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Wedding Trends: Bold & Beautiful Bridal Accessories

Have you given thought to what bridal accessories you want to wear on your wedding day? Most brides find a sentimental heirloom they plan to incorporate into their bridal wedding day attire. When you’re planning your wedding day outfit, don’t forget the essentials: underwear, hair accessories, earrings, necklace, bracelets and shoes. Winter brides might choose to add extra layers such as tights or a wedding muff. For wedding day jewelry, your left hand is bare in preparation for the wedding band. The right hand can have a family heirloom or “something blue” ring. Sapphires are popular for wedding jewelry because they’re a simply way to add a blue accent.

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When it comes to wedding hair your stylist will walk you all the possibilities. Tiaras, headbands and veils are only some of the beautiful accessories that are popular today. Cultural weddings typically incorporate more accessories so be sure to ask your family and your groom’s family what traditional attire you might be asked to wear. There are no rules saying that you can’t change your hair and makeup for the reception, so mix and match looks for each event. Try wearing a traditional veil for your ceremony and letting your hair down with a brooch for the reception! All eyes will be on you so be sure to smile and enjoy the attention.

Top 10 Hair Mistakes a Bride Makes

No, I get it, you want to look your best. You’re the bride and the center of attention but there are a lot of things that can go wrong with your hair. Don’t shoot the messenger I’m merely just telling you what  my hairdresser and Google have taught me. I’ve been working on accomplishing my wedding hair for six months already and my wedding is still two months out… trust me, there’s a lot involved when you’re a blonde bride.

1. Amateur Hour Is Over. Stick with a professional hairdresser! The last thing you want is to be stuck with someone unprofessional and unaware of how wedding makeup needs to be applied.

2. Someone Didn’t Check their Wedding Checklist. Don’t be the bride who forgot their veil or headpiece. Always keep a back up, even if you can’t afford duplicates of all your accessories keep extras on hand. There are lots of affordable options for wedding tiaras, veils and headpieces, no need to break the budget.

3. Stay Away From the Scissors. Especially if you’re using a new stylist, avoid cutting your hair days before the wedding. If you are planning to alter your hair before the wedding day, plan at least a week ahead so that your stylist has time to fix it before the big day.

4. Caught Red-Headed. Same advice goes for coloring. Bleaching your hair can cause serious damage and not waiting the proper amount of time in between session can cause breakage. So if you’re going to color your hair plan at to have adequate time between the big day in case you have to recolor it.

5. Brainstorm In Abundance. Your wedding hair is unlike any other updo you may have had done in the past. Your hair has to stay beautiful for the whole day and the photos will last the rest of your life. Your stylist is not responsible for picking your hairstyle– you are. So be sure to bring ideas and inspiration to assure that your stylist has the right vision of your style. If you don’t you might end up with wedding hair that you can’t stand and no time to change it.

6. In Case of Emergency. Even if you can’t afford the all day stylist, be sure to factor in touch ups and blunders. If the wind picks up and you find yourself without enough clips there may not be time to have someone run to the store. Ask your stylist ahead of time to put together a touch up emergency kit. Most professional wedding stylists offer or include an emergency kit for your big day. Some ideas: wedding garters, ballet flats, extra wedding jewelry all put together in a nice personalized wedding bag.

7. Test Your Options. You probably didn’t buy the first wedding dress you tried on so why would you stick with the first hairstyle? There are a lot of options for wedding hair styling and it’s a good bet you’ll like more than one. Try different options so you know which one works best. If you wake up on your wedding day and you have a unfortunate event (there’s always that one zit) you might consider changing your mind again!

8. Remember the Dress. The last thing you want is your hair to distract attention from your dress. If you’re wearing a strapless wedding gown try wearing your hair down in loose curls. If you’re going for a retro 50’s look then wearing your hair up with a pomp might work best. Just remember, use your hair to complement your dress not hide or cover it.

9. Add a Little Extra. Regretting the Pixie cut? Just because you got irritated with your longer do and cut it off days before the engagement, doesn’t mean that you can’t have it long for the wedding. Talk to your stylist about your different length options. A lot of brides add extensions to add length or volume to their wedding hairstyle.

10. Make Room for the Groom. The most important part of your day is standing in front of your groom exchanging vows. He’ll be looking at you at all and the sweetest thing you can do is keep in mind when planning your look. If he likes your hair up with a veil, consider it. You can wear your hair up for the ceremony and release the back part for a casual reception look. If it’s important to him it’s crucial that you consider it.

My groom told me that he prefers my hair up with a veil. While it’s not always the final decision, it’s still nice to know your groom has an opinion and cares. If you disagree but it is still important to him, compromise. What better way to start a marriage?