY wedding ideas will inspired to create your own fuchsia and yellow wedding decorations. Personalizing your wedding with pops of fuchsia can be easy with a little bit of glitter and glue. Don’t forget, you can always use decorative washi tape and DIY craft supplies to tie a look together. With paper lanterns, big round balloons and coordinated table linens you can create a beautiful fuchsia and yellow wedding theme yourself!

If we’ve inspired your creative side, check out our “You Can Do It Yourself” DIY wedding ideas board on Pinterest for more ideas. Any of these bright fun wedding projects can be created used your wedding colors and theme!


Unique DIY Trends for Personalizing Your Wedding

When you come to see hundreds of weddings and thousands of wedding photos, you begin to have your favorite wedding trends. We all know how amazing twinkle lights with birdcages are, right? Well, this year there are plenty of unique trends that seem to be stealing the show for rustic, DIY weddings. A few of our favorites you can even create yourself with a few simple DIY craft supplies. If you use these ideas to brainstorm and create your own wedding projects you can personalize your wedding with your own style.

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These unique trends for personalizing your wedding can be the starting point for your brainstorming and craft DIY ideas. If you follow us on Pinterest you’ll see more ideas for DIY wedding projects.

Reception Rocks

These cute little signature stones are featured at your reception instead of a traditional guest book. With sharpies and markers guests can write their own personal message. Then once you have a full vase full you can display them in your home along with your wedding bouquet. Pick your favorites, perhaps from mom and dad, to display on your mantle or display case.

Ceremony Signage

Instead of having your guests seated by bridal party or family, some brides are considering a mix and match style. “Choose a seat, not a side” is a great ceremony sign to display with a chalkboard. Guests can sit next to their friends or family, not where they’re obligated to. This is a great option for larger families with uneven sides. Plus, it creates a joined family instead of two separate sides.

Alternative Guest Book

Instead of reception rocks or a traditional wedding guestbook, creative brides are putting together a blank wedding guest quilt for each person to sign. With a few stencils and fabric markers, each guest can sign a square with their special messages or words of wisdom. Then you can cuddle together while reading the quilt, or display it in your home. You’ll have the wedding quilt to share with future generations.

Mason Jar Photos

Create your own pseudo frame using a mason jar. Mason jars are the ultimate DIY wedding item. They can be used for lanterns, drinking glasses and wedding favors. With a bit of chalkboard paint you can turn a simple jar into a personal drinking jar for wedding drinks. With Floralytes and wire you can string up a few lantern jars. Even with a cupcake you can create an edible favor in a jar. But our favorites are Mason jar photo displays for centerpieces and guest tables. Simply insert your favorite wedding photos of mom and pop for a beautiful table conversation piece. Cluster a few at each table for a beautiful centerpiece.

With any fun DIY craft supplies you can create your own wedding centerpieces and fun wedding reception décor. We’ve seen brides make their own crochet garland with yarn and colorful tissue paper. Tissue paper pom poms even started out as a DIY project from Martha Stewart! Sometimes the best ways to personalize your wedding are with arts and crafts.

What craft ideas are you incorporating into your wedding?

Tell us so we can inspire our friends and fans with your bold creative ideas!


How to Host a Post-Wedding Brunch

Hosting a large wedding means that you have a lot of out of town guests to entertain and socialize with. A rehearsal dinner welcomes them to your event, the wedding is a celebration with everyone and the post-wedding brunch is a great sendoff afterwards. Putting together a post-wedding brunch is an easy way to invite everyone to your house for a final thank you and farewell. Everyone can socialize and mingle while sharing a glass of orange juice. The brunch is usually held the morning after the wedding, before the guests depart and the newlyweds leave for their honeymoon. It is by far the easiest event to put together when planning a wedding.

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Invites & Details

Most families host a post-wedding brunch at the parents of the bride’s house. It’s not uncommon for a family member with the largest house to host the event either. Include the details for the post-wedding brunch when announcing the rehearsal dinner and wedding events, either on the website or invitations. This will let guests know to plan accordingly and arrange a later flight if they want to visit the morning after. There are no typical rules for hosting a post-wedding brunch so your own style and plans can create your own theme. Whether you choose to incorporate your wedding theme into the decorations or use an entirely different style, you’re the boss. If you want to incorporate a similar theme you can reuse your decorations in a subtle way. Tablecloths can be used for both events as long as they’re still clean. Candles and floral arrangements can be used to decorate the tables as well.

Food Fight

Don’t let the stress of planning yet another meal get to you. You can use leftover desserts and appetizers for the morning after. Stick with a simple buffet style if you are having a large number of guests. People will appreciate you hosting another meal for them and after the beautiful reception the night before; they won’t be picky about what you serve. Buffet style eggs and potatoes or Mexican food can feed a large number of people easily. Use your dessert table supplies to create a sweets table.  Set up any leftover edible favors or favor bags for guests to take home treats. This will really be a hit for the guests who missed out on wedding favors the night before. If you served cake at your reception, opt for serving cupcakes instead. You can decorate your cupcakes with similar designs and cupcake wrappers.

Gifts & Photos

The post-wedding brunch is the perfect time to share photos with each other from the night before. Some couples set out the guest book or photo album for guests to sign. Guests who left early or missed it the first time around can have the chance to sign your book with well-wishes and advice. Opening gifts during the post-wedding brunch is a special tradition that allows the newlyweds to share the presents and wedding gifts with their guests. Not everyone follows this tradition but it is a wonderful way to share the presents with your friends and family and thank everyone in person. Make sure you keep track of who gave what for your thank you notes. It’s still polite to write each person even when you’ve thanked them in person as well.

For some families, the wedding lasts the entire wedding ending with a relaxing post-wedding brunch. This tradition is more for the family and parents than it is for the newlywed couples. Often times, the couple only stays for a few minutes before leaving for their honeymoon. Pack your honeymoon bag and supplies before the wedding so you can have a relaxing morning with friends and family. The farewell is a wonderful way to thank everyone for coming to your wedding and symbolize your new union together.


How to Plan a Rustic Wedding

How is it possible that the tightened economy and cutbacks lead to even more beautiful weddings? Who knew that spending less money would produce a unique new theme for weddings: rustic chic. Personalized wedding themes have transformed the wedding industry and made it possible for brides to have their dream wedding with any budget. The rustic chic backyard wedding is the perfect example. Backyards are being used as barn weddings and public parks are being turned into outdoor rustic events. No longer do brides have to forgo the big lavish wedding because of their short pocketbooks. With these bold wedding ideas you can create a chic rustic wedding in your own backyard!

{Country Rustic Wedding Supplies: Mini Lantern String Lights, Birch Pillar Candle Holder Set, Chair Sashes, Rustic Wedding Signs, Birch Tealight Candle Holder, White Favor Boxes, Tealight Candle Lantern Favors, Candles and Candle Holders}

Rustic Wedding Venues

When you’re looking for a rustic wedding venue, an outdoor location is ideal. Fresh greenery creates a stunning backdrop for white paper lanterns and string lighting. If you can find a barn setting you’ve struck it rich! Barnyard weddings used to be reserved for a cowboy theme wedding but not anymore. Nowadays you can dress up a barn with bright white lights, birch candle décor and plenty of lace table cloths to create a rustic vintage chic theme. The delicate lace table linens with country chic birch wooden vases create a complementary pairing. You’ll have strong cowboy inspired masculinity mixes with subtle lace accents.

Rustic Wedding Decorations

To create this look, decorate your tables with a mixture of white and lace table linens. Burlap is a popular favorite but should be used instead of lace. Rustic weddings rely on a subtle décor in order to let the nature and surroundings be the accent. Use the greenery to your advantage by pairing it with soft white paper decorations. Tissue paper pom poms, paper lanterns and glowing metal lanterns will set the tone for a barn wedding feel without the rodeo vibe.

Country Rustic Chic

Creating a backyard rustic wedding doesn’t mean you have to lose the white dress or elegant décor. After all, the term chic means stylish and fashionable! Choose your accent pieces before you shop for wedding supplies. That way you’ll know what important reception décor you want to incorporate. Some brides use vintage plates as their accents and then decorate with subtle table linens and simple floral arrangements. If you want to use mason jars and votives to light up your table, stick to basic table linens instead. Be sure to check with your venue regarding open flames, or you might have to use battery-operated votives. If your spouse-to-be has a sweet tooth, maybe your cake stands and decorative dessert table is your accent table.

The important thing to remember: creating a rustic chic wedding relies on simplicity and understated elegance. Brides are being adventurous with their wedding decorations. Birdcages, mason jars and retro bicycles are making appearances at these super cute weddings. How much would you love to see a bride and groom ride away on a cute red tandem bike through an awning of paper lanterns and string lights? It makes us so happy to see brides having fun and being creative without giving up their own personality or style. Rustic weddings are definitely here to stay!


How to Plan a City Hall Wedding

When you were a little girl you dreamed about your wedding day from the bright reception decorations to your meaningful wedding vows. For some brides the dream wedding involves a small intimate ceremony with a quick exchange of vows. When it comes time to perform the nuptials isn’t it about the words and meaning more than the attire and venue? While most of us love a lavish wedding affair, not everyone can afford to splurge on a large wedding. If your guest list is longer than your pocketbook, we have the perfect solution. Opt for a city hall wedding with an intimate ceremony. Your budget will thank you and your to do list will be dramatically smaller. A courthouse wedding makes the process easier to plan and manage.

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If you’re looking to buy a home or planning an expensive honeymoon, the money from your wedding budget can be allocated to other expenses. A lot of bride and grooms discuss the important decision to spend $30,000 on a big wedding or keep the money for savings. We, personally, love both options. Especially with the playful city hall weddings that are making quite the splash on wedding blogs these days. City hall couples are the epitome of vintage class with a short cocktail wedding dress and birdcage veil. Even when you’re planning a city hall wedding there are still a few things you’ll need to remember. That’s where we come in; here are our tips for how to plan a city hall wedding and what you will need for your courthouse nuptials.

  1. Marriage License: The first thing you’ll do for any type of wedding is to apply for a marriage license. Requirements, fees and waiting periods will vary by state. Typically you’ll need proper identification and a birth certificate. After you’ve filled out the paperwork and answered the questions you’ll be granted a marriage license. Don’t worry, it’s not a test but you will need to verify you’re entering into your union sober and under a sound mind.
  2. Witnesses: Even if you’re performing a spontaneous wedding elopement, you’ll each need to bring along a witness. The witnesses can be anyone over the age of eighteen. Traditionally, the witnesses are the best man and maid of honor but if you’re on short notice anyone will do.
  3. Courthouse Information: Both city hall and the public courthouse are good options for your wedding. Having your wedding at a city building will meaning getting married on a weekday when there is a judge or officiant present. Call ahead to discuss the preparations you will have to make prior to getting married. Keep in mind, the county clerk who gives you a marriage license can be different than the person who announces you husband and wife. Some cities have different procedures so be sure to call ahead to check with your local requirements. It’s also important to ask if you’re allowed to throw rice on the courthouse steps, take photos or any other ceremony traditions you might incorporate.
  4. Rings: Just because you’re having a wedding in city hall doesn’t mean you miss out on the bling! Make a day of picking out your wedding bands and tying the knot. Don’t forget to splurge on a fun city hall wedding bouquet or noisemakers to celebrate with.
  5. Wedding Photography: Some couples who opt to have a city hall wedding are still splurging on photography. You’ll have photos of preparing for your wedding plus you can use them for your wedding announcements. Ask your photographer to capture the two of you getting ready, exchanging vows and cutting the cake at your own private dinner party. You’ll have the same photos but you’ll have less people to invite and more time together.

The best part about planning a city hall wedding is the simplicity of your wedding day. By cutting costs and guests lists you can spend more time enjoying each other and becoming husband and wife. Plus, there’s no rule saying that an elopement or city hall wedding doesn’t end with a giant reception. Some couples have a small intimate gathering to exchange vows and then opt for a larger reception to share the news with everyone. This allows you spend more money on the reception planning instead of paying for two venues. A city hall wedding is a great way to have a special memory with only your spouse. Let your family celebrate with a gathering after you’ve spent the day together. Everyone will feel they had a chance to celebrate while you still have the memory of something more romantic. The beauty of a wedding is that everyone is different and there are no perfect rules to how yours has to be! Some brides prefer the memories over having the cash, while others choose to have the savings. If you had to choose, would you give up having a large wedding in exchange for keeping the money?

  1. Yes, I’d have a small wedding and keep the cash!
  2. No, I want the big extravaganza!

Tell us how you plan to make your city hall wedding special or if you’re spending the cash on a large extravagant wedding with all your friends and family!